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Jay: She's working on an upcoming cartoon series called "stripperella." I wonder what that's about? Please welcome the lovely Pamela Anderson.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Pamela: I think this is the first time I've ever gotten to wear a mic.

Jay: Huh?

Pamela: This is the first time I've ever wore a mic out here. I have enough clothes on to wear a mic.

Jay: That's right. Usually, we have to somehow hang it, or use the directional thing. I guess, since you're engaged, you're getting more conservative now.

Pamela: Yes. Because he's so conservative. He is very conservative.

Jay: I see you call him bob. Well, I know him as Kid Rock.

Pamela: Well, that's his name. That's his name, bob.

Jay: What is his real name?

Pamela: It's bob.

Jay: Bob what? Is it Bob rock?

Pamela: I don't like to call him that either. I don't like to call him that. I just call him -- I don't even know what to call him. He's not a Bob though, is he?

Jay: He doesn't look like a bob.

Pamela: No.

Jay: No. No, he doesn't look like a Bob to me. I mean, how does a guy like him propose? I'm curious, 'cause the last time you were here, you were, "oh, I don't think I'll get married."

Pamela: I'll still just engaged.

Jay: You're just engaged.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Pamela: Got to keep him on his toes. It's not over yet.

Jay: Did you go to a nice restaurant?

Pamela: No.

Jay: What happened?

Pamela: Well, he wanted me come to las vegas, which I can't stand las vegas. I said, "something horrible is going to happen if I go to las vegas." Anyway, I went there and he asked me to marry him.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: So Kid Rock asked you -- where -- in the middle of the strip?

Pamela: No, he took me on a bike ride. And we went to --

Jay: Motorcycle or bicycle?

Pamela: A motorcycle. He took me -- he had like -- he just had a bottle of christal. He had the ring in his boot, and I didn't know anything about it. And he brought me across the border, 'cause he knew las vegas wasn't my favorite place. So he asked me to marry him in california on the border.

Jay: Oh, right on the border?

Pamela: Yeah, right on the border.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Pamela: It was romantic. It was nice. And he was shaking. He was very nervous. Very sweet. And then my best friend and his best friend, cracker --

Jay: Cracker?

Pamela: Uncle cracker.

Jay: Oh, uncle cracker.

Pamela: He was in an elvis suit. And he had a pink cadillac --

Jay: Hang on, hang on. Wait, back up, back up. Uncle cracker was in an elvis suit.

Pamela: Yes.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: I mean, just for chance, or this was all arranged?

Pamela: It was all arranged. In a pink cadillac, 'cause that's, you know, my thing that I love, and my best friend from canada, melanie, was in the car and they came up. And they had the whole tour bus come up behind him. So, thank god I didn't say no.

Jay: Wow. Oh, okay.

Pamela: There was a big party. Yeah.

Jay: So what makes Kid Rock so special? I mean, there are a lot of guys out there. As another looking, I go, "what's the deal?" Tell me what's the --

Pamela: He's sweet. He's a good guy. He writes me songs.

Jay: He writes you songs?

Pamela: Yes. You know, you always can tell when he writes me a song. Like, "okay, all right."

Jay: Like what? Like what kind of lyrics?

Pamela: Do you want to hear the latest one?

Jay: Yeah.

Pamela: Oh, he'll kill me. I butcher this when I sing it.

She was walking on the treadmill she don't eat no meat

she's never been a she only likes the beat

I have bleach blonde hair and a sexy switch

midwestern boys I warn ya

fall in love with the angel you end up in california

Jay: Oh, that's a lovely song.

[ Applause ]

Pamela: I just never sang that. He's going to crack up. He's going to crack up. Walking on the treadmill, and I don't eat meat. It's real sweet.

Jay: It's traditional. Traditional kind of guy.

Pamela: Yeah.

Jay: Where would you get married? Would it be like a wacky ceremony? Is he like a straight arrow kind of guy?

Pamela: Well, I wanted something traditional.

Jay: Traditional. Where --

Pamela: Well, run is going to marry us. Run dmc.

Jay: Oh, who's going to marry you?

Pamela: Mr. Run.

Jay: Oh, from run dmc. Well, can't get more traditional than that, really.

[ Laughter ]

Pamela: And lynyrd skynyrd's going to play.

Jay: Oh, cool. Now do you know where, when?

Pamela: Probably in detroit. Somewhere down the road. Somewhere down there. You'll be invited. If we do it.

Jay: I love detroit. I'll go to detroit.

Pamela: You'll be invited. It's going to be a big, fun thing.

Jay: Would you like to live in detroit? Maybe out in the --

Pamela: Well, that's under discussion. But I think it's -- if I have one foot out of the ocean, I'm lost. I'm a beach girl.

Jay: Littleriction about going to detroit?

Pamela: Yeah, there is a little friction about going to detroit.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: So you want to stay at malibu?

Pamela: Yeah.

Jay: And he wants to be with his homeboys?

Pamela: Yeah. Well, it's a good place to raise kids. Out in the woods.

Jay: Well, you want him to have the traditional values that his father had. I think that's important.

Pamela: We want them to grow up and be just like him.

Jay: Will the kids be vegetarians?

Pamela: No, they eat meat. They eat a little bit of meat. He eats meat. You know, not as much as he used to.

Jay: Yeah.

Pamela: But he doesn't hunt anymore.

Jay: Oh, he doesn't hunt anymore? That's out?

Pamela: No.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Pamela: No. No, he doesn'T. And so, yeah --

Jay: He just shoots vegetables now?

[ Laughter ]

Pamela: Someone pointed that out to me that, "you know, the vegetables are living things, too," so now I don't know what to eat. I feel horrible. "Poor, little corn."

Jay: Every time you bite into corn, you know, it goes, "help me."

[ Laughter ] Look, we'll take a break. More with Pamela, right after this.

[ Applause ] Santa, did you eat all the planters nuts?

[ Applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with Pamela Anderson. I got to ask you something. You're now writing an advice column.

Pamela: Yes, I am.

Jay: For canadian --

Pamela: "Canadian owl." But I'm doing my column in "jane" magazine, too.

Jay: Oh, okay. So what kind of advice -- all right, I'll give you a theoretical question.

Pamela: Okay. Something nice.

Jay: I'm a 16-year-old girl, let's say, I'm a attractive 16-year-old girl. I go to a school -- this will be topical -- I shoplift a couple sweaters, okay? Then I get home, and I don't get caught, but I'm sitting at home and I feel really guilty. What should I do?

Pamela: Tell your mom.

Jay: Tell your mom?

Pamela: Talk to your mom about it. She'll know what to do. That's what I always did when I shoplifted.

Jay: Oh, really? Did you shoplift? Did you -- yeah, yeah? Well, tell me. Did you ever get caught shoplifting?

Pamela: I did. I tried to steal like a little bonnie bell lip gloss once, but it took me about an hour in the store, so it was overdramatic, and I ended up having to go back with my dad. My dad told me I was going to jail. I think I was 12, 11.

Jay: Yeah.

Pamela: I was convinced I was going to jail.

Jay: Yeah.

Pamela: It scared me. I never did it again. Like there's nothing that says, "I love you" more than stolen property.

Jay: Really?

[ Laughter ]

Pamela: Yeah.

Jay: Well, that's lovely advice. Okay, re's another one. Let's say -- I assume it's mostly women that write in, so I'll try to -- let's say I work in an insurance office and I dress provocatively. My boss told me I shouldn't dress that way. No one else in the office seems to mind. What should I do?

Pamela: No one else in the office seems to mind?

Jay: Well, no one else in the office minds. Well, duh, why would the guys in the office mind? But, I mean --

Pamela: You should give courtesy to your boss and dress provocatively for the rest of the world.

Jay: All right, so don't dress provocatively at the office?

Pamela: No, no, no. I don't go to an office, so I don't have to worry about that.

Jay: Well, of course, we all know it's not about you. Tell me about "stripperella," this -- well before you do that, I want to ask you something. Did I read you're teaching sunday school?

Pamela: Yes. What's wrong with that?

Jay: Nothing. I want to sign up at this church.

Pamela: No.

[ Laughter ] No, you know what's really great? You know what's really great? You see, you hear on the news and you see on the news all these kids that are always in trouble and all these horrible things. And then I go to a church and there's a children's ministry, and the kids are like teenagers and everything. The greatest kids in the world. And so it's so nice to see all these really, great, wonderful kids with a good sense of community. And my kids go there, and I've seen such a wonderful difference that I'm just volunteering in the children's ministry.

Jay: Now do you find more dads coming to church now since you've gone?

[ Laughter ] "Honey, I'll take the kids this morning. Why don't you sleep in. I'm taking the kids to sunday school."

[ Laughter ]

Pamela: No, it's terrific. It's great. It's kind of been an eye-opener for me. I really like it -- for them.

Jay: Okay.

Pamela: What about "stripperella"?

Jay: Tell us about --

Pamela: From church to "stripperella."

Jay: Tell us about the cartoon.

Pamela: Well, I play an exotic dancer at night and superhero later at night.

Jay: So you're an exotic dancer who fights crime?

Pamela: Yes.

[ Laughter ] It happens.

Jay: So do you have the pole? I mean, is the pole -- you're doing karate kicks?

[ Laughter ]

Pamela: Well, my bellybutton will ring. My bellybutton buzzes.

Jay: Oh, there you are. Oh, that's you. That's the character.

Pamela: Yes, that's it.

Jay: I assume they won't be showing this in sunday school?

Pamela: No. No, not in sunday school. But it's on tnn. And it will be on up to june --

Jay: Oh, tnn, all right.

Pamela: Tnn. Stop it. Stop it.

Jay: No, I'm just teasing you.

Pamela: No, it's funny. You want to hear about the first episode?

Jay: Tell me about the first episode.

Pamela: One of the first episodes is -- we're making some other lines for it and everything, but it's about an evil plastic surgeon who is implanting women and making them fat. And they blimp up. It's outrageous. But then, actually, he starts implanting exploding implants, and so the whole world is going to go up if enormaray doesn't get diffused.

Jay: Oh, I see, wow.

Pamela: Yeah.

Jay: So who would call stripperella? Do the police bring you in when they can't solve the crime? I'm not quite sure how they --

Pamela: Chief stroganoff calls me.

Jay: Chief stroganoff calls you?

[ Laughter ]

Pamela: And I'm 0069.

Jay: And you're 0069, really?

[ Audience ohs ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Pamela: I will bring you some more --

Jay: Yeah, yeah, this sounds like a great cartoon. All right, well, it sounds like fun. Come back and we'll show some. Next time your here, we'll show one of the -- part of one of the episodes.

Pamela: Yeah, oh, yeah.

Jay: Have you met the bachelor? You have met him, of course, you met him in the green room.

Pamela: Yes, I did. We got along quite good. Obviously, I got the rose.

Jay: We'll find out your opinion.

Pamela: Okay, okay.

Jay: Pamela Anderson. Pamela, thank you very much. Be right back with aaron buerge, right after this.

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