Pamela Anderson On 'the Late Show' 8/2

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Postby admin » Tue Aug 03, 2004 2:23 am

>> About seven months. I loved it. It was a lot of fun.

>> Dave: So what is the writing process for you, you get up every morning and begin in the early part of the day?

>> I have a ghost writer. ( Laughter )

>> Dave: Did you write this or not? ( Applause )

>> Does it matter? It's funny. No, i did write it. I did a lot of writing and i wrote with my go writer eric who is a great writer and we had a lot of laughs. It's a fun process.

>> Dave: Let me get back to this gros writer thing. So when we read the book, we're reading your words and thoughts?

>> My words and thoughts.

>> Dave: So what does the goth writer do?

>> He just types it out. He types it out and we sit down together, we did it together.

>> Dave: Is a dictation kind of thing.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: I remember i was quite taken years ago reading something about earnest hemingway because here's a man who loved to drink and had a ferocious drinking habit and he found writering such a difficult task he felt if he could write 500 words a day that that was a prodigious production for him. How much would you write a day?

>> 25. 30. No. ( Laughter ) no, we wrote a couple days a week for about seven months and we, it's getting good reviews and people are having fun reading it. It's a lot of fun.

>> Dave: Tell us about what else occupies your life now, what are the things you're doing?

>> My children, like you.

>> Dave: How many do you have?

>> I have two, six and eight years old. Brandon and dylan. And then I'm doing my clothing line that comes out in the spring, and we're doing a second book.

>> Dave: You're doing another book?

>> Yeah.

>> Dave: Oh, you're going kill your ghost writer. ( Laughter ) but tell me about the clothing line, is this, for example, something that would be in the line?

>> No, no, it's more like jeans, t-shirts, lingerie, swim suits.

>> Dave: Full of pizazz?

>> A little pizazz maybe. Yeah.

>> Dave: Other things the summer, are there traveling trips?

>> No, well, the jim nals i sponsored olympics.

>> Dave: What a wonderful thing to do.

>> That was a lot of fun. A young girl, she's going to be... she's 25.

>> Dave: So you're going to greece?

>> I'm going to try to go to greece with the boys and watch the olympics, of course.

>> Dave: I would think that would be a wonderful thoing go to greece to see the olympics.

>> Yeah, absolutely.

>> Dave: Maybe you could write a book about that?

>> Yes. That could be the third book.

>> Dave: How are you, are you all right?

>> I'm great.

>> Dave: Really.

>> Really, I'm all right, I'm hanging in there.

>> Dave: There's a special guy in your life right now?

>> I wish, I wish. No. Anybody?

>> Dave: Think you got a shot. ( Applause ) well, are you dating anyone right now?

>> Just, no, not really, just writing and signing my clothing line and being with my kids. Full-time job.

>> Dave: There must be guys in your life, friends you go out to dinner with and stuff?

>> Well, I'm having sex. Is that what you wanted to ask me. ( Applause ) thank you.

>> Dave: And how does that, how is that going? ( Laughter ) but that's different from dating then is what you're saying?

>> No, I'm not really dating too much.

>> Dave: Yeah, but you are having the sex.

>> Yeah, a little.

>> Dave: But are we just in a little semantic quagmire here? You are having sex, but you're not dating. Now, how do you get around that? That was always my goal, get around the dating... ( applause )

>> Read my book. I got it all figured out.

>> Dave: Look how glamorous you look, that's a lovely beautiful green, and your eyes, blue green eyes.

>> Thank you.

>> Dave: We'll be right back with pamela anderson, everybody. ( Applause ) ( Applause )

>> Dave: Hi, welcome back! We just got some new furniture here at the show and we're testing it out tonight. If this looks peculiar, well, there's something wrong with your set.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: Do you go on book signings?

>> I did today, i didn't think anyone was going to show up, i was so worried. It was good, it was at barnes and noble today, so it's going to be at borders tomorrow.

>> Dave: What kind of things do people ask you?

>> Everyone is very friendly, very nice, and i signed body parts, it was great. A few body parts. They had rules, no body part sign, but i did sign a few.

>> Dave: What parts did you sign?

>> Just an arm and a chest, that was okay.

>> Dave: That's interest thog when somebody asks to you sign, that because eventually even if they don't bathe, it's going to come off?

>> Right. Well, they got the book too.

>> Dave: And will you be traveling all over the country doing this?

>> Well, yeah, a few places, california,, no and I'm going to go through arizona, go through wal-mart, things like that. I'm in wal-mart, I can't believe it.

>> Dave: One issue they have a foldout, is that right?

>> In that one. In this one, in that one, in this one. Inside it, just take it off.

>> There it is, look at that.

>> Well,... can you show that? ( Applause ) it's the late show.

>> Dave: This is the kind of thing that will give literacy the boost that it needs. I think when kids see this they'll want to know more about what they're looking at.

>> Yes, it's a coming of age book for people who are of age. It's fun.

>> Dave: You went out with kid rock for a while didn't you?

>> Yeah.

>> Dave: What was that like, must have been fun?

>> Yeah, i had a blast, he's a nice guy. I haven't seen until a while. I called him bob too, but i didn't like calling him bob.

>> Dave: What did you call him?

>> Other things. ( Laughter )

>> Dave: Nice fellow?

>> He's a nice fellow,.

>> Dave: Is he a bad ass, is he a tough guy?

>> No, no. Well, he'd like to think so.

>> Dave: What kinds of things did you guys do on a date?

>> Oh, my goodness, oh, gosh, oh boy. I can't remember. No. We had a lot of fun. He'll love this, talk --.

>> Dave: Did you go out to dinner?

>> Yes, we went out for dinner, movies, yes.

>> Dave: Miniature golf, anything like that?

>> Yeah, we did do miniature golf with the boys, it was really exciting.

>> Dave: That's good. ( Laughter )

>> Stop it. What else do you want to know?

>> Dave: Where do you go from here?

>> I don't know. Stop.

>> Dave: Well, listen --

>> You make me nervous.

>> Dave: What do you mean, that hurts my feelings.

>> It's okay.

>> Dave: Why would a really old guy make you nervous? Of all the people in the world have you no reason to be nervous because of me.

>> You're very handsome.

>> Dave: Oh, well. ( Applause ) all right. The new book is entitled star. Is that the name, the, and it's your very first ever and it's a...

>> Yes it's a novel, it's fun.

>> Dave: Thank you so much.

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