Pamela Anderson On 'the Tonight Show' 8/13

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Postby admin » Sat Aug 14, 2004 3:34 am

Let's get right to it. My first guest, one of our favorites, beautiful actress, you know her of course from "baywatch" and "vip." She's also joined the bronte sisters and become an author.

[ Laughter ]

>> Kevin: That's cool.

>> Jay: This is her first book right there. It's a novel called "star." It's already on the "new york times" bestseller list.

>> Kevin: Really?

>> Jay: Yes, it even has a a foldout thing here, too.

>> Kevin: How's that?

>> Jay: We'll get into that a a little later.

[ Light laughter ] No, no, it's cool. Please welcome renaissance woman pamela anderson.

[ Cheers and applause ] You look great.

>> Thank you.

>> Audience member: I love you, pamela.

>> I love you, too.

[ Cheers ]

>> Jay: All right. How are you? You look good.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: I'm admiring your dress here.

>> Thank you. My shoes are from my line. That's it. But even a dominatrix can be cruelty free. Do you like that?

>> Jay: Yeah, it seems like that might be a misnomer, but okay. Now, is that plastic on the side?

>> Yeah, that's plastic.

>> Jay: Well, let me see now -- how does that work?

>> What do you mean?

>> Jay: Okay. So it's like a whole body condom.

>> No panties, jay.

[ Scattered applause ]

>> Jay: I wasn't going to ask that, but hey.

>> Are you wearing any?

>> Jay: No, I'm not wearing panties, either, by the way.

[ Laughter ] It's nice to see you. How have you been?

>> I've been great. I'm really good, excited about my book. I can't believe it's done so well, people are actually buying it.

>> Jay: I want to ask you first before we get to this. I want to ask you about the olympics. A lot of people might not know this. Of course, tonight is the opening ceremonies. But you're supporting a gymnast --

>> Yes, mohini.

>> Jay: This is a fascinating story. Tell people the story.

>> Mohini bhardwaj.

>> Jay: What's her name?

>> Mohini bhardwaj. It's hard to explain. Her father's indian, her mother's russian, they're american, they met in canada, that's their background. But anyway, she's an incredible gymnast, and I met her because I do gymnastics on the beach with little girls and I promised one of the little girls I'd go watch her train and I went to the gym and they were selling raffel tickets and chocolate covered almonds and all that kind of stuff. I was a gymnast growing up.

>> Jay: To raise money for her?

>> To raise money for her. Well, she's 25 years old, she's trying to train 42 hours a week and hold down a job, and it was her dream to go to the olympics. I said, "you know what? I'll pay your bills, you do gymnastics."

>> Jay: Wait, wait, slow down. You're losing me here. Okay, so you used to be a a gymnast.

>> I used to be a gymnast. I'm still a gymnast.

>> Jay: Let me think about that for a minute.

[ Laughter ] Really? Can you do a headstand?

>> Well, if I was wearing panties, I'd show you.

>> Jay: If you were wearing panties, I wouldn't ask you to do a headstand.

[ Laughter ] But hey, hey, thank you very much. No, this is fascinating. Now, you saw something of yourself in this young woman?

>> I don't know. I just felt like she -- she's just amazing. It was just one of those random things, really spontaneous, and I just wrote her a check, and now we've started an olympic hopeful fund that she's going to start when she gets back. And she was named team captain.

>> Jay: Okay, well back up. So she's 25.

>> Team captain, yes.

>> Jay: 25 years old, which seems to me like -- that's ancient for gymnastics.

>> Well, she's 10 years older than probably the rest of the team.

>> Jay: Probably rest of the competitors, okay. But she's that good --

>> She's a lifelong vegetarian. That's a good testimony to a

>> Jay: Now, you saw her work out, and you figured, wow, this girl --

>> She's amazing.

>> Jay: Is she selling candy and things to try and raise money?

>> Heymllic gym. And she just was amazing. Always had an olympic dream, and she left me these messages and we talked, and she's really great. She made the team.

>> Jay: What was her --? Did she have a regular job prior to --?

>> I think it was cocktail waressing and trying to train 42 hours a week.

>> Jay: Wow. Now, what did she thing when pamela anderson comes in? Because you didn't know her, right?

>> No, not at all.

>> Jay: So you walk in and you go, "I'll py l ur--of1 o


>> Jay: Did she believe you?

>> She was very happy. She was happy to relieve some of that, kind of, stress, and I just thought she was wonderful. People really love this story and love her, an se'hr. So it was a success.

>> Jay: So you went to the olympic trials.

>> Yes, I did.

>> Jay: Now, let's see. We have some footage. Take a look.

>> There are a handful of athletes at these championships that fill the bill for usa gymnastics. A very strong vaulting country, actually, a huge double twist. And she just rocks the house on the landing.

>> You have to say one thing. Mohini bhardwaj has herself one famous fan, and with her gold banner, there was pamela anderson watching from here at arrowhead pond. And it's all working. The support, the experience, the age, the support of her coach, bruce waller. So far she has been the star.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Cool. That's wonderful. That's wonderful. So it's probably --

>> She signed this for my kids. She signed this for brandon and dylan. She says, "may all your dreams come true."

>> Jay: So it's probably safe to say she wouldn't have made the olympic team if you hadn't walked in the gym that day.

>> I don't know about that. But I think it just helped her focus more and get her the attention she deserved. It's really exciting. I love -- this is amazing. I'm glad she's there.

>> Jay: Had she been in the olympics before?

>> No. Her first time.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> She had an injury the last olympic trials, and this time she came back, and they made her team captain.

>> Jay: So your kids obviously met her. Were they impressed with her?

>> They loved her. They never asked for an autograph from anyone. Brandon -- that sign, I just took it away from his -- it's above his bed, and he asked me where I was taking it tonight. I said, "I promise I'll bring it back."

>> Jay: Well, that's a a wonderful thing to do.

>> Thank you.

>> Jay: Now, your kids, what are they doing this summer?

>> Surfing. They're at surf camp and they come home completely caked in sand from head to toe. They look so cute with little zinc on their nose. They look like a couple sugar cookies when they come home.

[ Laughter ] So I know they've had a good time, because that's the life that they should be leading. They're california boys.

>> Jay: Can you surf?

>> I can surf a little bit. I surfed a few times. I'm sure brandon is much better than me by now, though.

>> Jay: They don't want to go surfing with their mom. Well, maybe they would.

[ Laughter ]

>> We're gonna surf together. Yeah.

>> Jay: See, I couldn't go surfing with my mom. That would be odd.

>> Why?

>> Jay: Look, we'll talk more about this right after the more with elanp[Ees d pla

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. With pamela anderson.

[ Cheers ] The book is called "star: A novel."

>> A novel.

>> Jay: Well, I know, it's interesting. This is a most interesting book jacket. There you go.

>> Oh, you enlarged the stars, I like that.

>> Jay: Actually, you know, tom clancy does the same thing.

[ Laughter ]

>> Well, they said.

>> Jay: How would you describe the novel?

>> The novel? Well, small town girl comes to L.A.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> And sleeps her way to the top.

>> Jay: Oh.

[ Laughter ]

>> See, it's far removed from my life.

>> Jay: Are there autobiographical things in here that sort of --

>> Well, it was inspired by my life.

>> Jay: Now, what are some parallels between you and the character in the book?

>> Well, she gets discovered at a football game.

>> Jay: Well, you were discovered at a football game, right?

>> Yeah. But not in florida.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: No, no. That's right. You were in canada, right?

[ Cheers ] Didn't you have a labatt's t-shirt on or something?

>> Yes.

>> Jay: I don't know how I would remember that.

>> How did you know that?

>> Jay: What else? Anything else?

>> She's on a show called "hammer time" and "lifeguards, inc." And all those things. Well, it's a stretch. Definitely.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Now, some of the sex scenes --

>> It can be hard to figure out. Sex scenes?

>> Jay: Did the editors call you and say, "hey, wait a a minute, this is a little too --"

>> They wanted more sex. I'm the one who had to draw a a line. I said no throbbing, pulsing or slurping.

>> Jay: Oh, no throbbing?

>> No. I said, please -- no, we had to draw a line.

>> Jay: What about the word "throbbing?"

>> You can. Read the book. It's very sexy. There's no throbbing.

>> Jay: What can you say instead of throbbing? What is your word instead of throbbing?

>> I don't know.

>> Jay: Do you have any other ones like, you know, he rushed at her with his male cruelty? That's what they always say.

[ Laughter ]

>> His male cruelty? Sounds good. It sounds good.

>> Jay: They always have that kind of --

>> It's very suggestive and sexy, but it's not, you know.

>> Jay: No male cruelty? You don't --

>> There's no male cruelty. There's a little male cruelty in there. Yes, there is, actually.

>> Jay: But they always have those, you know.

>> Well, I don't really know. How do you know?

>> Jay: Again, I --

>> You read romance novels.

>> Jay: Did your parents readit?

>> My mother said "why can't you write a book about murder, slaughter, blood and guts? Why did you have to write about sex?" She said "that is just embarrassing. I have to read it with one eye closed."

>> Jay: Has your dad read it?

>> I don't know. We won't talk about it.

>> Jay: He doesn't discuss it?

>> No, we haven't discussed it. I don't know.

>> Jay: Does he know? I mean --

>> He knows I've written a book and that I'm on the "new york times" best-seller list, and that's just fine.

>> Jay: That's all? He hasn't seen --

>> He may have flipped through.

>> Jay: He doesn't have to flip through. Just open the jacket, pretty pmate s D.

[ Laughter ] Have you been doing book signings? Is that fun? I bll really fu a lot of yongo ys you know, my wife went down to barnes & noble and she couldn't get in because you were there. She went in to buy a book and --

>> Did she buy my book?

>> Jay: Yes. Of course she did. But she couldn't get in, but she said there were guys in line who looked like this was their first book.

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah, the teenage boys?

>> Jay: That's good for you. You're introducing -- anytime you introduce -- you're f1 o gutenber

[ Laughter ] Anytime you bring the written word to people --

[ Laughter ]

>> Exactly. There's a lot of women in line. I signed a lot of breasts.

>> Jay: You sign breasts, too?

>> Yes, I did.

>> Jay: So what body part don't you sign? I mean, someone goes "okay, sign these." Do you ever say "have you got anything bigger?" Do you do that one?

>> No. Bigger to write on?

>> Jay: Is that it? Just breasts?

>> Yeah, breasts and arms and --

>> Jay: Creepy guys who --

>> No, I don't do that. No. It was fun. I got to know people better.

>> Jay: Now, you're sendin some of these to the troops?

>> Yeah. I actually met a lot of people in line, soldiers that were back for r&r, and they said they would love it over there, so I st ere f1

>> Those wilgepaed

>> Jay: And I'm sure a couple will stay intact.

[ Laughter ] Yeah.

>> Yes. Reading.

>> Jay: Now, actually, this is a clever -- was this your idea to do the --

>> Well, it was a collaboration.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> I just shot that with david lachappelle, and said "don't I have a picture of me naked with stars on a shag carpet with white shoes and a a ghetto blaster?" Because that's kind of how it was. That's the way the character --

>> Jay: That's the story.

>> You can judge a book by this cover.

>> Jay: That's right. Exactly.

[ Laughter ] It was an integral part of the story. Now, what's new in your personal life? Anything going on?

>> I wish.

>> Jay: Anybody interesting? Rock stars? Comedians? Comedians. Have you ever gone out with a a comedian?

>> Kind of. Maybe.

>> Jay: You should try comedians. Comedians are cool.

>> Okay, okay, okay. I'll try that.

>> Jay: I can't think of anyone.

>> I just want to date. It's hard to date when you

>> Jay: So men see you, they hit on you, then you go "I hae o cf1 o

[ Laughter ] You get a lot of that?

>> You meet in hotels and, you know, limos.

>> Jay: Are you done with rock stars?

>> Who knows?

>> Jay: Oh.

>> Who knows? Who knows? You know, I would love to meet somebody again.

>> Jay: Yeah, okay. All right.

>> I need physical contact like anybody else.

>> Jay: You know, go online. There's all kinds of --

>> Go online? Oh, I've heard about those. No.

>> Jay: All right. Pamela, good luck. The name of the book is "star: The novel."

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