Pamela Anderson visits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' 11/13 Transcript

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Pamela Anderson visits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' 11/13 Transcript

Postby admin » Tue Nov 14, 2006 10:03 am

After perfecting the art of running on the beach in slow motion, our first guest went on to star in movies, tv and write two best-selling books. She's here tonight because it's my birthday and I'm too old for a pony. Please welcome beautul pamela anderson.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Okay. Now, it's your birthday.

>> Jimmy: Holy cow. I'm drenched.

>> It's not a birthday until someone gets wet.

>> Jimmy: Well, it would have been better --

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jimmy: It would have been better if you were wet and i was dry.

>> But it all ran out. I tried.

>> Jimmy: I got a little champagne in my eye here.

>> Sorry. That stings when it gets in your eye.

>> Jimmy: It does. Have you had that before.

>> No.

>> Jimmy: I feel like i won the world series or something. This is great.

>> You did.

>> Jimmy: You left nothing in the bottl at all.

>> Nothing.

>> Jimmy: Thank you for coming. What the hell are you wearing? Oh, my god.

>> I don't know.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jimmy: Wow. Special for you.

>> Jimmy: It really is special.

>> You look great. Very sexy when you're all wet.

>> Jimmy: Thank you, yes. I'm going to smell good, too. Thank you for being here. You look beautiful. How is everything going?

>> Good. Real good.

>> Jimmy: Yeah? You're doing a movie right now, I know.

>> I just finished a movie.

>> Jimmy: You just finished it up.

>> "Blonde and blonder."

>> Jimmy: You're not only starring. You're producing the film.

>> And my brother wrote it.

>> Jimmy: I didn't know you had a brother.

>> I do. He looks just like me.

>> Jimmy: Holy cow. Suddenly, i feel very bisexual.

[ Laughter ]

>> Have you recovered from the roast?

>> Jimmy: I have.

>> I still love you. That's why I'm here.

>> Jimmy: Thank you.

>> You mother --

>> Jimmy: I was worried about it.

>> Cheese and rice.

>> Jimmy: I don't know why anyone would want to be roasted. Would subject themselves --

>> I did that for peta.

>> Jimmy: You did.

>> Yeah. That's right.

>> Jimmy: You really took one for the team.

>> I took one for the team, again.

>> Jimmy: Did you -- were you at all offended by the roast?

>> No. It's all in good fun. I wasn't offended by "baywatch" either.

>> Jimmy: I don't think anyone was offended by "baywatch." You started in the second season of "baywatch."

>> Yeah, kinda. When i started, they said it was the second season.

>> Jimmy: The first and second seasons are out on dvd.

>> I barely remember.

>> Jimmy: Do you keep in touch with david hasselhoff?

>> I saw him a little bit ago. He is a dream.

>> Jimmy: What dream is he living?

>> His own. I'm living my dream. We're all living ourdream.

>> Jimmy: You're living the dream when you wake up and you're in your underpants on stage in front of people.

>> Jimmy: I had that dream many times. But it was never as good as this. You're in the number one movie in the country for two weeks.

>> Oh, my god. Can you believe that?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jimmy: Borat" a very funny movie.

>> He is a trickster.

>> Jimmy: It lives everybody with a lot of questions.

>> About what?

>> Jimmy: In a lot of things. In a way, it would ruin it if erything was explained.

Yeah. Don't explain any of it. Nothing is ever explained to me.

>> Jimmy: But you have a friendly relationship with sasha baron cohen?

>> I adore him. I was a big fan of "ali g" and his work. He is crazy. I adore crazy people. Part of my charm. Part of my problem.

>> Jimmy: Really? Is this something you want to tell us?

>> No. Let's talk about nice things.

>> Jimmy: Here's the problem as I see it. You're going to do signings i assume in the future. You do a lot of that sort of thing.

>> I'm doing something for "baytch" in a couple of days.

>> Jimmy: Oh.

>> And no one better throw a sack own my head.

>> Jimmy: You don't want maniacs with the mustaches to come attack you.

>> Well, yeah. We'll see what happens. I can take care of myself, obviously.

>> Jimmy: Really?

>> I'm still around.

>> Jimmy: Okay. All right. Have you beefed up security in anticipation of any potential problems?

>> Yes.

>> Jimmy: You have?

>> Yes, i have.

>> Jimmy: Really? Snipers now thanks to the "boar rat" movie.

>> Snipers.

>> Jimmy: You have a website. Tell us about the website. And your involvement with it.

>> It's like a scrapbook for me. I haven't really looked at it. But my web guy has the put everything from my first howard stern thing from the first time I was with you. All that kind of stuff is on it now. I'm anxious to look back and see.

>> Jimmy: He put it all together for you?

>> How much better looking i am now. I'm kidding. Yeah, right.

>> Jimmy: You look fantastic. Do you look back and think I look better then?

>> No. I have a different image of myself. I look good in my head.

>> Jimmy: Well, you look good in my head, also. In my -- everything.

[ Cheers and applause ] Pam, what happened -- you guys were up there. Deniseichards is in the movie you're making, "blonde and blonder."

>> Yes.

>> Jimmy: What happened there -- she threw somebody's laptop --

>> The damn paparazzi follow us everywhere. It was really sad. A bunch of paparazzi. And she was protecting me. She ran the paparazzi. And she grabbed a laptop and threw them not thinking that there was an old people convention underneath. She looked over the edge. It hit the floor. Thank god it didn't hurt anybody. But it bounced up. And the ladies -- oh, my god. What are we going to do? They want to meet you and take a picture with you. There was two little old ladies being wheeled to our door in the wheelchairs. Nothing happened to them. They were just scared.

>> Jimmy: Yeah, right. Flying laptops.

>> Poor little girls, ladies.

>> Jimmy: You look fantastic. And I'm sorry I'm staring at you. What are you going to do, right? Thank you so much for coming. Do you know geraldo? Yes, i am.

>> She was reay funny.

>> Jimmy: Good. We could talk about it, though. You know? You know what I'm saying?

[ Laughter ]

>> Why?

>> Jimmy: I'm saying nothing's forever.

>> I'm not saying anything.

>> Jimmy: All right. That's probably shouldn't have said anything, either. Pamela anderson. You have a lot of things going on. The first season of "baywatch" on dvd. The movie

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Re: Pamela Anderson visits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' 11/13 Transcript

Postby philthafuture » Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:45 pm

You should check out the trailer to her new reality show.. She's still lookin fly!

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