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Postby admin » Wed Jun 20, 2001 11:16 pm

>>> Another exclusive tonight. Salma hayek has a new look, as we take you on location to mexico and the movie she beat out two other big stars to make.

>> Hi, this is salma hayek, welcome to the set of 'frida.' It's another 'E.T. First.'Ebrows courtesy of a makeup artist, salma ha into frida kahlo, one of mexico's most legendary painte

>> i've been dying to play this part for a long time.

>> Reporter: It's been six years that salma has struggled to roll cameras on this hot property. Along the way, both madonna and to develop their own movies. But salma beat them

>> it's always been my project. Just some other people decided to do the same project.

>> Action.

>> I couldn't believe my ears.

>> Reporter: Set for release alfred molina as frida's husband, artist diego rivera.

>> Good night. What's your name again?

>> Diego.

>> We're making a period love story that is ahead of it's time, and that's very exciting.

>> Reporter: Salma's unbridled enthusiasm helped convince oscar winner geoffrey rush to play exiled russian politician leon trotsky.

>> There was something in her eyes that said she was going to see it through.

>> Salute.

>> Reporter: Salma even picked up a brush for the first time and learned to paint in the style of these authentic kahlo paintings.

>> When you see me painting it's never a funny hand pretending.

>> 'Frida' features cameos from antonio banderas, ashley judd and salma's boyfriend, edward norton, who also worked on the script.

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