Salma Hayek On David Letterman 10/29

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>> Dave: Okay. Our first guest is a certainly lovely actress starring in a new motion picture entitled "frida." It's currently showing in selected cities. Ladies and gentlemen, here is salma hayek. ( Cheers and applause ) ( band playing )

>> Dave: Nice to see you. Welcome back to the show. You look wonderful by the way.

>> Thank you very much.

>> Dave: I was watching this movie this afternoon boy it's exciting. It's a life that people don't live anymore, is it. It's a whole different kind of deal.

>> And if they live it they hide it.

>> Dave: Exactly. The word i used earlier was exotic.

>> That's a good word.

>> Dave: You must have enjoyed making the film because you made it in mexico.

>> We had a blast. Too much fun.

>> Dave: What do you mean by too much fun?

>> It was a nice group of people with a strong spirit and we were just all happy to be there. I was home so a lot of my friends are in the movie and then i would come home and more friends from mexico. So i get home sick.

>> Dave: Sorry to hear that but you looked lovely in the motion picture.

>> You liked my eye browse, yeah?

>> Dave: Yes, yes, i did. ( Cheers and applause ) now, boy, you smell great. Says's just crazy what is that? That's unbelievable. That is lovely. Man.

>> Every time i come i tell you it's my sweat.

>> Dave: Now stop that. Are you sweating a little seriously.

>> Oh, yeah you make me sweat, dave.

>> Dave: Congratulations. Have a complimentary snickers bar.

>> Thank you very much.

>> Dave: Everybody who breaks a sweat.

>> You know what they say about chocolate it's a substitute.

>> Dave: Really? Well -- ( laughter ) I know in addition to acting your directing motion pictures. Why in the world would you want to direct motion pictures. Acting is hard enough, isn't it?

>> It's great. I really liked it. My favorite part is you don't have to go through the hair and makeup. You watch the poor victims wake up early in the morning and go to the trailer and you're happy not to be there.

>> Dave: It's a look of work?

>> It's a lot of work. It's stress. It's fun. It was my very first time. I had some surprised.

>> Dave: What kind of surprises?

>> Like first big meeting. I have a big neating with everybody and we're going you through the things we have to get done preparing for shooting and all of a sudden the location lady carole fontaine hello carole. They were wonderfulful she says what are we going to do with the cricket wrangler. I said, no no we have a dog it's not a cricket. She said no we have thousands of cricke. 23 how to would come and take over a wall and they sing.

>> Dave: That interrupts the film advisely and screws up the sound in the movie.

>> Exactly, exactly, so --

> Dave: So what do you do?

>> You get a cricket wrangler.

>> Dave: What did he or she do?

>> She got money for free because the minute we showed up the crickets went away thank god.

>> Dave: You dodged a bullet on that one. What is the movie we're talking about there?

>> It's called the maldanado miracle and it's for showtime.

>> Dave: Will we seet soon?

>> I have no idea.

>> Dave: Let's talk about halloween in mexico. Is it a big holiday in mexico?

>> It's big but not as big as the day of death which is november 2. We celebrate the dead.

>> Dave: The day of death. People just love thaton't they?

>> They are go. They are gone they have to have a party on earth every once in a while. We do, how do you say -- altar you know and we put pictures and flowers and food all the things they like.

>> Dave: It's a celebration of the people who have passed in the year.

>> Yes exactly. My grandfather died and he used to like significantars and so you put the significantars and the favorite food. Quite young I decided I was going to have a significantar for my grandfather who passed away and I tasted the signifantar and i liked it, so i took up smoke significantars.

>> Dave: When you were a small girl?

>> Not so small but my 20s and then of course now that was doing frida i had for freed idea and I put the cigarettes and the tee quilla and you know when you stress you know you're in trouble when you start stealin from the dead. You come home and you're like where is this -- ( cheers and applause ) one cigarette.

>> Dave: When we come back we'll talk about freed why and you'll tell people who she was and what she was and what is going on there. Okay?

>> Okay.

>> Dave: We'll be right back with salma hayek, everybody. On,come on, come on.

>> Dave: Now, were you ever -- now is mexico and maybe you get them all over north america now but you have these mexican soap operas do they still have those there? Are they very popular like the united states soap op razz.

>> They are more. They last less here they are eternal.

>> Dave: They don't run too long in mexico?

>> Six months, eight months.

>> Dave: Were you ever on one?

>> Yeah, that's how you got started.

>> Dave: What was it?

>> It was called ter reesea.

>> Dave: Were you her?

>> I was here. They are completely different. I don't know how they do them here but there they put a device in your ear.

>> Dave: A layer -- laser device.

>> I don't think it was laser.

>> Dave: You have an earpiece and people are talking to you.

>> They give everybody, everybody's lines you have to make sure you are saying yours. Sometimes they give you stage directions and they have code like it means you have to leave and sometimes you are saying your lines and they say to you move to the right and you're saying i love, you i love you, please don't leave me and they are now cry. And then all of a sudden you get a new girl that says i love you, please don't leave and they are telling her to get the hell out of there. You know?

>> Dave: Right. Why do they do that? Wouldn't it be easier to have a script?

>> It's faster. You don't learn the line there'S.

>> Dave: Do people like that about the soap operas or they don't notice that.

>> They don't notice, no.

>> Dave: They don't notice?

>> No, these actors become like pros.

>> Dave: Maybe we try that here.

>> Sometimes it's not so good. One time i heard somebody in the background saying myd to it's not about me it's about other girl. She's getting fat. She's looking like a cow and the girl is crying in the wrong place.

>> Dave: The poor dear, do you know where she is now? Could I call her.

>> I'm not going to say.

>> Dave: Tell me about frida an interesting character and a person I had no knowledge about before the movie. I feel ignorant about that. I feel ignorant about many things but I've made a comfortable living. Tell people who frida was.

>> She was an extraordinary woman. She is an aist and she had an unbreakable spirit. You know, she had a lot of problems in her life healthwise and she had a husband that cheated on her a lot.

>> Dave: Husband a famous painter.

>> A very famous painter diego rivera.

>> Dave: Who did the great muiral at the entrance of the rockefeller center.

>> But they tour it -- they put it down because shey had some problems with rockefeller. I don't want to tell you about the film because you have to go and seist. But what i can tell you is it's an extraordinary love story completely different than anything you have ever seen and it's a love story not about falling in love but about staying in love against all odds you know?

>> Dave: That's the key isn't it.

>> It's very sexy don't you think?

>> Dave: Yes, do.

>> Very sexy movie.

>> Dave: There are scenes especially when they are taking you out and their - -- their a body cast and sooner or later my prayers were asbestoid they had to take you out of body cast.

>> That's correct.

>> Dave: We'll see a clip here. Do you know what we're going to see?

>> I think we're going to see, there's a contest between diego rivera who later becomes my husband and tina played by ashley judd. It's whoever crimps the most tee quilla. She is alsod frida was also bisexual so she gets her way into the contest, too. ( Cheers and applause )

>> Dave: Here we go. This is frida, take a look.

>> Bastard. Whoever takes the biggest swig can dance with me. Bravo!

>> I would rather have an intelligent enemy than a stupid friend. ( Laughter ) shall we? ( Cheers and applause )

>> Dave: I don't know women like this. Do you know women like this, paul?

>> Paul: In my dreams.

>> My frida is one of a kind but if I want to see the tango that's nothing.

You want to see how it endsgo see the movie.

>> Dave: Wait until she comes out of body cast. It's a great pleasure to see you again. Enjoy your candy. Happy halloween. Salma hayek, everybody.

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