Ed Norton On Tonight Show 12/26

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Postby admin » Fri Dec 27, 2002 4:47 am

Welcome edward norton.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: How are you, buddy? Welcome.

>> Thanks. Good to be back.

>> Jay: Have a good christmas?

>> I had a very nice christmas. You?

>> Jay: Good. It was okay. It was fun. What did you do? Did you do anything special?

>> We relaxed. My girlfriend is mexican, and a mexican tradition, they do it on christmas eve -- you know, you have a big dinner, stay up till midnight, and then do the presents then.

>> Jay: Well, the sooner you get to the gifts, that seems like --

>> Why wait?

>> Jay: -- The easiest way. Yeah, we relaxed. Very relaxing.

>> Jay: That would be salma, salma hayek.

>> Yes.

>> Jay: Now did you do the pinata thing? Did you do that?

>> That's birthdays.

>> Jay: Oh, that's birthdays? See, I don't know. Okay.

>> I don't know, maybe they do it.

>> Jay: Oh, just at birthdays, okay. Do you do that on her birthday? Put a big thing up and --

>> I think that's for kids, jay.

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

[ Laughter ] So, if you have crystal or something or flatware, crash, it all breaks. Yeah, okay.

>> Yeah -- well, exactly.

>> Jay: So, what did you get? Did you get good gifts?

>> Let's see -- I got a nice book of photography. I've gotten into backgammon. I learned to play backgammon. She's been trying to teach me backgammon, so she gave me this very beautiful backgammon set.

>> Jay: That's a smart game.

>> See, I'm not a chess player. I haven't learned chess yet. So, she's starting me off on backgammon. Breaking me in slowly. But I won a few games, so I'm picking it up quick.

>> Jay: See, I'm embarrassed. You got backgammon, I got the grand theft auto vice city.

[ Laughter ]

>> Oh, yeah, vice city.

>> Jay: It's a stupid video game.

>> No, I heard that's fun.

>> Jay: It's like the most violent video game. I mean, it's christmas day. "Kill that hooker with a hammer!" Bang, bang! I'm like, "what am I doing?" It's a horrible game to play on christmas. You can't play vice city --

>> Funny you mention it on a show like this.

>> Jay: Well, that's what I was thinking. That's what I was thinking. So you're practicing -- is it one that folds up?

>> It's nice, yeah. It's nice. And I busted up my ankle on this film I was working on, so I was kind of -- I like to get out and do things outside, especially in L.A., Because there's nice hikes and things, but I couldn'T. So I've been like fiddling with my I-pod. I got one of these I-pods.

>> Jay: All right. Okay.

>> Holds 400 albums. It's incredible. I'm like, this is technology at work for me. You know, like, I've never -- I'm not a gadget guy, but I really have been enjoying I-pod. I've just been loading music onto it.

>> Jay: Do you have 400 albums?

>> I do. You know, I have a lot.

>> Jay: Do you steal it off the inteetet?

>> No, no, no, I don'T. I don'T.

>> Jay: Remember, you're under oath.

>> Only 'cause I'm not computer savvy enough to do it. But I've just been cranking them all on. You know, you're in your car, you have every record that you own. No cds like in your feet.

>> Jay: Yeah. And that's a good thing to be doing while you're driving. Holding it your hands.

>> They need to -- they need to, you know, adapt it so you can -- if you can plug it into your car stereo, that's going to be --

>> Jay: That'll be the ultimate thing.

>> The ultimate.

>> Jay: Well, how did you break your ankle?

>> I didn't break it. I sprained it badly. I was working on this film. And I had to hop out of a helicopter, which sounds dramatic.

>> Jay: See, hopping out of a helicopter sounds bad. Don't you jump out?

>> I jumped out of a helicopter.

>> Jay: Because hopping is just like --

[ Laughter ]

>> I probably should have jumped, and I hopped, and I --

>> Jay: Where were you? 100 feet? 50 feet?

>> No, it was on the ground.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: It was in front of the supermarket, wasn't? So one you put the quarter in --

>> It was under a freeway, I will say that. I didn't, you know -- they say -- see, this thing about movies is you're not supposed to do these things. There are people who are supposed to do them that are supposed to take the lumps. But you always get this -- like actors' egos and directors who want that closer shot of you that always pushes you into this gray zone where things happen. And I was in -- I had said, "i don't think I'm going to ride in the helicopter while it flies under this freeway." But it was this pilot that I happen to know who's incredibly good. And so next thing I know, I'm in the helicopter, and sure enough, we're moving back and forth under the freeway, which is hairy. And then they park and they say, "well, we've got this shot of this stunt man leaping from the helicopter with a gun, but we'd just like to get a closer one of you." And first take, I jumped out, I landed on the skid, and I popped my ankle. And I knew. Immediately, I knew, 'cause it was like the size of a grapefruit.

>> Jay: Now we have a photo. This a photo of your ankle. There you are.

[ Laughter ] That's a lovely christmas card.

>> That's a little more blue tint. But my foot, for three weeks, looked like -- it looked a guy who had lost his shoe and spent a winter in new york.

[ Laughter ] It was ugly.

>> Jay: What does that do for your ego? Do you feel like a weeny? I mean, you watch a guy --

[ Laughter ] No, a guy in a helicopter goes under a bridge, jumps up, fires a gun, runs away, and you step off --

[ Makes squeaky noise ] -- And you break your ankle.

[ Laughter ]

>> I didn't make that noise.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: You didn't do the --

[ Makes squeaky noise ]

>> No, I did not. I think I said something that I can't say here.

>> Jay: Really? Okay.

>> And I -- you know -- I got a little lightheaded even. But no, I didn't feel like a weeny. Because these things happen. They happen to shaq, you know. He rolls his ankle.

>> Jay: Shaq. And that's a good analogy, you and shaq.

[ Laughter ]

>> No but he's got skinny, little ankles. He's got skinny, little ankles, like me.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah, he's got little, old bird ankles. I rolled it. It hurt. I was on crutches for like three weeks. And this is the second this year. Like I did "fight club," -- when we did "fight club," brad and I took a lot of lumps in that move, because we did all the fights.

>> Jay: Right.

>>> We got hurt a lot. But I've been okay for a while. And then, this year, I had this. And then working on this film with spike lee -- you saw it. There was a big fight scene.

>> Jay: Let's take a break.

>> Oh, yeah, we'll come back. As long as I know you didn't go --

[ Makes squeaky noise ] -- We're okay. All right. More with edward norton right after this. Be right back.

[ Cheers and applause ] Santa, did you eat all the planters nuts? oprah: We're having a party at my house! Lovely, lovely! Go behind the scenes, st

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with edward norton. "25th hour" is the latest film. Terrific film. Now, did you get injured in your latest film, in this newest one?

>> In "the 25th hour," we were -- there was a big fight scene that I did with barry pepper and phillip seymour hoffman. Well, to make a long story short, barry -- very early on it, barry broke my nose. He just like -- we talked about it. We talked about all the ways we were going to do it. And then we got a little creative in the middle of it, and he drilled me straight on.

>> Jay: Ah.

>> You know how an egg sounds when you hit it against the side of the bowl?

>> Jay: Yeah, yeah.

>> That's how it sounded. A little break on my --

>> Jay: So, like both ends were just screwed up?

>> It was rough.

>> Jay: Now, what do you do? How do you do the rest of the film? 'Cause obviously, you looked different.

>> Well, it was -- it really -- I got up, and, I mean, it was like someone had turned a faucet on inside my nose. That's how hard it was bleeding. And spike lee was pale, if you can imagine that.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: No, I can't imagine that.

>> He was looking at me. He was giving me this look, like, "oh, my god. Oh, my god." And phillip hoffman was leaning against the wall with his cigarette like hanging on his face, like, "I can't believe he just hit you." And barry was miserable. But the rest of the film, I'm all black and blue and beaten up and prosthetics and stuff. My eyes went deep black, but we used it. It was fine.

>> Jay: Oh, yeah. So, it was actually a good thing you got hit.

>> It was a good thing. It was a great -- barry was great, and the film was great experience.

>> Jay: Were you a spike lee fan before this? I mean, did you --

>> I was. No, you know, I kind came of age on spike's movies. I wiil remember going to "do the right thing" when I was about 18 years old. It was like one of the first movies I ever walked out and went around and bought a ticket for the next show at the box office. He was just saying things and doing things that nobody was saying at that time. And I think consistently over the years, he's been -- for my money, he's been one of the most thought-provoking american directors. And I don't think he's totally gotten his due. I think people take spike's films a little for granted, because he's such an institution in a way and such a personalit that people say, "oh, another spike lee film." But I think he's made consistently some of the most -- you know, he really examines the challenge of modern america life in really thought-provoking ways. So it was a great aspiration of mine to work with him. And I had been bugging him for a couple of years actually to try to get him to come up with something, and he sent me this. So, I was very excited.

>> Jay: Cool. Now tony siragusa's in film with you.

>> Yeah, the goose. Goose.

>> Jay: Did you go out to eat with him, by any chance?

>> Tony's a defensive lineman for the baltimore ravens.

>> Jay: Right, right.

>> World champion, I don't know if people don't know.

>> Jay: I think these guys might know.

>> You guys know, sure. You know, tony's like 360 pounds on a light day. And he is one of those guys who, like, he looks heavy, but you go to give him a pinch, and there's nothing to pinch. It all feels like a desk, you know? He's a hard, hard guy.

>> Jay: Why woudld you go to give him a pinch? I'm curious.

[ Laughter ]

>> Because he was like sitting on you, and he doesn't know it. He would complain a lot on the set, 'cause, you know, there was like very nice service laid out and all the food that everybody's used to, and he kept going, "you guys eat like birds. You eat like birds. How can you survive on this stuff? I never see you guys eat." But tony had like two steaks on a break, you know?

>> Jay: Right. There you go. That's a coffee break. All right.

>> He's in this clip. Do you have the clip?

>> Jay: And he plays a russian, which made me laugh.

>> Yeah, he plays russian. He was a really quick study. And I was skeptical. When spike said, "I think I'm going to cast tony siragusa," I said, "are you sure?" And he said, "no, I really he's got it." And he did. He was really pretty amazing.

>> Jay: Now, what's this scene here. You're about to -- you've committed some crimes, right? You're about to go to prison.

>> The film is about a guy who's about to serve seven years for dealing drugs. And it's about the last 24 hours that he spends trying to sort through what happened to him. And I play that drug dealer, and tony plays a guy who -- one of my associates in the russian mob, sort of my muscle, who's sort of trying to convince me that my girlfriend might have been the one who sold me out.

>> Jay: Let's take a look. "25th hour."

>> Nikolai wants me talking with you. To make sure you come to club tonight.

>> You know what? You're like the third person in two days who said that to me. What the [ Bleep ] Is going on? What does he really want?

>> I don't know.

>> Come all the way up here, you tell me you don't know? You never heard after telephone?

>> But you do not answer my calls. And uncle wants to make sure that you'll --

>> I'll be there. Tell him. Oh, I'm bringing some friends. I'm bringing naturale.

>> Please. Please. Why you bring her?

>> Why wouldn't I?

>> We had this discussion once before, no? He gets very mad.

>> Oh, you know what? Would you stop with that already? I already told you, it wasn't her.

>> You know this?

>> Why would she?

>> She's an illegal alien. You know these mexicans --

>> Hey, hey, she's puerto rican. Which makes her a citizen of the unites states. That's more than I can say for you.

>> Maybe the feds, they bust her.

>> You know, you're cracking up. Filling my head with this

[ Bleep ] You're crazy.

>> You ask her?

>> No, I didn't ask her.

>> Listen, before you leave, you should know --

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Good job. Hey, thanks for coming. I know you've got to go.

>> Not at all.

>> Jay: Congratulations. And tell thelma congratulations on her golden globe.

>> I will. I will.

>> Jay: Edward norton. Be right back with tommy davidson. Thank you, ed.

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