Salma Hayek On The Late Show 9/9

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Dave: Great fun. Our first guest soon academy award nominated actress or attres. She is starring in a new ill. Entitled once upon a time in mexico. It opens friday. Here is the lovely salma hayek, everyone. ( Band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) welcome back to the show. You look wonderful.

Salma: Thank you.

Dave: Did you have a nice summer.

Salma: Yes, I had a great summer.

Dave: What kind of stuff did you do? Were you working?

Salma: I was working. I have been working so much. I have been working -- really tired. We just had the premiere here in new york.

Dave: How was that? Was it fun?

Salma: It was fun but i was so tired I put on the dress backwards and i didn't realize until after the red carpet. I was feeling very uncomfortable and the dress had like wrinkles and in the front and in the back on purpose, you know and i noticed that it was very long in the front and i looked at the back and it was climbing up my butt. The worst part about it is i have to give it back because it was a borrow from donna karan and now they need somebody with a hump to wear it. I also went to japan.

Dave: I think the gres dress you are wearing tonight, you have that one on correctly.

Salma: Thank you.

Dave: You went to japan?

Salma: Yes.

Dave: What were you doing in japan.

Salma: Frida just came out there so we went there.

Dave: Promoting that film there, good for you. Did you like japan?

Salma: Yes, i love japan. And the jnz were so nice to me. I felt so welcome except one time I went to the temple and i got there really early before anybody arrived and there were these japanese, i don't he know i think he they were monks or something wearing amazing outfits white like a very extravagant helmut lang or something. They were doing a ritual and all of a sudden some guy decided to hit this ball with a really big stick and go at it really hard a wnd wend -- and the people doing the ritual were scared. I screamed again and i don't know why. I knew i was doing something wrong but it was scary or something. Then i didn't feel so welcome at this point. But other than that, they were so nice.

Dave: Sounds like it might have been one of japanese game shows we hear about. Can you mep me. I want to talk about mexico because I watched this movie today. By the way, what a film is this. Isn't it exciting and mist call and interesting?

Salma: Fantastic. A lot of action.

Dave: The thing i liked about it was it shot in mexico?

Salma: Yes, it was shot in my one my favorite towns in mexico. It's beautiful and the food is amazing, yeah.

Dave: Is it anywhere near oaxaca?

Salma: No it's far away from oaxaca. ( Laughter ).

Dave: If I were to travel to mexico. I have only been across the border I've only be to tijuana.

Salma: Tijuana.

Dave: I went there long enough to hearn how to proit. You can pronuns it (speaking spanish).

Salma: That's so good. When we sart started out you were a mess. After all these years were beginning to learn it.

Dave: If we go to mexico you and i the first thing every is says is don't drink the water. How many you can't drink the water? Who can drink the water? Who can't drink the water?

Salma: You drink the water. I can drink the water from the bottle. You can drink all the water but you can get diarrhea.

Dave: I see. ( Laughter ) where do a sign?

Salma: You know what you get diarrhea because you have been talking about quaxilquatil and he is going to put a spell on you.

Dave: It's paul. Paul started the whole thing: Do the natives also get sick when they drink the water?

Salma: No, some people develop some --

Dave: Is it a parasite.

Salma: Yeah, there's a lot of parasites.

Dave: It's a mike croab or a parasite.

Salma: There's a collection. It depends where you drink it.

Dave: The entire collection.

Salma: You can drink bottled water.

Dave: Is it countrywide or certain parts of country you get that?

Salma: No, it's country wide but the variety of parasites changes in there.

Dave: Ho do they get any work done for heaven sakes if everybody is sick.

Salma: Nobody gets sick.

Dave: Just the gringos.

Salma: Sometimes they should know better, you know. But anywhere you go in the world if your body snot used to the water you can have --

Dave: Just a matter of woe have to adapt -- our systems would have to adapt to the parasites.

Salma: Yeah.

Dave: Would the food be --.

Salma: The food is amazing. Yes.

Dave: Like when we go away. If your hometown what kind of food would we have there?

Salma: Oh, my god in my hometown it's the best food in the world. Let me tell you. We have -- it's not orgy from there but the best are made there. We have all kinds of seafood.

Dave: Mexican seafood.

Salma: Really good.

Dave: Do you have the mole sauce.

Salma: We eat it in mexico.

Dave: Do you eat nachos with melted cheese.

Salma: That's so gringo. The cheese whiz is completely american.

Paul: You are so gringo.

Dave: We'll be right back with here with salma hayek, everyone. ( Band playing ) ( cheers and applause )

light my fuse

Dave: Salma hayek is with us. Sounded great by the way.

Paul: Rick derringer.


Dave: In the movie you actual will do do your own stunts a lot of people say that but it's true.

Salma: So did antonio, yeah.

Dave: Why did you do the stunts because you could have been injured.

Salma: I did.

Dave: You were chained tolght and swinging off buildings.

Salma: I got injured but it was a matter of pride and a little bit of stupidity, too. When I got there and they told me what I had to do I said there's no way I'm in the jumping out of the window and antonio was going back and forth because it's a girl. No because she thinks sheses a big star. I said, "okay, I'm jumping" and there I was hanging look a pin yachta for three days. There's a guy holding the rope it's scary.

Dave: It looks scary but terribly authentic.

Salma: It's authentic because I'm supposed to be in a panic screaming and I was thinking i was dying.

Dave: Let's show people a clip from once upon a time in mexico.

Salma: I'm sure you are going to see some stunt. I hope it's that one because I'm impressed with myself for do th impressed because it was actually you.

Salma: I can't even see my face. You can see it. You can see it.

Dave: There's other things to look at. ( Laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) well, (laughs) you know what I'm saying? ( Laughter ) let's take a look now at a clip from once upon a time in mexico. Salma hayek.

Salma: Come on, come on, come on. Any suggestions miss, why don't we get a room on the 5th floor so we can see the beautiful sunset. (Screams)

Salma: Come on.

(Screams) ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause )

Dave: Wow.

Salma: Wait, there's more.

Paul: The scene is longer.

Dave: I would go see the movie base odden that unchts you should.

Dave: I will. I have seen it already. It's "once upon a time in mexico" it opens friday. Good luck. Thanks for being here. Salma hayek

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