Salma Hayek On 'the Late Show' 11/9

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Dave: Our first guest is an academy award-nominated actress. She's starring in a brand-new film entitled "after the sunset." It opens on friday. Ladies and gentlemen, here's the lovely salma hayek.

( Applause ) you look wonderful

Salma: Thank you.

Dave: Always nice to see you. I'm very happy you're on the show. You just look fantastic

Salma: I'm so happy to be on the show. You look fantastic yourself

Salma: Dave, no I don't, but i appreciate the sentiment

Salma: Yes, you do.

Dave: Thank you very much. What have you been doing?

Salma: I've been working

Dave: Making a lot of movies?

Salma: Making a lot of movies this year

Dave: I saw this movie, this "after the sunset." Oh, my god

Salma: It's nice, isn't it?

Dave: Yeah. I was standing up.

( Applause )

Salma: I really like it. I love this film.

Dave: Let's talk more about the movie in a moment. Let's talk about your native country, mexico. Have you been to mexico?

Salma: I'm actually doing a movie in mexico right now with penelope cruz

Dave: Oh, my god, is that right?

Salma: Yeah.

( Applause ) we're having a blast. We're shooting in the middle of nowhere in the strangest location. Sometimes we have to fly helicopters to get there. It's a comedy action western. She is so much fun to be with that even if we're in the middle of nowhere it'S...

Dave: When you say middle of nowhere, I don't know much about mexico except... I would like to go to mexico.

Salma: I think it's time.

Dave: I would like to go to wahaka

Salma: Every time I come here I te do you go to mexico. You haven't been

Dave: Here's what I would like to do. Maybe you would like to go with me

( laughter ) you can plan the rout because you know everywhere to go in the country of mexico

Salma: Yes.

Dave: I'd like to take a motorcycle trip through the entire country of mention coach. Do you ride a motorcycle? You could go with me

Salma: I don't ride a motorcycle. But I can sit behind you and hold you, ( applause ) we can definitely do that

Dave: Well, I'll be standing the whole trip then, won't I?

( Applause ) but I know for a fact from other films I've seen that mexico is uncommonly beautiful. When you get away from the border areas. It's stunningly beautiful, isn't it?

Salma: Stunningly beautiful. I think that film is going to show... I'm loving being there. You know, I've had to leave mexico every time I get a day off or so becae I'm promoting this movie and I'm working and doing all this stuff

Dave: So you have to leave, fly in and out of mexico. Is that a problem?

Salma: You know, it is a problem. It is a problem because... well, it was a huge problem because last week penelope and I had to go to L.A., And to get back to do durango, you have to take... there's only one flight that goes there. No first class. Little plane. It was called aero california. We were on the plane on our way there. She's afraid of flying

Dave: Penelope

Salma: We're talking, chatting. I am filling out my customs form. She's reading a magazine. We're talking. I look up and I see a very nervous stewardess with an oxygen mask on by the door.

Dave: These are two very d signs

Salma: Very, very bad signs. So I don't want her to get nervous, but I think she should know, and I go, I think there's something unusual going on, penelope, because I call her penelope. She says what? I said, she's got an oxygen mask, that stewardess by the door. She goes, "oh my god! Oh, my god! Do you think we're going to be okay? Jts she's going onand on and on. Then she stopped wining about the plane. I look up and she's got an oxygen mask on herself.

Dave: Oh, my god

Salma: They came down. They didn't announce it. I didn't notice because I was looking down. They're all hang down. We're going down. Really rapidly

Dave: You feel the plane descending honestly?

Salma: Yes. It was very, very hot. I could... I was starting to get a headache, but I didn't realize... there was a silence on the plane. At the beginning,. Then everybody freaked out. Because everybody had the mask out so they couldn't scream really. And our other friend, diaz, a good friend of both of us, she's sitting in the other chair. I look at her and she's laughing and crying at the same time, one of those... I thought she was going to die from not breathing, you know

Dave: This is like an ordeal

Salma: It was horrible. We had to do an emergency landing

Dave: Really? Do you know what went wrong?

Salma: They never told us. That lane never took off the ground. We had to land at another city. Then they tried to fix it for six, seven hours. They didn'T. So we had to get a private plane to make it to our set the next morning

Dave: When you landed, you must have been in shock a little bit when you landed?

Salma: Yeah. I don't know why I was not so scared. But everybody else was in shock. Penelope is a little bit afraid of flying to begin with

Dave: You have to be very careful. This makes me not so eager to go to mexico.

( Laughter )

Salma: We'll take the motorcycle

Dave: All right. Now, let me ask you a question, I don't mean any offense by, this but if we're moat cycling through mexico, do we have to be worried about banditos?

( Laughter )

Salma: Maybe banditos, but not banditasious because that's the name of the movie penelope andry doing. You'll be in good hands

Dave: You hear stories that there are bandits down there? Are there bandits?

Salma: Just like everywhere else. There's some bandits out there.

Dave: The movie I saw today after the sunset, this was filmed somewhere in the caribbean, is that right?

Salma: Yes

Dave: Is t bahamas or somewhere else?

Salma: Bahamas, nassau.

Dave: Did you like being there?

Salma: I loved being there. I was staying at this great resort called the ocean club. It's beautiful. I just loved it. Very relaxing. It was a perfect setting. They don't allow dogs.

Dave: That's good

Salma: That's not good because i travel with two, three dogs

Dave: It's not good for you is what I meant.

( Laughter )

( applause )

Salma: They made an exception for my dogs because I'm very good friends with the guy who runs the whole place. That one and many other resorts. So he said, okay, okay, I've never done. This he made an exception and my two dogs...

Dave: Loopy and angie are the dogs?

Salma: I picked them up in mexico city a while ago

( laughter ) they came. And they usually are well-behaved, but one night we were coming from work really late. And they had a routine. They would run to my little ville loop. They're very smart. So they opened the door and wait for me there.

Dave: That's cute

Salma: And this time I arrive and they're not there. Mind you, I come back from work, I think no one is going to see me. So I have runny mascara, sand all over me I wouldn't want anyone to see me, looking like a mess. And I can't find them. I can't scream because it's really late. I'm like angie. Finally, one of my dogs loves sweets, so I have to tell them, don't put chocolates on the beds, nothing. There was a wedding. Guess where I found them? They ate the wedding cake. They ate the wedding cake.

( Laughter ) they got kicked out. They can never brick them back to that resort ever.

Dave: That's what I was talking about, bandits. You said they're from mexico city.

( Laughter ) what can you do? My god.

( Applause ) well, the movie looked like a lot of fun. It was an action-adventure, exciting. You've never been more beautiful in the film

Salma: Thank you

Dave: Let's look at a clip of the movie. Do you know what we're going to see?

Salma: Yes, I think we see one part where I don't look very beautiful, but that's cool too

Dave: Are you sure?

Salma: Yes.

Dave: What is the context of it?

Salma: Wait until we see it

Dave: How about woody harrelson? Did he behave himself?

Salma: He's wonderful and he's wonderful because he doesn't behave himself ever. I just adore him for it. He's like a free spirit. He's one of a kind. And pierce is, you know, a gentleman and such a good actor. I loved working with him.

Dave: He's 007, for god's sake

Salma: No, no, he's pierce. He's much better than 007.

Dave: Is in there any chance you could be in every movie?

Salma: I hope I could, you know. I wish it were running the studios, I'll tell you this much.

Dave: Let's look at this film. It's called "after the sunset." I guess we'll chat about it when we see it. Take a look.

Salma: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Salma: 1,000 bucks.

Salma: I love it when you undress.

Dave: Oh. You see...

( applause ) beautiful.

Salma: Let me tell you a story about when I was the bomb. When they put all that make-up on, nobody could recognize me. So I decided to call my mother and play a joke on her. I called her. We were shooting downtown. I said, why don't you come and visit me. When she came, we had her park in a different parking lot. I was hiding behind a palm tree. And she's walking with my friends and all of a sudden i come out and attack her. And she went ballistic. She was screaming. I'm trying to get her purse. She's hitting... she was going crazy. Then I was trying to tell her, it's me, it's salma. And she wouldn't believe me

Dave: That's a great joke.

( Laughter ) taunting your mother. Taunting your dear, sweet mother. The movie opens on friday, and you just really ought to go see it. Honestly. Take my word for that. Lovely to have you here again. Thank you very much. Salma hayek, everybody. Thank you so very much. We'll be right back with sebastien bourdais. Ab

so tired...

( Applause )

Dave: Salma hayek. Honest to god, isn't she lovely?

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