Salma Hayek Visits 'the Tonight Show' 3/2

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Jay: All right, my first guest, one of my favorites. This is my idea of a beautiful woman. You know, kev, I think she's just great. Oscar nominated actress, as well as being beautiful, I'm digging a hole and my wife is watching. Who's latest film "ask the dust" opens in theaters march 10th. Please welcome, the always fetching, salma hayek, ladies and gentlemen.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Wow, look at you. You look great.

Salma: Thank you. Thank you.

Jay: You always look great.

[ Cheers ] You know you're one of my favorites, so you always toy with me.

Salma: It's for you I wear this little dress. It's for you.

Jay: Not little enough, but good enough.

[ Laughter ] How you been? Things are good?

Salma: I've been good, yes, things are great.

Jay: The dogs? How are the dogs?

Salma: Ah, the dogs are crazy as usual.

Jay: They're like your entourage now.

Salma: They are, yes. They go everywhere with me. And they make my life very happy and very complicated.

Jay: Really? Are they temperamental?

Salma: Very temperamental. There's a lot of them. So, everybody has a different personality.

Jay: Well, how many do you have?

Salma: Six.

Jay: Six?

Salma: But I only travel with four.

Jay: Oh.

[ Laughter ] That's got to cause problems at home.

[ Makes barking sound ]

[ Laughter ]

Salma: It causes problems when I travel and it causes problems when they stay home. One time I took them to a a location and they disappeared for a second and there was a a wedding. They ate the wedding cake.

[ Light laughter ] And then -- but if I leave them at home, you know, they get very upset when I go away. They do all kinds of different things. I mean, one of them, the alpha, she does things like, okay I'm back and she you know, talks at me, why did you leave all of this stuff? I can't understand dog talk.

[ Laughter ] And then, you know, when I go to sleep, I usually cuddle with them in bed.

Jay: Really?

Salma: And she will not sleep with me the first night and she doesn't let anybody else get on that bed, none of the other dogs.

Jay: Oh.

Salma: Can't get on that bed either because they are on strike 'cause I left.

Jay: Oh, really, really? Wow, this seems like a very complicated ritual, all of this.

Salma: Yes.

Jay: Now, you see, my cat knows that the suitcases are by the door, the cat knows, oh, you're going away, then we'll disappear for the whole day. Do they know before you're going to leave?

Salma: Yes, they do drama. They cry. They roll around.

Jay: I wonder where they picked that up.

Salma: They get depressed under the bed. They do all kinds of things. They eat the furniture because they get an anxiety attack.

Jay: Well, you gotta leave food out for them. That's what you have to do.

[ Laughter ]

Salma: No, no. They still destroy some things.

Jay: And they have opinions about your clothes?

Salma: Oh, yes. I have one, angie, when I -- there's like an outfit that she doesn't like, she, you know, gets angry and won't let me touch it. And then, I take it off and she's fine.

Jay: Oh.

Salma: She's fashion opinionated.

Jay: I would be the same way.

[ Laughter ] Once you take it off, I'm fine. b**** and moan, just take it off, oh, it's off, it's great now. Now, speaking of -- what do you do when you have a date or men come over? Do men get jealous? I mean, like, if they put -- the dogs are protective that way?

Salma: I got -- if I find another guy, it's gotta be someone who really likes dogs.

Jay: I guess so.

Salma: Yes. Because they -- yeah. They can create some problems. Well, I don't know how to put this, let's say you have a a gentleman caller come by who stays rather late.

[ Laughter ] Do the dogs, you know, are they outside the door, you know?

Salma: They never leave the room.

Jay: Really?

Salma: What are you talking about?

[ Laughter ]

Jay: If you're with a guy, the dogs --

Salma: No. What makes you think that --

Jay: You know, you don't want to get a pointer, that's real bad. Guys hate that.

[ Laughter ]

Salma: What makes you think I let the guy in the room?

Jay: Well, I don't know. I just -- just -- you're a a beautiful woman.

Salma: I've been single for a long time.

Jay: Really?

Salma: I manage well with my life and the dogs.

Jay: So, no, you're not dating anybody?

Salma: No.

Jay: Really? A guy has to like dogs.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with salma hayek. "Ask the dust" is her new movie. Now, I've got to ask you now, we were talking and you said you had a joke and then you didn't want to tell it, then you want to tell it.

Salma: No, I told you the joke. You told me I should tell it.

Jay: Should tell it. You were fighting it. How many would like to hear the joke?

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Drum roll ]

Salma: Well, robert towne, the director of the movie, told me to tell this joke. And I thought it was very funny. It was -- there are three guys in a steam room. One is a mexican, one is a a japanese and one is a german. So, they're sitting there naked and the german guy, we hear this beep. Beep, beep beep. And the german goes, "oh, I'm sorry." And presses his arm. And then starts pressing his arm and goes, "oh, sorry about that. It's just that in germany, we are so advanced that we have chips that go in the arm to get text messages, and I just got one." "Oh, okay." So, now there is a phone ring. And the japanese goes, "excuse me." And he goes like this --

[ Speaking in fake japanese ] In japanese to the hand.

[ Laughter ] And he says, "I'm sorry, you know, I just got a phone call because in japan we are so advanced that we have a chip in the hand and you can just talk on the phone." And the mexican is feeling really bad because we don't have this kind of technology in mexico. He needs to go to the bathroom. And he goes to the bathroom. On his way back, he realizes he's got some toilet paper stuck to his butt.

[ Laughter ] And he goes, "ooh, I sorry, I think I just got a fax."

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Jay: Very good. See that? I'm telling you, you should do stand-up.

Salma: No, I don't like telling jokes. I just told that back there.

Jay: You should do stand up, I'm telling you.

[ Laughter ] Now, did you meet apolo, the skater?

Salma: I did.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Yeah, yeah.

Salma: Yes, yes. He's hot. And you know what?

[ Light laughter ] He's got all of these medals. He's got a whole collection in there. They're so pretty. They're very big.

Jay: Now, are you an athletic type person? Do you do a lot of athletics?

Salma: Yes. Not -- not now, but when I was a little girl I was athletic.

Jay: Really? In what way?

Salma: I did gymnastics.

Jay: Oh, okay.

Salma: Yes.

Jay: Were you any good? Were you good at it?

Salma: Yes, I was really good at it.

Jay: Really?

Salma: Really good at it. I know I was good, I'm not just bragging, because there was not really gymnastics in my little town so my father took me to mexico city during the summer and I did so well in these classes that I got drafted for the olympics.

Jay: Really?

Salma: Yes.

Jay: Well, how old were you?

Salma: I was about 8, 9.

Jay: Wow.

Salma: And -- but then we -- I would have had to go into a a boarding school in mexico city and do, like, eight hours of training and special foods. And my father didn't let me stay because he wanted me to have a normal childhood.

Jay: Well, that's probably a a good thing. Do you regret that? Do you wish you had done it, do you think?

Salma: Yes, I do a little. And when I was looking at those medals that apolo has -- hmm.

[ Laughter ] I could have had one of those when I was 13.

Jay: Well, you know --

Salma: But I didn'T.

Jay: You could get one tonight if you play your cards right.

Salma: I have other things.

[ Laughter ] I have other things.

Jay: So, do you still work out? Are you athletic? Do you run?

Salma: No, no, no, no, no. No.

Jay: Now, why don't you work out? I mean, that's so hollywood. Everybody goes to the gym.

Salma: I am not very hollywood.

Jay: No, no.

Salma: No. I find it just boring and if I go on a diet and I workout, I'm always in a bad mood. And I get very b****y when I'm not eating.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Really?

Salma: Yes. Cf1 o yes. Do you understand what I'm talking about?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Salma: So, I'd rather be a little, you know, heavier but nice.

Jay: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] No, no -- see, you're perfect. I agree with that 100%.

Salma: I think guys like that better.

Jay: Yes.

Salma: Am I right?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Exactly.

Salma: Yeah. Yeah? No? Yes? Yes. Okay.

Jay: You know, it's really true 'cause the only one that looks at these skinny girls in the magazines are other girls. "Oh, I want to look like that." You know?

Salma: And they're in a bad mood a a lot sometimes.

Jay: Yeah, yeah.

Salma: 'Cause they don't eat.

[ Laughter ] They don't eat a lot. The ones that don't eat at all, then you talk to them and they can't really hear you because they have no nourishment in their brain.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Well, I mean, you look great in "eat the dust."

Salma: "Eat the dust"!?

Jay: I mean, "ask the dust." Cf1 o

[ Light laughter ] We're talking about eating. Not "eat the dust," "ask the dust."

Salma: That's a good one, jay.

[ Audience ohs ]

Jay: Well, we talked about eating. Will you stop it?!

[ Laughter ]

Salma: First it was the two -- the two cats and the girl. She has two cats. I got that.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Ohh. Boy.

Salma: I eat, that's why --

Jay: Nothing gets past you, boy, I'll you that right now.

[ Laughter ]

Salma: Now, let's "eat the dust." Okay.

Jay: I mean ask, "ask the dust."

Salma: Yes.

Jay: And -- and you're -- and you're beautiful in this. Well, I said --

Salma: He's stuttering because I'm naked in that movie.

[ Laughter ]

Jay: Yeah. And you know when you can give the projectionist ten bucks to just freeze the film, it's the greatest.

[ Laughter ] No, no. And you and colin farrell, a a very sexy scene, romping in the water.

Salma: Yeah.

Jay: Well, tell people what the film is about, " ask the dust."

Salma: What's the film or what's the scene?

Jay: Oh, well, the film, then we'll get to the scene.

Salma: It's a very tempestuous, very passionate --

Jay: It's a period piece, right? Takes place in the '30s.

Salma: Yes. It's a very sexy love story. It's tragic and funny. I don't want to tell you a lot. Because this is a special film and I don't want to give a lot of the story away.

Jay: Now, how was colin? How was he? Was he a troublemaker? On his good behavior? 'Cause he's like a party animal, isn't he?

Salma: You know, I was very nervous when I was going to do this film with him because of that. And I was shocked. I shouldn't says this. This is not nice, but I was shocked to see how professional, how good -- he was wonderful to work with.

Jay: I shouldn't say that, "he was very professional."

Salma: No, I shouldn't have said that. He was really amazing. He was wonderful to work with. And he was very solidary with me. I felt very supported by him. And, like, those scenes are very difficult to do. And he was very good to me, like, for example, this time, we were gonna -- we did a scene in the ocean.

Jay: Right.

Salma: And we're naked in the ocean and --

Jay: You know, I remember that scene.

Salma: Yes. Well, that's the one we're talking about.

[ Light laughter ] First of all, I was nervous to be naked. Then I was nervous because the week before on the beach where we were going to shoot, some shark ate a human being.

[ Light laughter ] Right there. So that doesn't help the nerves.

Jay: Right, right.

Salma: So we have to change the location. And I'm really cold. And I'm really nervous to take my clothes off. So they were trying to cheer me up. I was really tense. And so, when it was time to go do the scene, I walk out with all of these coats because it was cold. And out he walks naked, running around, jumping up and down, back and forth.

[ Laughter ] And first we all screamed but then we were laughing.

[ Light laughter ] And then thank god he put his robe on because third reaction would have been staring, but you know we can't do that.

Jay: You don't want to do that.

[ Laughter ]

Salma: No.

Jay: Now, what is this scene here? This is -- now, you're a a waitress and he's a writer. Right?

Salma: That's right. And I don't know how to read.

Jay: Okay. Let's take a look.

Salma: I felt tonight at the movies. I felt it. I am embarrassed just being by your side. You call me beautiful at home. Then you're ashamed to be seen with me in public. You're ashamed of me and you recognize that no one else does. You're ashamed to love me.

Salma: Camilla, I swear to god

Salma: Prove it.

Salma: How?

Salma: Marry me. You see? That'll never happen. You know why? Because you too ashamed of being italian to marry a a mexican.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: All right, folks, "ask the dust" is the picture. It opens on the -- now, you're on your way to the premiere, right?

Salma: I'm on my -- I'll change, but I'm on the way to the premiere.

Jay: You have to go to the premiere. All right, well look, I'll let you go. Salma, always a pleasure.

Salma: Thank you.

Jay: You know we love having you.

Salma: "Eat the dust."

Jay: Salma hayek.

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