Salma bad mouthing Jennifer Lopez . . . .

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Salma bad mouthing Jennifer Lopez . . . .

Postby boricua grandma » Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:40 pm

[quote][/quote]She also seems highly critical of fellow Latino star Jennifer Lopez. Hayek bristles at comments saying how far Latin's have made it in Hollywood, responding by saying: "Don't tell me that Latins are making it in Hollywood! Every time I hear that, it makes me so mad! Some people say, 'But look at Jennifer Lopez! Look what she's doing.' Jennifer Lopez is from New York. Do you hear an accent? Her grandparents or her parents, maybe. Her Spanish is very bad. She is a very good actress ... and now it's very convenient because when she has to be Latin, she's Latin. But 'Out of Sight' was not about a Puerto Rican.

"Out Of Sight" was NOT a documentary film and by the way, Jennifer is an excellent actress. Salma talks about her being from NEW YORK and not having an "ACCENT", that her spanish is very bad.
The Lopez family are PUERTO RICAN- AMERICAN. :wink: I don't remember Jennifer or her family not being "LATINOS". Is being from New York a bad thing? Miss Hayek was also quick to dog Miss Lopez because she has been married more than once. At the time, she patted herself on the back, because she was "Catholic" and she wanted to get married in a religious ceremony, and then have children. No living in sin or children out of wedlock for her. Well - she spoke too quick, cause look at her now, she's supposely engaged to Mr. Pinault. She travels back and forth between her home and his with their daughter. What kind of relationship is that? Guess the old fart likes being a bachelor.

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