Sarah Disses Australia!

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Postby Nessa P » Wed Jul 24, 2002 6:58 am

There have been 2 reports on the radio and a couple of interviews on TV and in mags where Sarah has dissed Australia! When i heard these reports i nearly fell off my computer chair or nearly crashed while driving my car! i was shocked at what she had said and done! I live in Sydney and obviously i was a bit pissed but i see her point. This is what she has/had supposdly said/done: When she was filming Scooby Doo back early last year she was filming on the Gold Coast and was staying in little solar powered huts she complained that when the sun wasnt out she had to boil her OWN water and put it in a little bath tub and she had to boil like 20 jugs to get the right amount to cover her! Then she said that the food and restuarants were crap! (well i agree on that cuz the food in QLD is a bit crap) and when she got back to the U.S she told numerous mags not to go to QLD its horrible!. Now to top it all off a aussie girl about 13 and her friends won a competition to meet Sarah, Freddie, Matthew, Linda etc on the set of Scooby this girl was a huge fan of Sarah's when she got there Freddie came out of his trailer and said hello how r u? are you liking your visit but when Sarah came out she had a completly different view on them being there she went off her head at them she went who the hell r they i dont want them f***ing watching me get them the f**k away from here! i heard this on the radio from the girl's mother! who had gone along to supervise.
Well she mostly talked bad QLD but still how would she like it if Russell Crowe or Heath Ledger called New York City crap?
Personally i dont believe it i think its crap bulls**t whateva you want to call it i would have to hear it from her own mouth! so i dont believe what do u guys think?

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