Sarah Michelle Gellar On TRL With Freddie & Linda

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Postby admin » Wed Jun 12, 2002 5:33 pm

please welcome sarah michelle geler, freddie prinze, jr. And linda cardellini, the cast of 'scooby doo'.


>> Carson: --

[Inaudible] Say hi

>> Carson: Look at the people with the 'scooby doo' there I want to bring the 'scooby doo' kids up K.We do that? Do you have time.

>> Where are they.

>> Carson: The sign right there it says 'scooby doo'.

>> Bring them on up.

>> Carson: Come on up. Yeah. Yeah. Yes, you. Yes, you, sweetheart. Bring the girls up.


>> Carson: Come on over.


>> Carson: 'Nice to see you guys, welcome.

>> You, too.

>> Carson: We should mention obviously skoob soob is not here, matthew lillard is not here what happened with him.

>> His wife is having a baby right now.

>> Yeah, congratulations


>> Carson: But he was here in new york right.

>> He was here this morning. This literally, no like this morning last minute like 3 hours ago last minute on an 11:30 plane back home.

>> Carson: He is not watchin' but congratulations to him.

>> I'm sure se.

>> Carson: In the hospital watchin' trl let's hope not. You did a great job at the movie awards i wanted to tell you.

>> Thank you. Thank you


>> Carson: How did you guys, what did you think of the opening number was incredible that's not easy to do?

>> It was unbelievable

[Talking simultaneously]

>> Carson: Freddie, could you have done something like that the singing and dancing.

>> No.

>> -- The clip they are about to show.

>> Carson: The sex one.

>> Always --

>> Boom!

>> Ha-ha.

>> -- Picked that one.

>> Carson: Committee could call it the 'scooby doo' clip, i guess.

>> Ohh.

>> Carson: Oh, come on, please! I don't know how much of this audience like 17 and under knows 'scooby doo' and the cartoon. Have we done research.

>> My friends right here know. These are my friends from this morning. This is

[Inaudible] Over there.

[Cheering] Luz chirz.

>> I met them this morning.

>> They are very --.

>> Carson: You play fred. Don't move we have a split screen. Describe fred.

>> Wow. That -- apparently i don't look like that at all. Fred jones is in the cartoon he was like a little bit ego tis cal and he was a little bit, you know, more -- a white guy but more macheesmo than the rest of the cast and as an actor you see that as a chance being as narz cystic as possible.

>> Carson: And you played thelma.

>> She a lot of macheesmo, too.

>> Carson: I don't know what that is.

>> Macho, --.

>> Carson: Describe her.

>> Very macho, the brains but doesn't get the credit she deserves a little angry with some of the gang but always has the plan and, uh, she loves her friends and solving pis rees.

>> In love with fred jones.

>> Carson: Sarah lays daphne. Tell us about her, her gig.

>> She's the perennial dam sal in distress, gets caught and captured and never gets to help out of the -- gang but my daphne, my daphne is the hero. Thank you


>> Carson: Well.

>> My daphne is the one


>> Carson: I don't know what she was sayin' but it sounded good.

>> It was fine but it's a lie but it is fine.

>> Hey!

>> Carson: While you are here explain this clip of you explaining fred, like at one of those, watch this clip and explain this:

>> -- Not a line, a description and it says he's the carson daly of crime. And he, is you know what i mean like the way we portray him in the movie he's a bit, you know, campy and the young girls love him and, you know and he just soaks it up and loves it. Nothing against carson daly because i happen to have made a few teen movies myself but, uh, you know.

>> Carson: What is going on with that campy I'm not campy, freddie.

>> No, not you but fred joans.

>> Carson: But like carson daly who is campy ninchs the script he says the carson daly of -- fred joans if you and i had blond hair and morphed into one that would be fred jones.

>> Carson: All right fair enough. I'm edgy, bro.

>> A little bit.

>> Carson: Set up the plot a bit. Obviously in the cartoon in 30 minutes they solve a crime how do you stretch that over the length of a feature film.

>> Do you want to start.

>> Carson: One caper, one crime.

>> Always one major crime.

>> We start in the middle of solving a mystery and sort of disperse then we come back together to solve another mystery.

>> They all get mad at fred jones 'cause se cool and they don't like it 'cause he is so cool.

>> Pompous.

>> Egocentric.

>> Nice ascot, babe.

>> Carson: Let's watch a clib clip scab skoob we'll watch it.

>> Far out I guess we are all going to scooby island, man.

>> Hey,s where' scooby?

[Background music]

>> You've got to be kidding.

>> No one is stupid enough to believe that.

>> Who is the ugly old broad?

[Kissing noises]

>> Say hello to grandma.

>> Carson: There you go 'scooby doo' the flick. We'll have more with the cast in a second but back to the videos, i want to mention we have fieldy's bass from korn. They will be on the show with matt damon actually from the video shoot so we're with the cast of 'scooby doo' and we'll rock out to it here is korn at 6 on trl


>> Carson: That's korn 'here to stay' with the cast of 'scooby doo'. We'll put them through the trl mystery machine. So we can get a few answers from you guys. Obviously you spend so much time together lots of rumors develop you know how this crap goes but on trl you have to answer some of these questions.

>> Uh-oh.

>> Carson: Okay. Trl mystery machine starting with you, sarah.

>> Why start with me?

>> Carson: 'Cause. Did you and linda have a make-out scene in the film so steamy it was cut.

>> I started the steamy part. I started that rum more myself. We did have a cuss got cut.

>> Carson: Is it true? There were rumors about thelma being gay from the cartoon right.

>> No comment. She has a very private romantic life.

>> Carson: Did you actually shoot a kissing scene but messing with us.

>> No, we shot it.

>> Carson: Why did they cut it.

>> Too steamy, I'm tellin' you. Just censors


>> Carson: Freddie, rom mores has it you guys have already been married is that true.

>> We 456 like 6 kids, too, she pops them out.

>> Carson: Not true.

>> No it's in the true.

>> Carson: Okay. Linda, did you once win a fireplace on the 'price is right'.

>> Ha-ha, yes, i did


>> Carson: Do you still have it?

>> I do, my parents have it in their garage and saving it for me it will say linda's first televionon appearance on it someday.

>> Carson: Nice. Tread dee did you and matthew get into a huge blow-out shooting 'scooby doo'.

>> No. Somebody said he was real mad at me because i did something to his trailer, right. And everybody said he got mad but I've done it to him on four movies but he is used to it.

>> But he won't say what.

>> Carson: He is not going to say what he did.

>> It is disgusting.

>> No. No. The next question.

>> Carson: That's it.

>> I took a dump in his trailer yeah.

>> Carson: That's why he got mad?

>> Uh? I did.

>> Carson: For what reason.

>> Just.

>> Carson: As a joke on him.

>> He thought years ago we made a movie called

[Inaudible] A crappy movie don't see it it is bad and he thought it would be funny if he passed gas in my trailer and that's my reminder it wasn't funny.

>> Carson: A thing between you two.

>> Absolutely.

>> Watch your dressing room carson.

>> Carson: I locked it, believe me. B2k 'gots to be', we are half-way through more from the cast of 'scooby doo' including the 15-second human trailer from the gang here is b2k


>> Carson: That's always fun b2k 'gots to be' with almost all the cast, matthew lillard, shaggy, again having a baby, congratulations. 15-second human trailer we do this for all the big shots on the show. I'll get out of the way you and everybody watching at home the hard sale why this friday, with all the movies they could see why skb skoob they need to say. 15 seconds you can trade off do whatever you want will tell me where ready.

>> Go.

>> Action, adventure, comedy, music and four kids with a dog.

>> A dog that talks and that lady there on the billboard is in the beginning of the film, named pam anderson.

>> Carson: Fair enough. Thank you for comin' in. Nice to meet you.

>> And you.

>> Carson: Always a pleasure freddie my man 'scooby doo' is the film check it out friday. 'Got to take a break.

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