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Dave: Okay. Our first guest is television's buffy the vampire slayer, she als stars in ne mion picture version of scooby doo by opens on friday, here is the lovely sarah michelle gellar, everybody. (Ches d applause) . You look lovely!

>> I'm embarrassed, i changed at the last second, and how embarrassing would that be.

>> Dave: Have you ever been in an outfit like that?

>> It was my other choice today. I saw her back stage, i thought I gotta change. Thank god john mcenroe lent me this.

>> Dave: Sounds like you got ahead cold, congestion kind of thing. Are you ill?

>> I got that like fliers flu thing, when you feel great and you get to new york and then you start sounding like this.

>> Dave: It's because when you fly everybody on the airplane is breathing the same limited amount of oh, oxygen.

>> You want to hear something really embarrassing? I have one of those little air purifyers that someone gave me for my birthday, because i always get sick on airplanes, and christian slater is sitting next to me, and I'm so excited and fredd leans over and says to me, honey get out your breathing thing so you don't get sick. I'm thinking, i can't, christian slater is sitting right next to me. So I'm thinking whatever, i don't want to get sick, so i hang it around my neck, it makes all that noise. He looks at me like I'm a total freak, and on top of it, I got sick.

>> Dave: Wow. I'm sorry to hear that. Gee, that's awful. Christian slater was here last night.

>> I know, i saw.

>> Dave: He's a nice g guy.

>> He's a really nice guy.

>> Dave: And you mentioned freddie, this is your fiancee?

>> Yes.

>> Dave: The man to whom you're committed. How long have you been engaged? Freddie prinze junio, that is.

>> Yes. My mom handed over the dowry, and it's ancient.

>> Dave: How long have you been engaged?

>> A little over year.

>> Dave: When will you be getting married?

>> Next thursday. People always ask that, you just don't have an answer. I figure I'llust s making one up.

>> Dave: Tell me, what is he like, what kind of guy is this freddie prinze?

>> You're going to see for yourself, I think he's here tomorrow.

>> Dave: Does he have a cold as well?

>> No, he doesn't, and again unfair. I sit there all night sneezing, calling room service every five second going hi, and they're like yeah, we know, hot water, lemmon, honey. I'm just staying in hotels with the hot plate and you can make it yourself.

>> Dave: You look fantastic, you don't really look under the wet.

>> I'm happy to see you, I'm all dressed up.

>> Dave: I'm still rated by that shoe guy. Everything was going so well until... (applause) how did you and freddie meet?

>> We did a movie together. We did a movie together and someone said before, i think it was '96. But I don't know the exact, doI sound horribly do iust fran drescher right now? I love her, i think she's great.

>> Dave: It didn't sound like an insult so i wouldn't worry about that, i think you're clean. (Applause)

>> Dave: When you and freddie met was it's instant kept industry, was it like one of those oh my goodness, here we go, was it like that?

>> It was a discovery process. That was just one of those days it happe

>> Dave: What did you do on your first date?

>> Well, it depends who you talk to. Because depends what you consider a first date. He considers the night we went to dinner because he says i was after him and planning this whole date thing. We had a friend coming in from outs of town, at the last minute she didn't come, and i said do you still want to go to dinner, and he said yeah. So technically he thinks the night we went for sushi was our first date. But i don't think our first day was until the week after.

>> Dave: Still, I'm going to have to go with you, i think the first night out, regardless of the friend's presence was the first date.

>> That means you side with him. That's what he said. I say it's the next time when we torment the movies.

>> Dave: And I'm willing to say that under oath too, if down the road there's trouble.

>> Always a boys club.

>> Dave: We'll be right back with sarah michelle gellar, everybody. .

>> Dave: We're here with sarah michelle gellar. You made this movie, you didn't make it in the united states, did you?

>> No, we made the movie in australia.

>> Dave: Why did you do that? I wonder about that.

>> Well, i think there was a lot of reasons, we needed a desserted island, and difficult to find in the united states proper, we. Also it was winter. Here, but it was summer there so we had the we are. Unfortunately I had to commute though, because i was still doing my television show.

>> Dave: E week you're flying back and forth to australia?

>> I just commuted los angeles to australia.

>> Dave: Oh, is>> It'sike 14 and aalf to dneyhen a layover and then another flight up north.

>> Dave: Well, that's the kind of thing that will give you a cold.

>> Yes, it did, quite often.

>> Dave: How long did that go on?

>> For like three and a half months, it was difficult. It was nice though, because i was the only person from the cast that got to go home and see their family.

>> Dave: Still, the wear and tear and all that traveling. Did you ever get confused and not know what show you were in, like am I scooby doo or am i buffy, did you ever have that kind of identity thing?

>> Sometimes. Sometimes i think I'm you, it's crazy.

>> Dave: I wish somebody would.

>> It always helps when you have a day hair color.

>> Dave: This buffy thing really went crazy, starts out one place, then it goes to another place, and you can't kill it, it's huge.

>> You can't kill it. Daze you know what I'm saying.

>> Yes.

>> Dave: Let's talk about the movie, and paul was curious, he thought this was an animated.

>> Paul: I know, it's half and half, isn't it?

>> Yes. The dog is animated and sometimes the actors are animated as wl, and sometimes we're boring, but it's all good.

>> Dave: Is the dog scooby doo?

>> The dog is skoob i. You don't want skoob I?

>> Dave: Yes, but my memory is so bad.

>> And shaggy is the tall one.

>> Dave: He's also a dog.

>> No, shaggy's not a dog!

>> Dave: No. He's a... tree?

>> Close, just as tall.

>> Dave: He's a big bush.

>> He's a very large bush. No, shaggy is skoob I's best friend.

>> Dave: Tell them what we're going to see.

>> You're going to see a clip from scooby doo. I think it's a scene where we're all going to investigate these spook i castle.

>> Dave: Take a look. Scooby doo.

>> Get back. I found this place, i call dibbs on its clues.

>> I've already found some clues.

>> What?

>> Weird foot print up here, might be dangerous for you.

>> Velma!

>> What are you doing here?

>> This ride is closed due to dangerous construction, the most likely place to hatch an insidious plan. And i wanted to scare the patoty out of daphne.

>> Since we're altogether, let's split up and lack for more clues.

>> Dave: There you go!

>> Tomorrow night you're going to see my clip.

>> Dave: And it opens, I'm sorry?

>> Friday. Flag day.

>> Dave: Good luck with the movie, good luck with your cold, and come back often. Thank you very much. Sarah michelle gellar, everybody. We'll be right back

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