Sarah Michelle Gellar On Tonight Show Transcript

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Postby admin » Sat Jun 22, 2002 3:36 am

Cheers and applause ] All right! My first guest, a talented young actor, you know here from 'buffy, the vampire slayer.' Starring in the number one movie in the country, it's a big hit, 'scooby-doo.' Please welcome sara michelle gellar!

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Hiya, doll.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> That was so disgusting.

>> Woman: Ow!

>> Thank you!

>> Jay: Now I heard you had some trouble gettin' on the lot. What happened?

>> I did. I get the whole security thing.

>> Jay: Right, right.

>> I was leaving. I kind of late today. I left my wallet at home. And I was driving and I realized I didn't have my drivers license. And this is the second time this has happened to me, because you can't get on the lot without your drivers license. And I'm like, 'I swear to god this sarah michelle gellar without makeup, I promise. And they're goin', 'that ain't what you look like.'

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: Well, are guards are very tactful.

>> Yes, it was very tactful. It was like at the airport. I didn't know this, but if you buy a one-way ticket, you're like tagged --

>> Jay: Oh, right, right.

>> I guess I was tagged the terrorist. And they pulled us off the airline. And before we were getting on the plane, and they searched us. And when I mean searched, I mean like shoes off, socks off, taking everything out of your bag, like any embarrassing thing you had in your bag.

>> Jay: Ooh, keep goin'.

>> Yeah. Stuff that I won't mention. And then I got home and I realized they never put half the stuff back in my bag.

>> Jay: Really?

>> I swear. Like, my new bottle of perfume, gone. My curling iron.

>> Jay: Check ebay. Its probably on ebay.

[ Laughter ]

>> I just want it back.

>> Jay: Now, listen, I heard you were mad at me. I heard through the grapevine, 'sarah's mad at you.'

>> I was perturbed.

>> Jay: Perturbed, why perturbed?

>> Okay, so my fiance, freddie prinze jr. Was on --

>> Woman: Woo!

>> Yes. Was on recently. And he proceeded, or you helped him to proceed, to use that to air his dirty laundry.

>> Jay: Well, I asked -- I think I said, 'how is your beautiful and talented fiance?' And then he went off --

>> I don't think that's how -- no, see, I think -- no, see, this is him trying to get out of it now. All I know is that it came out that I have a very small bladder and I'm always going to the bathroom.

>> Jay: Well, it didn't come from me. How would I know that?

>> Well, you didn't --

[ Laughter ] You didn't help it by doing the car face, when you're driving the car -- you know how like when you are driving in the car, guys are always so quiet. Like and girls we -- 'dah, na, na.' And so I'm going, 'what's wrong, honey? What's wrong?' And then you had to bring that up.

>> Jay: But it's true. Women do do that. You drive -- see, guys can get in the car in los angeles, pull into new york and go --

[ Laughter ] Okay. Women will get maybe to van nuys boulevard, 'what's wrong?' 'Nothing.' 'What?'

>> Maybe there's a lot of women in the audience tonight -- women don't think this is funny.

>> Jay: No, but it is true.

[ Laughter ] You know what I'm talking about. Women are more talkative in the car. Men just like to drive.

>> But for the next three weeks at work all I heard -- 'are we ready to role? Does sarah have to go to the bathroom?'

[ Laughter ] Everywhere I go.

>> Jay: I said, 'how are you?' And he said you were on a trip, and that you had to stop every 60 feet or something like that.

[ Laughter ] Is it 60 feet?

>> I just like that my bladder is a topic on a national television. I'm like, I just don't think that's okay.

>> Jay: Well, I dunno -- well, you should take it up with him. I didn't -- I didn't --

[ Laughter ]

>> I just think you could find better things to talk about.

>> Jay: I didn't bring it up. He brought it up.

>> You encouraged him. No.

>> Jay: There are other parts of your body I would have much more discussed than your bladder. Believe me.

[ Laughter ] Those other areas I'm way more interested in. The bladder I couldn't care less.

[ Laughter ]

>> Okay.

>> Jay: Now, I read in the paper -- I know you guys are getting married, and you are getting a house, but you are each selling your houses, right?

>> Right.

>> Jay: How is that going?

>> Well, it is interesting. It's going. It's an interesting thing when you put it in the paper that it is your house, because you get interesting people who want to come out.

>> Jay: Interesting people. I like you being tactful.

>> Interesting -- I'm being polite. And the other day we get this phone call, 'how quick can you get over to the house?' We're all, 'what? Why, what's wrong?' 'Could you just get here?' We get to the house -- and this is hard to put tactfully -- there's a very large man, balding and with tatoos, and two women in my pool fornicating. Fornicating, that's polite, right?

>> Jay: Now, who called you on that?

>> My realtor was going to show the house to prospective clients. And they get there --

[ Laughter ] You know, my realtor is trying to be polite, and he wants to know if like maybe I told some friends of mine, you know, 'hey, come over, have an orgy in my pool.'

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Who were they? Did you find out?

>> Well, sort of. I mean, you know, you have people that come and they clean your house, or they bring furniture. So, okay, it was a nice house. And it was someone related to one of the companies that's helping us with the house.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> Someone I'm paying, mind you.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: With two women in the pool.

>> Two women.

>> Jay: He's very good.

>> Yes.

[ Laughter ] He was a good -- yeah, two. And then they just said hello and said, 'hey, thanks,' and walked out.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: And walked out.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: It works for me.

>> Needless to say, we've changed the codes. Anyone getting any really good ideas, the codes are all changed onhehe house.

>> Jay: All right, we'll take a break. More with sara michelle right after this. Everybody in the pool!

[ Cheers and applause ] Oprah: The words you write in a journal can change your life.

>> I know for certain journaling saved my life. Oprah: Inside personal jou

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. We're talking with sarah michelle gellar from 'scooby-doo.'

>> I feel like I need -- I still more time to recover from the eye trick.

>> Jay: Are you creeped out from the eye guy?

>> A little.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: You know, I think he likes you. John, are you there?

>> There he is.

[ Laughter ] That's quite a talent you have there.

[ Audience ohs ] Don't make him start doing that again. I just want to know when you find that -- like, how do you find you have a talent like that? Do you sit at home practicing for your talent?

[ Inaudible response ]

>> Jay: Yeah, I'll put you two in a room later, you can talk about it.

[ Laughter ] Have you got any weird talents?

>> I was thinking about that. I don't think I have any weird talents like that.

>> Jay: No, nothing?

>> I'm sorry to say I don't have any.

>> Jay: I can crack knuckles, that's about it.

>> I can wiggle my tongue funny.

>> Jay: I would pay to see that.

[ Laughter ] Oh, that's very good. Look at that.

>> Uh-huh. That's my big talent, yeah.

>> Jay: How about freddie? Does he have any talents?

[ Sarah laughs ]

[ Laughter ]

>> I know -- he threatened me. He told me that if I went on tonight and I tried to get even, that it would start the war. And I was prepared to have his --

>> Jay: Oh, so he embarrassed you, but if you went back --?

>> Yeah, he's getting back even worse.

>> Jay: Oh, I see. So obviously, you will be a coward then, and be submissive and won't do that.

[ Laughter ]

[ Audience oohs ]

[ Applause ] I understand. As a woman, you feel you want to know your place, so you don't feel you can --

[ Audience oohs ]

[ Applause ]

[ Talking over each other ] You don't want to be an equal in the relationship.

[ Laughter ] See, you should do something equally back, thus balancing the relationship. You see, that would make for a balanced relationship.

>> You have to understand that I am the good one, and I would never do something like that for fear that it might embarrass him. Or people might make fun of him, and I would never want to be the cause of that to him.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: All right, all right.

>> You're just trying to pick a fight with us tonight, aren't you?

>> Jay: I am trying to pick a fight. Yeah, anytime I can get a fight going, that's good. Yeah, yeah. Now, tell us about 'scooby-doo.' Did you really think this would -- you know, I thought it would do like $20 million. I thought it would be big. But this is the biggest june opening of any movie in --

>> I think it's the second actually. It was the first, and then they made us lower. But it was so amazing. I don't ink -- I mean, we were proud of what we did. And it was a tough weekend. There was a lot opening.

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> We have been doing so well. 'Ve been making $5 million to $6 million a night. So thank you to everyone that's is going out and seeing it, obviously more than once.

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: I mean, were you familiar with the whole -- you know, I'm sort of in between generations. 'Scooby-doo' sort of came after I was in school. So I really didn't really --

>> Really?

>> Jay: Yeah, I wasn't aware of it until recently.

>> Yeah, when you are my age, it's hard to grow up in the united states and not know scooby-doo. It is pretty much ingrained in our head.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Ingrained in our head.

>> Ingrained, scooby.

>> Jay: Yeah, are you an expert now, what are we going to see in this clip?

>> I think it is part of the fight sequence.

>> Jay: The fight sequence? You're like a martial artist?

>> Well, daphne, she finds her chi. Because daphne is always the one that always gets -- well, you don't know 'scooby-doo.' See, daphne is the damsel in distress. She the one that always gets captured.

>> Jay: Right.

>> So daphne's all about, you know, finding her own strength so she can kick butt.

[ Fighting noises ]

[ Screaming noises ]

[ Man groans ]

>> Now who is the damsel in distress?

>> Me?

>> Straight up.

>> Jay: Wow, that was great? Now did you --

[ Cheers and applause ] Do you do all your own stunts in this?

>> Of course.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: You know, I got this clip.

>> Oh, no.

>> Jay: Let's just -- can we show some of this in slow motion? Go back and show some of these.

>> Oh no.

>> Jay: Because I know you do your own stunts.

>> He's been spending way too much time with freddie.

>> Jay: Okay, here you go. Now, here you are. Now watch. Now, I want you to freeze -- here you come, there you are. As you turn around, freeze it right -- just a minute. Freeze it right there.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, freeze it right there. Boy, you --

[ Applause ] You know, you got kind of a five o'clock shadow here a little bit.

[ Laughter ]

>> I make a very attractive asian man.

>> Jay: And this guy better not go to prison, whoever he is.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, I just kind of -- I thought it looked kind of -- I was going to say.

>> No, no, that's what I looked like when I came in this morning. That's why the guards didn't let me in.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: That's right. All right. Be right back after this. Sarah michelle gellar

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Postby Helena » Mon Jul 08, 2002 8:30 pm

Has caps of her on Leno

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Postby justins bubbles » Fri Aug 09, 2002 10:56 pm

Thanks, I'm becoming more of a fan of hers.

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