Sarah Michelle Gellar On Conan O'brien

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Conan: Please welcome the lovely sarah michelle gellar.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: How are you?

Sarah: I am very --

[ Woman shouting in audience ] What?

[ Woman shouting in audience ] Hi! That's my mom.

Conan: Oh, really?

[ Laughter ] Your mom is 9 years old.

[ Laughter ] She went back in time. Yeah, you have to worry about that. I worry about that. You don't have to worry about that. Good lord, I have to comment on this right away. That's a -- look at the size of that ring. That's beautiful.

Sarah: Thank you.

Conan: You just got married to mr. Freddie prinze jr.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Sarah: Thank you.

Conan: Lovely, nice man.

[ Applause ] That's huge. So first of all, he's a great guy. He started coming on the show when he was like 5.

Sarah: Yes, when he was 5.

Conan: When this show started in the late '60s.

Sarah: That's actually his mother, his mother-in-law.

Conan: That's right. Exactly. Did you -- when you got married, did you ever think about -- 'cause it's kind of the rage right now, and all the cool people are doing it. They get the tattoo ring.

Sarah: You know, I have enough trouble. I have three tattoos, and I have enough trouble already sitting in a makeup chair to cover them during the day. I just -- I can't stand it, and they're all, you know, "sarah has tattoos. Buffy doesn't have tattoos."

Conan: So they spray-paint over them? What do they do?

Sarah: Well, they do actually if you sit still long enough. I just slap band-aids on my butt, and just like leave them 'cause it's the whole low-rider jean thing. On the show, sometimes you'll notice, like, you'll see buffy running, and it's all weird. She just has a bruise on her butt, just a band-aid right there.

Conan: Right. From some deadly demon attack.

Sarah: That only attacks the lower half of my back.

Conan: People don't know that's buffy's weak spots. Go after the butt.

[ Laughter ]

Sarah: It's just hard. I can't get any more tattoos.

Conan: So down here, like up high, on the butt.

Sarah: I was wondering what he was doing. I was like, "oh, my goodness."

Conan: Every now and then, I like to stop the interviews cold and just scratch my butt.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ] "Hey, hold on a sec. Oh, yeah. No, what?" So it's -- because of the low-rider jean phenomenon, your tattoo's visible.

Sarah: Right. See, when I first got them, low jeans weren't in. It wasn't a problem, but now, you know, jeans are getting lower and lower and --

Conan: And lower, yeah.

Sarah: Seriously. So you know, now --

[ Laughter ] You don't look unhappy about that.

Conan: Not at all. I'm just curious how low can they really go.

[ Laughter ] What if people just start walking around bare ass in like five years, and that's just accepted by society.

[ Laughter ]

Sarah: No, but it's funny that you say that. I was watching -- I was at the gym this morning. I'm watching television, and they did this whole special on butts and thongs and low-rider jeans. It got its own special.

Conan: What -- where is this special? I think we should promote it immediately.

[ Laughter ] I think people should know about this special.

Sarah: No, it was on vh-1 this morning.

Conan: That explains everything.

[ Laughter ]

Sarah: They had people commenting on the best butts and how to wear them and who's -- who's --

Conan: How to wear your butt?

[ Laughter ] Isn't that determined by god?

[ Laughter ]

Sarah: Oh, no, no, you can get butt implants now, and they have all these styles.

Conan: You're kidding? You can get a butt implant?

Sarah: Yes. Yes, people do now, because round butts are in now. And then I also learned this today. I learned that butts are the new black.

[ Laughter ] This is actually -- I kid you not. I did not make this up. This was on the special today. Butts are the new black.

Conan: So like butts are in. Butts are --

Sarah: Which is good because we all have one hopefully, so I guess, you know --

Conan: See, I do not have a butt. I don't have -- and I'm being very honest about this now, but my back blends right into my --

[ Laughter ] Literally, there's nothing like -- my back goes like that, and then a straight line -- you can take a carpenter's level, and it goes straight, right down to my upper leg, and there's nothing there.

Sarah: Conan, that's not in right now. I learned a lot. It was informative. I feel -- I feel --

[ Light laughter ] I feel smarter for watching it. Oh, my god.

Conan: Did they discuss the thong in the special?

Sarah: Well, yeah, there was a whole discrepancy on who invented the thong.

Conan: I like that people are fighting about that now. Scientists are like --

[ Speaking in accent ] "I've invented the thong."

Sarah: Yes, and they're all taking credit about how many inches low you -- like how much, 'cause I guess you're supposed to show your thong a little bit 'cause that's sexy, but if you show too much, that's not sexy.

Conan: Right. People like -- and I know we're talking about this a lot, but I'm obsessed. People like it when the pants come to here, and the thong creeps out somewhat, right? They like that. Can you see that drawing? That's -- is that the desired idea, is that the pants low and then the thong -- ?

[ Laughter ]

Sarah: And I have the new --

Conan: I should finish. Hold on right there. And then this comes up here.

Sarah: Did you know that it has a name?

Conan: What?

Sarah: It's not just plumber's crack anymore. It has a much more -- it has a much more acceptable name. It's called butt cleavage now.

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: Yeah, I've heard of that.

Sarah: Butt cleavage. I didn't -- I didn't know it had a name.

Conan: So now there's two kinds of cleavage that you can have, making it all even more confusing.

Sarah: It's terribly -- they have to make a show about it, and they did.

Conan: Well, I'm glad. If we don't -- if we don't get onto a new topic soon --

[ Laughter ] -- There's a chance the fcc will shut us down.

[ Laughter ] It will be on the news tomorrow. "Conan o'brien and sarah michelle gellar talked about butts for a full 45 minutes." It's never been done before.

Sarah: I just feel horrible. I always talk about body parts when I come here. People must think I'm classless.

Conan: No, no. It's just this show. It does it to people.

[ Laughter ]

Sarah: Let's talk about -- let's talk about something smart, like reality television. Okay.

[ Laughter ] I read books. I read lots of books.

Conan: Yes. You read books about butts.

[ Laughter ] What reality tv are you watching?

Sarah: "Bachelor."

Conan: You watch the "bachelor"?

Sarah: Did you see it last night?

Conan: You know what? I shouldn't admit this. I watched the "bachelor" last night.

Sarah: Okay, that one girl -- was it christy? She gives girls a bad name. This one girl, she was very upset. She knows him like two days. She's like, "it hurts. It hurts my heart. It hurts my heart." Did you see her?

Conan: Yeah, she's like, "i fell in love with you," and it's like you're 1 of 19 women that have gone waterskiing with the guy. How can you be saying that you've fallen in love with him?

Sarah: But also, what a pimp is he.

Conan: Well, he's got the best gig in show business I think.

Sarah: He seriously does. I mean, he went on three dates with six women at a time, and on each date, he made out with at least one woman on each date.

Conan: You know what I thought was weird, and this is just my observation, and this bothered me, but last night when it came time for him to choose -- I don't know who saw this, but it came time for him to choose which women he wanted. Two women got up and said, "you know, before you choose, we don't feel the same way about you, so ift't's okay, thank you, and we're going to leave." And they left. And then, he -- after they left, he made it clear that he was never going to choose them.

[ Light laughter ] And I was like, "what a creep."

Sarah: No, you know what?

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Why can't you just be kind of like, "oh, that's too bad"? Instead, he was like, "well, that doesn't affect my decision. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

[ Laughter and applause ] That was weird, wasn't it?

Sarah: Yeah, but I don't know if you guys saw it, but that one girl was really mean, and so she sort of deserved whatever she got it. There was this one girl who was like -- she made that hart girl cry.

Conan: Okay, I didn't get -- I think I was getting pizza during that part, flipping around. I didn't really watch the whole show.

Sarah: You stay in a hotel room by yourself. You know, what are you going to do?

Conan: Well, that's a whole other area. I'm not going to talk about that.

[ Laughter ] Clearly, we have different priorities. Now --

[ Laughter ] You know, this is -- I want to see a transcript of this interview later on because this was the least professional -- I enjoyed it thoroughly.

[ Laughter ] I learned about the thong. I'm getting butt implants now.

Sarah: Right.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: I'm gonna have a butt when I come on this show tomorrow night.

Sarah: Whoo!

Sarah: Whoo!

Conan: Thanks, fellas.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ] And then, last thing here. You know, of course, you're doing -- this weekend, you're hosting "saturday night live."

Sarah: Yes, I am.

Conan: With musical guest faith hill, and that's going to be a great show. But then it says -- I should also mention that the "scooby doo" dvd is coming out, and it has director commentary on it.

Sarah: It does have director's commentary. I don't know if you -- now, does anyone -- here's a question. Did anyone actually listen to the director's commentary?

[ Scattered cheers ]

Conan: Yeah.

Sarah: Oh, you're such liars. You do not listen to our annoying voices for 45 minutes comment on. Well, they get these actors together. Never put actors in a room to talk about the work they did, okay? That's like the most self-serving purpose. So we're sitting there, and matthew lillard, who plays shaggy -- he's wonderful. He's such a funny guy. But every time we get to his scenes, like, "okay, this is the funniest line in movie, 'cause this is when I say --" and then he would like say the line along with the movie.

Conan: Right, right.

Sarah: "Well, matt, you can't do that. Matt, matt, matt, matt, stop."

Conan: He can do whatever he wants.

Sarah: That's what he said, but you know --

[ Laughter ] But I mean, I don't know. I certainly won't listen to it, so I don't know if it -- I don't know if it made it there, but I just can't imagine people wanting to listen to 45 minutes of us talking along to the movie.

Conan: Well, you know the greatest -- the greatest commentary on any dvd is the commentary for "dude, where's my car?"

Sarah: So I've heard.

Conan: You got to check it out, 'cause there's like, "dude, this is the scene where we had to find the car. Dudes!"

[ Laughter ] It's like them talking about it, and the director after a while is like, "shut up!"

[ Laughter ]

Sarah: We were just trying to figure out how many, you know, 7-year-olds are going to watch the dvd commentary.

Conan: They'll all watch the commentary. And everyone's going to watch this weekend's "saturday night live."

Sarah: Please do.

Conan: Musical guest faith hill. Tune in. Sarah michelle gellar, thank you.

Sarah: Thank you.

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