Brooke Burke On Last Call With Carson Daly

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Postby admin » Sat Dec 14, 2002 6:47 am

Carson: Please say hello to the lovely brooke burke.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Brooke: Wow.

Carson: Welcome to the show, brooke.

Brooke: T

Carson: It's nice to have you here.

Brooke: It's great to be here. I love new york.

Brooke: You do?

Carson: Why? What is about, shopping?

Brooke: Shopping, it's just so romantic this time of year, and we don't get the seasons in L.A.

Carson: Right, you get not much in L.A. Actually.

Brooke: We don't get the beautiful christmas lights and the cold weather.

Carson: You're from arizona, right? Surprised that would have -- even be drawn to new york and the weather and the seasons.

Brooke: I think because of the contrasts. Because it's so different.

Carson: Right, you surely didn't have that in arizona.

Brooke: No. We didn't have much of anything but the desert and the heat.

Carson: Yeah. Let me talk about "wild on" for a second. Does it bother you to talk about that show yet?

Brooke: No! I had an amazing time on the show.

Carson: Why would you ever want to leave that show?

Brooke: I was traveling about two weeks a month, went all over the world and experienced just a ton of once in a lifetime, great adventures. And I had the best time. But it was a lot, and I actually -- I have two daughters. And I traveled around the world with first daughter, which most people didn't even know I was a mother until my second pregnancy.

Carson: Right, how would they?

Brooke: Well -- if they saw me rolling around the airport contrary to that"wild child" image, it's quite scene. But anyway, I traveled around with her, and it was a blast, and I had such a good time. But I think it was time after three yet of spend some time in L.A. And explore some options.

Carson: Right. That show is really one of thoshows -- and it's on all the time. Every time I turned it on,there's "wild on e!" And I watch it because it reminds me -- and I know for sure that you or whoever the new host is, are somewhere in the world doing something that I know for a fact I'll never be. Like I'll never be in abiza in like a foam club.

Brooke: But you should be.

Carson: And it's just amazing to me to watch -- those are some great experiences you must have gone through.

Brooke: Yes. So many.

Carson: How drunk and drugged up is the rest of the world?

Brooke: Unbelievably. Especially when you're sober and you're working and you're hosting the travel show and you're seeing it from that perspective. Boy,it night and day. Thatas one of the most ngg things, just being ins insane party atmosphe and having to st from thaperspectbut able I've expernced eve from fighting a 14-foot odile ungy -- tually bungy-jumping, I chicned out and I had a hard time ling thown. But skydiving and I flew in a r M. I ed theground cities in naples,

Brooke: Carsoever saw any of those episodes.Brooke: Which ones were you wching?

Brooke:Arson: A I saw were people dancing oam. Th all I ever saw.

[ Laughter ]

Brooke: You were watching me on mardi gras, the spring break and the abiza shows. But those were great, too. And some of the parties in the world, for sure.

Carson: Let me ask you this for the guys -- where are the most beautiful women in the world, in your opinion?

Brooke: In my opinion, rio has incredibly beautiful women. Of course, it's a matter of preference. But dark, chocolate skin. Just gorgeous hair. The brazilian bikinis are some beautiful, sexy bikinis.

Carson: Yes, they are!

[ Laughter ]

Brooke: The italian women. What kind of women do you like?

Carson: Keep going.

[ Laughter ] You just planned my next two vacations.

Brooke: Sardinia. Incredibly good-looking people in sardinia. And that's one of my favorite islands.

Carson: And so when you decided not to do the show, because you have the kids and you wanted to be in L.A. And explore some other stuff, how crazy did they go to find this new host? I mean, this just seems like a job that any young woman or guy for that matter would want to do.

Brooke: It was insane.

Carson: All you do is travel around the world. People probably think that you're wasted at every one of these things.

Brooke: Of course they do.

Carson: But there's work involved, that much I'm sure.

Brooke: No, actually, it is fun. I'm not wasted -- occasionally, but not really that much.

Carson: Sometimes you have to. Like I think I've seen you making mojedos or something.

Brooke: Yeah, I won't pass on a local drink. Sure, I party with the best of them, but it definitely was long hours and a lot of work. And I don't think I would have made three years had I been wasted on every show, but I had my share of good times.

Carson: And so this new girl that you got just beat out what, like 50,000 other women.

Brooke: So many. We did a worldwide search. The host's name is cindy taylor. She's fantastic. She was my number one pick.

Carson: Did you have a say in her?

Brooke: We all kind of put our two s in, and we let the publicco and vote on "e! Online. Executive decision overall, but she's great and I think she's gog to do a great job. And she's gorgeous and sweet and sincer

Carson: Does she have a high tolerance?

[ Laughter ]

Brooke: We don't know yet. We'll see.

Carson: Why didn't you want to bungy jump?

Brooke: I skydive.

Carson: You said you flew a russian mig?

Brooke: I did. I've done a little bit of everything, and I skydive, and I love that free-fall feeling. It's very bird-like and elating for me, but bungy is the sensation to m being dropped down, you face your fear so close to the ground, and being whipped back up, and I just -- I don't get any part of that.

Carson: And aren't you always just afraid the sucker's gonna snap?

Brooke: Well, sure. And I think what happens sometimes is there's, you know, different lengths of ropes that you're assigned with, and I won't even go there.But I was in new zealand, one of the safest jumps ever, but I just couldn't do it, d I chickened out. And the cameraman jumped, my soundman jumped, my producers jumped, and I was just a big chicken.

Carson: A 90-year-old local native jumped.

[ Laughter ]

Brooke: I've got to sayno to something.

Carson: You're like, "absolutely not."

Brooke: I'm not doing it.

Carson: Let's go back -- now you're in L.A. And you do "rank." Do you like rank everything on this show?

Brooke: Everything inentertainment -- from entertainers to movies to what's funny, what's hot, what's not. We're starting to do the flipside to some shows. We'll cover the bestof everything and then give you a flipside perspective. But it's a pop culture countdown. So everything in entertainment.

Carson: Give me one example of something that you guys would rank.

Brooke: We just did a show that actually was one of my favorites. It was really, really funny and it was called "celebrity oops: What were they thinking?" And it's all those moments that you hope that everyone will forget. And I think I've made a lotof enemies during that show. But just those red carpet moments that were hilarious, and memorable things, and goofs, and you know, little blunders that celebrities have done. And so we count them, we rank them. 25 best bodies. Sexiest women in entertainment. December 1ing entertainer of the year. The top 25 entertainers for 2002. And it's a great show. It's controversial. People can vote. We read comments on air. Everybody's got their own opinion, so it's a lot of fun.

Carson: And speaking of "rank" and sexy, and your kids. Let me just mention the calendar. This is like the biggest-selling calendar in my apartment complex.

[ Laughter ] And everywhere else across the world. But this picture -- this is like two months after you gave birth I'm being told.

Brooke: It is. Two and a half.

Carson: That's insane! How did you get back into sexy shape?

Brooke: A magic pill. Genetics. But I worked out during my pregnancy, d d I was on a mission after the pregnancy, because in the calendar world you have a small window of time where you have to shoot and edit your film and go to production or you miss that window. And I had commted to doing this 2003 calear, and then waiting for the birth.

I was on a pretty tight hele. But I worked out and ate a healthy diet.

Carson: You should have hosted "wild on childbirth." Let the camera zoom.

Brooke: Small babies, early deliveries. I was lucky.

Carson: You're married to a plastic surgeon.

Brooke: Yeah, most people thinkthat's actually how I did it.

Carson: Right. Do people think that he added a little help in the two months or something.

Brooke: Oh, yeah, sometimes he says, "she was a man before I married her."

[ Laughter ]

Carson: "She was a man"? He's not that good.

Brooke: It's our joke. But a lot of people think that. He is a very talented plastic surgeon.

Carson: Good for you.

Brooke: I'tredit getting back into shape after the baby to that.

Carson: And you do a lot of the men's magazines. "Fhm," their big issue, you're on the cover of. Yove a swimsuit line. There's the cover, there's you. Let's just keep it up for about 22 more minutes.

[ Laughter ]

Brooke: I just saw it for the first time today.

Carson: Huge ratings, it will be good. This is your line right here?

Brooke: This is my swimsuit line. It's called barely brooke and it's going to be in stores this winter.

Carson: Barely brooke.

Brooke: And I wore my swimsuit line he calendar.

Carson: Thank god! And why not?

Brooke: As opposed to --

Carson: And so when you're looking for a swimit line -- I don't know much about swimsund you've been all over thrldand things, but what sort of quality do you look? For the top, for the bottom? Is it just a matter of fabric, color, stretch?

Brooke: Yeah! Do you buy women's swimsuits? You're right on the money. It is, it's fabric, it's style.

Carson: Is it really stretch? I just made that up.

Brooke: No, it is. You want to have good fabric you don't want to have baggy swimsuit bottoms.

Carson: And you want ties, right? You don't want clasps, you want ties.

Brooke: Ties are resatile. Ties gyou more opt and people like carson can untie them if he runs into you on the beach.

Brooke:N:Certainly not me, . For models who are doing like a quick chan

Brooke: Right. Well, you know.

Carson: Where was I? Baseball, baseball, baseball.

[ Laughter ] And so I see in all the men's magazines they mention this thing with you, and I don't know if it's following you -- that you have ft fetish? I hate to be another jerk that brinup, but you want to clear it up.

Brooke: Let's just clear the air right now. I do not have a foot fetish. I love women's shoes, it's my vice. It's my only vice. I do like feet -- men's feet, women's feet. I get a pedicure every week. I mean, does that mean I have a foot fetish? Not really. It's not anything funky.

Carson: Unless the guy that's inur feet putst in his mouth for an hour.

Brooke: None of that is going on. And it's actually a little vietnamese women. But I won't even going there.

Carson: Yeah, so you don't, we can leave it alone.

Brooke: I don'T. But I kind of -- weird thing, I'm probably baring myself here, but photograph my feet all over the world in my travels.

Carson: You do this personally?

Brooke: Yeah, I did it personally instead of just taking land and location photos, I photograph, you know, my foot on a sailboat in the adriatic sea. My foot in the black sands in hawaii, and the caves in naples. You know, wherever. It's jt someing cool that I do. I'not obsessed with my fee or anythin but I just like it. So I've had all these requestson mweite for ot of my feet. So finally as a joke -- it started out as a joke -- I put together this section -- it's called "foot freaks." And I posted all these photos of my feet around the world. And I got so much feedback, and now I have attracted all these foot fetish people. And I get requests like wanting to see different angles.

Carson: They're weird aren't they?Brooke: They're weird! And it started out as a harmless, you know, little personal photo gallery.

Carson: Yeah, look at you now, attracting foot freaks all over the world.

[ Laughter ] You're a sweetheart. Congratulations with "rank."

Brooke: Thank you.

Carson: And it's nice to hang out with you. Thanks for being here. Brooke burke, everybody

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Admin why! WHY are there forums no one use? you should update all the forums and put people who are actually popular well more popular than these people. And some of the models forums get no talk at all!!! come on update!

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yaap. we´ve said that 1000 times.

U see admin???? Ckick ass has gone. I didn´t see him around.

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