Brooke Burke on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' transcript 8/8

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Brooke Burke on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' transcript 8/8

Postby admin » Wed Aug 09, 2006 4:27 am

Carson: Thank you, joe. Constantines is the music, in just a little bit. Our first guest tonight is the host of "rock star: Supernova." Yeah, here she is -- brooke burke, everybody. Brooke.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: You look lovely.

>> Thank you!

[ Cheers ] Thanks!

Carson: Now, you know --

>> Yeah.

Carson: Apparently, brooke and joe firstman -- you guys know joe, right? He plays music on the show?

[ Cheers ] He claims that you guys are friends.

>> Oh, wow. That's a lot of information. Actually, we are. We did a show together a long time ago. But I never got a copy of this.

Carson: Here, you can have this one. I don't want it.

[ Light laughter ]

>> This is nice. Thanks, joe.

Carson: I have this one, with no joe. How do you guys -- you did a show together once?

>> I used to host a show called "life is great" and we did a segment together.

>> Joe: Life was real great on that one.

>> He was maybe 21 at the time.

>> Joe: Yeah.

Carson: Oh, my god. That's 15 years ago. Long time ago.

>> Joe: I'm 40.

Carson: Yeah. He's a good guy.

>> How are you?

Carson: I'm good. Thank you for being here.

>> Thanks for having me.

Carson: Can we just talk about "wild on" for a second?

>> Sure.

Carson: You hate when people bring that up?

>> I don't, 'cause it was the funnest job I ever had.

Carson: What a great gig. When you watch brooke on "wild on" late at night --

[ Cheers ] It's like, you're in a bikini and you just travel the world. And there's wildness everywhere, apparently. And how great was that job?

>> It was a blast. You know, I traveled the world and made a lot of friends. Went to great parties. Got to discover the little hidden places that I now go back to on vacation. And everybody still says I had the best job in the world. And I look back -- and I've done some really fun things. And I love hosting "rock star." Don't get me wrong.

Carson: Right.

>> But it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was a blast.

Carson: What was the wildest place you went, do you think?

>> Wildest place?

Carson: Was it, like, ibiza?

>> Ibiza, I think, wildest place on the planet. You need a vacation after that vacation.

Carson: What's the deal? It's like the 7-eleven of ecstasy and partying.

>> Free love, drugs, beaches --

Carson: It really is, right?

>> -- Clubs the size of malls, great deejays. It's insane. I don't think I would go there on vacation. It was an experience.

Carson: Yh, I want to hear that story! That's the story I want to hear.

>> I'll never tell that story.

Carson: So the show went off the air. There's talk that people want to see you in ibiza. Is it gonna come back? Will "wild on 'e'" come back with you?

>> I don't know. I mean, I've sort of entertained the thought of doing a "best of," but --

Carson: Why wouldn't you want to do that again? I mean, I know you're moving on. You're doing great stuff now.

>> Yeah, I did it for three years and I never unpacked my suitcases. You know, it was tough. And I have kids now.

Carson: What do you mean? You were barely wearing clothes. What were you packing?

>> I had my bathing suits! He only remembers -- listen, I wore clothes.

Carson: I watched. What do you mean? I'm devoted.

[ Laughter ] Big fan, big fan. You've done the world travel with that. You're doing this network show. Have you ever had a bad job?

>> You know, I've had a lot of different jobs. My very first job, I was 16 and I used to work in a place in the mall called mr. Pretzel. It wasn't bad, but, you know, everybody has their first gig.

Carson: That's a great job. Was it like the --

>> I was the pretzel girl. I made pretzels and I sold little pretzel tidbits. And, you know, watched all the people walk by. I didn't wear a pretzel outfit.

Carson: I can only imagine when you worked at mr. Pretzel -- where? In what city?

>> It was in tucson, arizona.

Carson: In tucson, arizona, the line was out the door. All of a sudden, everybody in tucson was like, "have you had the pretzels at mr. Pretzel? Awesome."

>> It was a good business.

Carson: That's awesome.

>> They were good pretzels.

Carson: Was it like -- we had here, in santa monica, we had the hot dog on a stick. And there were cute girls, like 16, and they had to wear, kind of, a ridiculous outfit. Did you have a --

>> No, I didn't have the ridiculous outfit.

Carson: A bikini, right?

>> No bikini.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Damn. How's your summer going? What are you doing right now?

>> It's going great. I mean, unfortunately, no vacation this summer for me. It's all about "rock star."

Carson: Yeah, but you probably had enough vacation for the you know, every time we tape --

Carson: Were you a big rock fan? See, well, we were talking about this -- me and my 200 friends here that are hanging out.

[ Cheers ] We were just saying that none of us -- and there's nothing against "american idol," but none of us really quite get it. Whereas, if you're gonna do a show on a network and look for a star, this seemed a little bit cooler.

>> It's cool. And I was a rock fan growing up.N: What did you listen to?

>> I listened to judas priest. I listened to motley crue. I listened to, you know, black sabbath. You know, all that kind of stuff. I'm not so much the rocker chick anymore. I listen to all kinds of music.

Carson: You know what I listened to? I listened to rick springfield.

[ Cheers ]

>> No, you didn'T.

Carson: "Working class dog."

>> Audience member: Do it!

>> Did you really?

Carson: Yeah, yeah. I was a dork.

>> You still listen to him or you listened?

Carson: And you loved -- who was your favorite?

>> Growing up -- well, I was madly obsessed with prince.

Carson: Of course you were.

>> Like, madly, badly in love.

Carson: Every hot chick loves prince and every hot chick somehow met prince.

>> I never met him. But I had the shrine. I had the prince posters. I had the black veil with the purple light and I had the posters on the ceiling. I had it bad.

Carson: Oh, you had them on the ceiling? So when you would lie in bed, you would stare at prince?

>> I -- sad obsession, yeah.

Carson: While you fell asleep?

[ Light laughter ]

>> I -- yeah. And then, you know, as, like, a woman, I remember when I finally made it to L.A., I was at the club and I saw him there.

Carson: Oh, you did?

>> And his bodyguards came over and they were like, "prince would like to meet you." And I was just like -- "ah!" And I crawled under the table and I was like, "oh, god." I wanted to keep my fantasy just a fantasy. You know, I didn't -- yeah.

Carson: The purple one didn't meet you under that table?

[ Laughter ]

>> No.

Carson: Did you see tara reid under that table?

[ Audience ohs ]

[ Cheers ] Hey, I'm working. I'm a working man. I'm on the clock. I get paid for this.

[ Laughter ] We had dave navarro here, who we love, and are good friends with. And "rock star: Supernova" now -- I guess insx was the group, initially. Last season, they were looking for a lead singer.

>> Big difference this year.

>> And now you've got dudes from motley crue and metallica and gnr, and you're looking for this one person. I mean, how does that work? Is that a girl or a guy you're looking for?

>> We don't know. I mean, jason newsted, gilby clarke, tommy lee -- I mean, it's just -- epic musicians. They have gone on record saying it could definitely be a female. Our women this year are really strong and really edgy. It's harder this year. It's more rock and roll. We're dealing with big personalities. I mean, whoever's gonna get up in front -- tommy lee. I mean, you better be big and wild and crazy.

Carson: Yeah, he is big.

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah. Did you see the video?

Carson: What a personality. What a personality.

>> You saw the video.

Carson: Yes.

[ Laughter ]

>> I saw the video.

Carson: Why am I blushing? I've seen the video, but I don't care.

[ Laughter ]

>> Why is that always the topic about tommy?

Carson: No, but with guys like that, and being a music fan, I think -- a part of me is skeptical for them to sort of, like, want to find a lead singer in a, like, reality show. Because they're, like, really good musicians, and they're the real deal. They're the stuff that, like, we always go back to. Great stuff.

>> Yeah. No, it true. And I think inxs dealt with that, too.

Carson: Is there somebody that's gonna work in this format? Are we gonna find a real deal person?

>> I think so. You know, and I think the cool thing is, supernova's kind of developing their sound. And, by the way, it's not gonna be heavy metal. So, as we're going through this process and they're watching all the talent, you know, somebody's gonna kind of fall into that groove and become part of this whole evolution of this new, hot band. Rather than, last year, trying to find a musician to fit into their place and take michael hutchings' place, which is a little difficult to try to be who you think somebody wants you to be.

Carson: I think it's gonna be one of the girls. I saw some of it, and the girls look really, really good.

>> Maybe, yeah. I mean, dilana's really blowing everybody away.

Carson: And three dudes would love to have a girl.

>> Don't know. She's better be brave. She's better be strong.

Carson: And how's it with you, shooting with all these guys?

>> I'm pretty safe on my stage. You know, I have this sea of audience, so I'm kind of up on my stage --

Carson: When do you shoot the show? You shoot early in the morning, I heard.

>> We, believe it or not, when -- the wednesday show, our elimination show, we show up at like 6:00 A.M.

Carson: Rock and roll does not happen at 6:00 A.M.

>> The rockers have to get there and sing at 7:00 in the morning. It's just crazy. If they've even went to bed.

Carson: But I think that's better than, like, 11:00, because at 6:00, those rockers are still drunk from the night before, whereas --

>> We just hope they'll show up. You know, we hope they'll roll in after drinking all night.

Carson: Well, good luck. If you don't find anybody, joe firstman's awesome.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Thank you.

Carson: Brooke burke, everybody. Be sure to check out "rock star: Supernova" tuesdays at 9:00, wednesdays at 8:00, on cbs.

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