Brad & Julia talk on Access Hollywood

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Postby admin » Thu Feb 15, 2001 10:13 pm

>> Welcome back. How could we diminish anything from these two hollywood heavyweights? Brad and julia sharing the screen for the first time. A caper about ahis girlfriend.

>> Do you love me, jerry?

>> I told yo

>> then tell me again.

>> Reporter: She made 24 films.

>> If you get on that plane, you will never, ever see me again.

>> Reporter: He's done 21.


>> Reporter: But this is the first tiduo of julia roberts and brad pitt have teamed up together.>> I've known brad for a long time, and we kind of almost worked together a few times. And so when this finallyoth got so excited.>> She's amazing at what she does. She just has this shine, this sparkle.Of life, just very fun to work with.Ps. I mean, she's julia roberts. Really, she's earned it.

>> He's great. I mean, he's brad pitt. That's kind of all you got to say, yeah.

>> Reporter: The two star in the upcoming movie, 'the mexican.'

>> I am a hostage.

>> Oh, no.

>> Reporter: Brad plays jerry, and he has one last job to do for the mob. His girlfriend, samantha, played by julia, gives himthe ultimatum -- life with the mob or life with her.

>> 'Sweetheart' and 'big love,' all those things you called me in the bedroom last night.

>> The only thing I'm interested in calling you is a cab.

>> Jerry is in deep, deep poo. Yeah, jerry's in trouble. He's worked himself into a quandary. He thought he was finished.

>> Reporter: The film is set in this remote area of mexico, a location that the two megastars didn't exactly see eye to eye on.

>> We all dig corsa. It was an amazing place.

>> They went to rejal weeks before i did. And he called me up. He'd been there about three days, and he was like, 'you got to get down here. It's great. It's beautiful.' And I thought, 'wow, i've never been to mexico.' And I thought, 'this sounds fantastic.' And I got there and I thought, 'he's out of his mind.'

>> The only way into it is one tunnel, a mile and a half of tunnel. It's a single lane carved out centuries ago, and you can't see the end. And you travel through this thing, this one-lane tunnel, until you come out the other side.

>> It's really brought us together as a group. There weren't a lot of distractions. Cockfights on sunday. Well, most people slept through that. Scorpion check in bed at night. I wasn't too keen on that, but it was a lot of fun.

>> The movie opens march 2nd. You can see more of them tonight on hbo's first look at 'the mexican.'

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