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Postby admin » Mon Feb 19, 2001 11:53 pm

>>> And now, the two hollywood amigos teaming up for a new movie. When I sat down with brad pitt and julia roberts, i found out they work as well in person as they do on screen. Two of the hottest, highest-paid stars on the planet are sharing the big screen for the first time ever.

>> Come on, baby.

>> Reporter: It's a rocky romance between julia robertsbrad pitt in 'the mexican.'

>> Puts us in this piece, low budget, down and dirty film was kind of the fun of it.

>> Reporter: You seem to be attracted to material anyway.

>> Down and

>> i am, too. I want m>> you are.

>> Reporter: More grit?

>> Yeah. More des. I'm good all filthy.

>> Don't touch a thing.

>> You see the sweat marks.

>> Reporter: It was hot and dirty on location in this isolated mexican village. Brad plays an ex-conman who has to find an antique pistol. Julia plays his girlfriend who wants her needs met in their relationship.

>> Stop yelling!

>> Reporter: Did that ring true for you? Do you think most men and wom are that way?

>> Aspects.

>> It's the bickering or bantering.

>> Reporter: We're used to seeing you funny. And for brad, i think people will be surprised.

>> I need a lift in your el trucko to the next towno.

>> Reporter: Did that feel risky for you?

>> A little bit. You never know what it's going to be. But that's the fun of it. It felt good to me. It was funny to me.

>> Reporter: Brad and julia inhabit the role of movie star with great grace and with their souls intact. With happy careers and high pro file relationships off screen. If you had to teach movie star 101, what would it be like?Uld start with movie star is a label that to do with anything in your life. It's a hollow, hollow label that serves a purpose in black and white. Serves no purpose in flesh tones.

>> I'm going to your school.

>> Their movie opens march 2nd. Stay with us. We have julia and brad's secret crushes still ahead.


>>> So many people fantasize about julia roberts. I asked her who her crush was on growing up.

>> A well-documented crush i had on abraham lincoln that was more woreship than crush.

>> Abraham lincoln.

>> Reporter: Not your type?

>> People say he's gay.

>> In L.A.

>> That burst my bubble.

>> Brad went for kiss ty mcnichol. A little more brad in 'extra credit.' Apparently americans aren't having any trouble locating the real slim shadydy. He has more people logging onto his websites than the sexiest man alive or the latin sensation.

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