Brad/Julia Access Hollywood interview Transcript

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Postby admin » Mon Feb 19, 2001 11:57 pm

>> I'm nancy o'dell. The powerhouse duo of roberts and pitt is what is happening. They have a big movie, big relationships, and big news about their futures, including julia's date with oscar.

>> Reporter: They're saying it's hands-down.

>> There is no such thing as hands-down. Why can't we all just this moment where a whole group of gals put in their best efforts?

>> Reporter: Julia roberts modestly brushes off all the talk about her oscar nomination for 'erin brockovich,' instead honoring the other actresses she's up against -- joan allen, juliette binoche, ellen burstyn and laura linney.

>> If i don't go, i'm dead!

>> I, i, i, i, I.

>> Come on, baby.

>> Reporter: In 'the mexican,' julia perfectly plays sam, the long-suffering girlfriend of brad pitt's jerry.

>> I don't have complaints, but she has complaints.

>> I play t the peace.

>> Chump makes it sound like you're t

>> while she plays the super hero. Really, chump?

>> Reporter: The romantic comedy, which also stars james gandolfini, attempts to answer an age-old question about relationships.

>> When two people really love each other, but they just can't get it together, when is enough enough? When did you get to that point where enough is enough?

>> Reporter: Brad and julia, who both have high-profile love lives, brought up an interesting point about devotion. Do you think that is true? Do you have to sacrifice everything for true love to make it work?

>> I don't think you sacrifice everything. Within the the confines of true love, it's not a sacrifice.

>> That's a very good point. I'm glad you brought that up.

>> Reporter: Meantime, brad, whose wife jennifer aniston stars on 'friends,' broke news to us that he definitely wants to guest star on her show.

>> I didn't know there was talk until I got here today.

>> Reporter: Courteney cox says, 'i'm in, i'm in.' She said it was going to beyear,

>> one of my favorite shows.

>> Reporter: I wonder why.

>> No, even before. So, yeah, i'd do something if it wasn't superfluous.

>> Last time he was hedging, now he's in.

>> Reporter: You broke the news to us.

>> You're the first.

>> We like that. We will keep you posted on brad brad's 'friends''s status. Now you can check them out in 'the mexican.'

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