Brad/Julia ET interview Transcript

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Postby admin » Mon Feb 19, 2001 11:59 pm

>>> Julia roberts and brad pitt are first up tonight. As their new movie is about to hit the big screen, I have an oscar update from julia and the news about brad co-starring on his wife's must-see sitcom.

>> Reporter: Are you going to be on 'friends'?

>> Are you going to be on 'friends'? Someone in the lobby started it and everybody picked up on it.

>> I will gladly. I have not been approached to be on 'frd in a second. Sure.

>> Reporter: So the 'friends' guest shot remains a definite possibility, but for now, brad's focusing his attention on his big screen leading lady, who just received her third oscar nomination for her role in 'erin brockovich.' Julia told me she got the good news from her real-life love.As sound asleep, and the phone rang, and it was benjamin. And he gave me the news.

>> Reporter: How'd he know first?

>> He was watching it in new york, and he dialed his fingers to the bone to be the first person to actually get through to my room.

>> Reporter: Brad, what do you think her chances are?

>> Oh, do not do that to me. That is so wrong. That is so wrong.>> But in vegas -- hands down.

>> Reporter: In 'the mexican,' opening a week from friday, brad goes south of the border in search of a fabled pistol, while his girlfriend julia is held hostage in vegas. So how many days did you work together?

>> A bunch.

>> A fair amount. Enough.

>> Reporter: Julia?

>> Yes. Yes, enough.

>> No, it's good, good fun.

>> Reporter: The chemistry these superstars share is as evident in person as it is on the big screen. They first met nearly 18 years ago through mutual friends. As struggling actors, I guess?

>> Struggling along. Your hair was -- my eyebrows were --

>> one. Your eyebrows were one. Can you turn that down? You don't even speak spanish. Come on.

>> Reporter: For 'the mexican,' brad and julia traveled to real de catorce, a mexican village so remote the only way in is one long tunnel. What creature comforts did you take?With you to make --

>> don't say creature and real de catorce in the same sentence.

>> Reporter: Lots of crawly scorpions.

>> Lots of scorpions, yeah.

>> One of our washed her face one night and with a face cloth went to wipe her face dry and herd this crunch and she had a scorpion pinned to her nose.

>> Reporter: Their next film together shouldn't be as dangerous. They're co-starring in the rat pack remake, 'ocean's 11,' and there may be more collaborations to come.

Working in my contract.

>> Reporter: You're working in your contract, what do you mean?

>> She has to be in every film.

>> Reporter: I don't blame you, yes.

>> The it was actual when i a her. Working it into my contract. Nice.

>> A fun couple.

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