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Postby admin » Mon Feb 26, 2001 10:42 pm

>>> 'E.T.' Has the scoop on the sex-sex kiss on 'friends' as we talk to the stars at the before taking their superstard carpet, brad, jennifer and julia caused a sensation felt south of the border, by first greeting the hundreds of fans. I thought it was so cool you stopped and shook hands of fans out there.

>> Well, they're more fun than these guys.

>> Reporter: Julia arrived without beau benjamin bratt, who was in new york. The actress' look was downtown chic with faux alligator-skin pants, t-shirt and black leather jacket. But she's sure to dazzle in a glamorous gown at the oscars. Have you got the dress yet?

>> No.

>> Reporter: Anything close?

>> Close-ish. Yeah.

>> Reporter: While julia greeted jennifer with a big hug, I talked to brad about his comic turn in the film.

>> I need a lift in your el trucko.

>> Reporter: Did you want itt side of yourself?

>> Yeah, it was time to mess it up a bit.T funny in real life? No, not really.

>> Reporter: It's been reported that on an upcoming 'friends,' jennifer will engage in a lesbian kiss with guest star winona ryder. Is there a kiss?

>> Yeah. We read it for them already. And i guess it took me a whole week to process. Wow.

>> Do you love me jerry?

>> I told you, sweetheart.

>> Reporter: Brad and julia are explosive in 'the mexican.' The film, which opens friday, marks the first time the paier, although they've been friends for years. What was she like when you first met?

>> Oh, sweet. Same.

>> Reporter: What was she like when you first met her?

>> Just as effervescent as she is every day.

>> Thanks, julie.

>>> Brad wrapped his next movie with robert redford and now he's off to las vegas to co-star with julia again in a remake of 'oceans 11.'

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