Why does Brad hates Gwyneth?

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Postby BackDatAssUp » Sun May 06, 2001 1:00 pm

Do you guys notice that Brad seems to dislikes Gwyneth alot after their break up? or maybe he doesnt hates her but it sure seems like he doesnt really care about her anymore? I think its kinda harsh, I mean you can always be friends if you cant be lovers. When they were going out he loved her so much and then bam, when they broke up he turns 360 degrees against her...I never knew why they broke up but it always seems to me that Brad is the one who dumped Gwyneth. Anyway, I know this is old but I just recently became a fan of Brad so I'm kinda curious about these thing. I think him and Jennifer looks cute together but for some reason I like him with Gwyneth better.

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Postby pinkGLAM » Thu May 10, 2001 8:19 pm

i think she broke up with him. men who hate their ex's still have the fire burning deep down inside.

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