The Forgottin Flight

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Postby FairyPrincess86 » Sun Oct 13, 2002 11:05 pm

I have been writing a term paper on 911, and I think Flight 93 has been somehow overlooked in all the media, I'll see it now and then but not nearly as much as the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

It just makes me sad. The things I've been reading, I don't understand, how when we choose to remember 911, you rarely think about the flight that crashed into Pennsylvania.

I just wanted to bring this up cause I think it was becoming too easy to forget.

Rest In Peace to all those that died in 911

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Postby colien » Mon Aug 09, 2004 3:06 am

What the hell has that to do with Halle Berry?

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Postby Rainbowsmiles » Mon Sep 13, 2004 8:35 am

Don't pay any attention to Colien - this woman is two bricks shy of a load! ;)

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