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Postby JeSsIcA » Mon Jan 08, 2001 8:53 am

Hey Roman, you're like a really big Jessica Alba fan. Your like the only one that posts messages here. I think that's cool. I like to read what you have to say. I mean she seems, more human, than some other artists out there. Like Britney Spears' for example I mean Britney is old, her music, is getting annoying. I think new artists like Jessica, need to start coming out and doing there thing. Britney needs a good taste of her own medicine.

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Postby Romantico » Mon Jan 08, 2001 7:03 pm

Thanks for that comment...I really needed that I was gettin a little lonely :) ...Absolutely Jess can definetly represent the oppossite sex 'kickass' straight-up and No bs...either you like her or you don't simple!!! No political loops!! 'she keeps it real' you know....I might not be her savior and i'll never be a king...I might not send her roses or buy her diamond rings.but let me tell ya baby you're all i've got and i will not let you out of my sight!!! 'Cuz our love is like a hunger without it, we will starve!!'  Bon Jovi

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