Meat delivery?! Not! as Max spoils the party!!

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Postby Romantico » Wed Jan 10, 2001 1:14 am

'Lets get the B**** over with' strong, very-strong words from Max.. When she gets pissed she gets down and dirty!! I just don't see how Logan & Max can connect in a deeper, intimate level not a chance the guy is like 34!! Anyway back to last nights show!

My favorite part is when max and the 'gang' finds out the real truth about there bosse's 'DATE'! If you have no clue what i'm talking about, you might want to catch darkangel every tuesday or your local listing..Only on FOX!! :) Ok. the latest plot is Eyes only 'play by the Weatherly guy' gets a tip about blood rocketering going on! But it turned-out two corrupted officers blind by the green, falsely arrested young beautiful teenagers to be use as pieces of meat for the 'Black Market'..It's really gettin late here sorry,,I gotta go!! If you have any question about darkangel or JA 'i might just happen to have the answer' I'll get back to-ya tommorow its 10:08 p.m. here in CA..I have to attend school tom...w sorry.. Don't forget to check 'DA' out! I'm counting on-ya :):)..
Have a nice day and thanks for taking the time!!

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