2/23 Tonight Show Transcript - Jessica Alba

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Postby admin » Sat Feb 24, 2001 3:52 am

>> Jay: My next guest is a beautiful young actress who stars in the popular tv show 'dark angel.' It airs tuesday nights on another network. Duh, i wonder if that's fox. Please wel

[ cheers and applause ] good to see you. Good to see you again.

>> You, too.

>> Jay: You just came in from vancouver, i guess

>> yes, I did.

>> Jay: Now, do you mind flying? You do that a lot.

>> Yeah, you know, i get i flew to new york to -- last -- the weekend before last, and L.A. Again this last weekend. And a thing that is a reoccurring problem is there's always random hairs on the pillows they give you. And you're just like -- all you want to do when you get there -- it's cold and you're tired and you just want to sleep. And you just get these random other people's hair. And sometimes, you know, you just have to smell it just to make sure it doesn't smell bad. And you smell it, and it smells like body.

>> Jay: Why do you smell the hair?

>> Well, you smell the pillow. And it smells like someone's

[ laughter ] and it peeves me out. And so like, i've been trying to --

>> jay: Are you like a neat freak?

>> Sometimes i can be a bit of a neat freak. I use the -- sometimes, you know when you go into your friend's bathrooms unexpectedly and they didn't really clean around the toilet. And, you know, i sometimes do

>> jay: Hey, would you go over my house? My bathroom's filthy. Would you come by? Let's suppose you were staying at a girlfriend's house and you forgot your toothbrush. Would you use her toothbrush?

>> Actually, you know what i've done before?

>> Jay: What's that?

>> I've rinsed it in hot water, because my mom says it disinfects. And then i get soap and I wash it with soap, and then rinse it with hot water again. And then i use it.

>> Jay: Oh, I see. And that makes it okay?

>> Yeah. What bothers you?

>> Jay: Nothing bothers me. You know, I'm a guy. I had a sandwich the other day with an ant on it. I went like that, and ate my sandwich.

[ Laughter ] I'm a guy. Here's another question for you. You live at home. Let's say -- i mean by yourself is what I'm saying. You're making something to eat. Let's say you making a piece of chicken. You eat chicken?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Okay. You drop the chicken on the floor. Do you go -- and then eat it or do you throw it away? That's nasty.

>> Jay: You would be a bad guy. See, you are not a guy.

>> No, i'm not a guy. Thank god.

>> Jay: A guy picks it up, makes sure no one sees you, and then eat it.

>> Well, what did you step on before you went into the kitchen. Or what did the dogs do? My dog sometimes, she likes to scrape her bootie on the ground and go like that. And then if the chicken falls on that --

>> jay: Well, of course if the chicken falls on that --

[ laughter ] you know, you're changing the rules. I didn't say, 'the dog makes a big mess in the yard, I go and I ram the chicken in it.' I'm not saying that.

[ Laughter ] I'm saying assuming your house is reasonably clean, you drop the chicken on the floor.O you know where someone's been?

>> Jay: It's my house. I know who's been in there.

>> But where did you step?

>> Jay: I don't know.

>> Exactly.

>> Jay: I may have stepped through some lysol, and then

[ laughter ] is there anything else you want to get off -- anything else bother you?

>> What is up with guys who -- the like the sports. They though they don't even like the teams that they're watching. Just because it's football, they're gonna like, be glued to the football all day, even though it's not a team that they even care about. Movie with naked women in it, women they don't know?

[ Laughter ] I mean, you're a guy. 'I don't that naked woman. I'm not gonna watch it.'

[ Laughter ] they will watch, because even though they don't know her, well, they'll give her a chance. 'Let's take a look.' Same thing with football. 'I don't know this team. They might turn out to be very good. Let's see what they have to do.'

>> Or you got money on the team.

>> Jay: Oh, you might have money on them. Now, you were where? Where'd I just read you were? Some place exotic. Was it -- oh, malaysia?

>> I was in malaysia.

>> Jay: Now, i hear that's like the home of the tallest building in the world? Isn't it very luxurious?

>> Well, they shot theirst -- I know you had that 'hollywood survivor' thing, which is not anything like thurvivor.' The real --

[ laughter ] but where the real 'survivor' -- where the real 'survivor' was filmed, it was in malaysia where i was.

>> Jay: No, it was filmed right here at warner brothers. They weren't on an island at all. They were right over here on the traffic island.

>> Okay.

>> Jay: So you were there. What was that like?

>> I was there. And I had to play this ebon-malaysian woman, so i had to walk around barefoot. No, no, no, no.

>> Jay: Is that hard?

>> No, no, no, no.

>> Jay: Were there hairs on the ground?

>> Hairs. There's spiders, bugs, everything there is poisonous. 25 poisonous snakes. We had snake wranglers, part of the crew. And I'd sit there in bare feet, and all of a sudden, i'd feel something like, tickling. And I look down and there's worms crawling up through my toes.

[ Audience ews ] when you were there?

>> No.

[ Laughter ]

>> jay: When i was in college, I remember my roommate used to have things crawling up through his toes, but he had taken orange sunshine.

[ Laughter ] you sure, worms crawling up through your toes?

>> Have you ever had malaria pills? Have you ever taken malari?

>> Jay: No, you don't get malaria in --

>> well, i had to take malaria pill, and it gives you short-term insanity.

>> Jay: Oh really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: I love women with short -- every guy has met a woman with short-term insanity. That's nothing.Ughter ]

[ applause ] yeah, duh. That's what it is. Malaria pills.

>> So I might have been tripping out a little. I mean, me, brenda blethyn.

>> Jay: Did you really feel like you were going insane?

>> Totally. Me, brenda blethyn, emily mortimer, bob hoskins, we were all shooting it down there. And you get these wicked dreams. And you'd get these flashbacks of these terrible dreams.

>> Jay: Like what was the dream that you had? Tell me the dream. What happens in the dream?

>> I had a dream that like everyone turned against me on the crew, and like -- they were all like, crazy and they hated me.

>> Jay: So it makes you paranoid?

>> Yeah. You get all like -- yeah. Kathie lee gifford wouldn't know anything about that, though, right, 'cause she's straight. Sorry.

[ Laughter ]

[ jay making cat noises ]

>> no, it's nothing bad, she just wouldn't know.

>> Jay: Now, your show is doing terrific. Right?

>> It's going pretty good. It's hard, man, yeah.

>> Jay: But you do a good job. And it's like a cult hit and a regular hit.

>> Yeah, it's fun.

>> Jay: Well, that's good. Well, listen, just don't get any more hairs on your pillow, okay?

>> I'll try not to.And say hi to your dad for me again.

>> Jay: Okay. Thanks, jessica. Jessica alba.

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Postby Anthony A » Sat Feb 24, 2001 11:29 am

Jessica was quite bubbly & a little bit ditzy but she did look very sexy by looking casual !

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Postby Romantico » Sat Feb 24, 2001 11:36 am

What a weird interview! :).... Thanks for the transcript jeff!

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