Trapped in her dressing room...

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Postby Katie44 » Fri Mar 02, 2001 1:38 am

~Jessica Alba was in need of her own Dark Angel ~

It was a situation Max would’ve had no trouble getting out of. But for Jessica Alba, help was definitely a necessity this time. Recently, while getting ready to make an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart . Jessica found herself trapped in her dressing room—her door was jammed shut! After trying to force it down by first pushing the door in, and then using a drill, the show’s crew members had to use a power saw to rescue Jessica from her dressing room prison! Good-natured Jon Stewart only had to ask the Dark Angel darling one question, “Why couldn’t you just pull a Terminator?â€￾ We’re sure Jessica wouldn’t have minded having Max’s strength at that moment!

I don't really come on this board, so if this was already posted...sorry. :)

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Postby Romantico » Fri Mar 02, 2001 5:45 pm

No, actually not yet,, I haven't had the time lately.. but I did read something about it.. :)... yeah.. not many people visit this little forum, they're all at the Justintimberlake or britneyspears ones :).. I thought It was kinda funny actually :).. anyway thanks for posting and hopefully, you'll visit 'me' once in a while :)... geez i'm sounding disperate aren't I? .. :)

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