Jessica on Conan - Transcript 5/16

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Postby admin » Thu May 17, 2001 3:31 am

>> conan: All right, everybody, we are back. My next guest plays the genetically enhanced star of the hit fox television show 'dark angel.' Please welcome the lovely jessica alba.

[ Cheers and a

[ cheers and applause ]

>> conan: You look fantastic.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: I love -- what's -- the hair is, of course, different.

>> Yeah, it's red.

>> Conan: Yes.

[ Cheers ]

[ laughter ]

[ man yells inaudible remarks ]

[ laughter ]

>> conan: Chances of that working -- 1 in 1,000.

[ Laughter ]

>> i'm doing loreal. I'm new person for --

>> conan: Spokesperson.

>> Spokesperson for loreal.

>> Conan: So you chose this color. Or did you just shoot something for them?

>> Yeah, i d a commercial, and I did a couple cosmetic things, so --

>> conan: Mm-hmm.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: How do you like -- because I'm just curious if being a red-head changes how people treat you or how you feel about yourself?

>> Yeah, i was kinda thinking it would make me have more respect. You know, you get so much respect for being a red-head.

[ Laughter ] and I'm hoping to use it to my advantage. But I actually --

>> conan: Actually, I do not think that is true.

[ Light laughter ] I wasn't aware of that. But some people think that being a red-head --

>> you have a fiery attitude.

>> Conan: Yeah, it gives you spice and pep.

>> I mean, look at you.

>> Conan: Look at me moving.

[ Lat that. Look at that.

>> You're gonna freak.

>> Conan: Only a red-head -- like the freak?

[ Laughter ] more like an incredible lover! All right, what am i doing? I don't know.

>> I don't know.

>> Conan: I act like such an ass. But anyway, that's my problem. Did it change the way you feltt yourself at all?

>> It was weird. You know, I have to wear makeup now or else I look dead.

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: I've had that experience, yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> sorry.

>> Conan: When you have red hair a lot of the times, for some

>> it washes out the rest of your face.

>> Conan: Right, i wear --

>> you look really pale.

>> Conan: I'm wearing like 40 -- they paint me before i do the show.

[ Laughter ] I am that pale and sickly looking.

>> Aw.

>> Conan: Seriously, they have rollers.

[ Laughter ] and they roller my whole body. And I turn and they stand still.

>> Even the parts that are covered just for pleasure, right?

[ Laughter ]

[ audience oohs ]

[ cheers ]

>> conan: If that was true, that is the saddest person, the saddest way that someone could actually enjoy themselves.

>> Yeah, it is.

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: Wow.

>> Sorry, I see 'playboy' down there. And I'm trying to figure out, '?'

>> Conan: There's no 'playboy' down here.

[ Laughter ]

[ cheers and applause ] you totally busted me

[ laughter ] well, look, you have stacks of 'o' magazine behind you.

[ Laughter ] what's the deal, jessica?

[ Applause ] you know, sometimes I read during the commercial breaks.

>> Yeah, during commercial breaks.

>> Conan: I do all kinds of things in commercial breaks.

>> Let out a little tension, and, you know? ] Relax.

>> Conan: Yeah, exactly, right. I walk out on my little patio here and enjoy the city.

[ Laughter ] now, i have to mention this. This is nice. Congratulations are in order. You're engag>> yes, I am.

>> Conan: So this guy is out of luck over here.

[ Applause ]

[ male crowd members boo ] what a nice

>> i know.

>> Conan: Booing your upcoming engagement. When did y

>> on my birthday.

>> Conan: Oh, that's nice.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: Where were you? Were you with family?

>> I was with family. This is actually the first birthday with my family. I spent two birthdays without my family in hotels.

>> Conan: Because you're working somewhere.

>> Been working so much, yeah. So i was in hotels by myself both birthdays cry and the hotel, i mean, they're trying to be nice, but they actually make it worse. Because they send up a little tray with a little cake and a candle and two champaign glasses and two little spoons.

>> Conan: And you're alone.

>> I'm all alone.

>> Conan: That's like they're mocking you.

>> Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

[ conan with french accent ]

>> conan: 'I will get her. Watch this. Happy birthday for you -- and, oh, nobody else! How's that?'

[ Laughter ] 'how's that for you?'

>> Pretty much. So i -- because they put the little fancy chocolate figurines on top of it and I broke it to make it look like --

>> conan: Make it look like you had eaten it.

>> Make it look like you had eaten it. Because I felt so horrible. I would like go, 'I'm all by myself in a hotel room.' And I just started crying.

>> Conan: Oh, my god, you should have called me.

[ Laughter ]

[ cheers and applause ] I'd have helped you. It will never happen again if i have anything to say about it. Now, you've had all this success with 'dark angel.' A lot of people probably forget you were doing tv work for a long time. You did 'flipper' a long time ago.

>> Yeah, that was kind of my favorite.

>> Conan: How many years ago was 'flipper' was it like --

>> um, five.

>> Conan: Five years ago.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: And what was that like? Was that like a fun -- i always think working with animals would be -- you know, people think it would be so much fun to work with a chimp or work with a dolphin or something. But a lot of times it's really not that fun.

>> No, it was good. I mean, they made me work with the female dolphins because the male dolphins get excited sometimes.

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: Are you serious?

>> I was 14, so we really don't need to get into that.

>> Conan: No, but I -- no, let's get into it.

[ Laughter ] but, you know, i actually have heard that male dolphins, they're not -- they're not nice. I'm gonna get letters now from dolphin lovers. 'You should never had said that.'

[ Laughter ]

>> dolphins are really -- they're nice, but they're not in their environment when they're in this tiny little tank.

>> Conan: Right.

>> And they throw like 20 crew members down there, and, you know? I don't know.

>> Conan: Yeah. But you're an animal lover. You have a dog.

>> I do, i do have a dog. You have a dog too.

>> Conan: Yeah, we mentioned earlier, i have a dog, not a loveless cat.

[ Laughter ]

>> i hate cats too.

>> Conan: That'll be even more letters, yeah. 'You were wrong to criticize cats, too.'

[ Laughter ] what's your rottweiler like?

>> She's awesome, she's like 30 pounds overweight.

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: So you come in and it's sitting, just smoking.

[ Laughter ] 'woof.'

>> One time we came home and she put her head through our front window.

>> Conan: What?

>> 'Cause she was so excited. She saw us coming home. And she just stuck her head through the window.

>> Conan: Just smashed it.

>> It didn't affect her. She was just wiggling her butt. That's what she does. She just wiggles her butt. And her stomach almost hits the ground.

[ Laughter ]

>> conan: Funny animal. I do that when i'm happy too.

[ Laughter ] it freaks people out on the subway.

[ Laughter ] well, 'dark angel' is on tuesday nights at 9:00.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: On fox. And jessica's in a new online game show called 'outsmart' which launched today.

>> Today, yep.

>> Conan: So people can find that, play that game.

>> Yep.

>> Conan: Hey, thanks for coming by.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: And congratulations on getting engaged.

[ Cheers and applause ] that's really cool. Jessica alba, everybody!

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