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Please welcome back to the show jessica alba.
[ Cheers and applause ] well, hi, jess, how are you?

>> I'm good

>> rosie: Were you happy to win best burp?

>> I was actually just excited to be with steve irwin.

>> Rosie: I know. Isn't he draz zi?

>> He's so great.

Rosie: He went out onstage with a life tooth fanged pithen snake, whatever.

>> I don't understand. I don't understand. It was really great. Because, you know, will smith was there. And matt damon. And chris tucker. And --

>> rosie: Pink.

>> Pink.

>> Rosie: Janet jackson.

>> Well those were the guys that i mentioned were the guys that were backstage with steve irwin. And i went up to steve irwin. And I'm not really like real famous or anything. And i was like, i love you. And i was likee so happy to meet you. And he was like oh, yeah, thank you. And then all the everybody else, you know like chris tucker they were all like dude, you're the man, you're so great. He was like oh, thanks.

>> Rosie: Was he telling stories?

>> So he did his big story. D d they're trying to pull antonio banderas away from steve irwin. He was like, and then this snake came up and grabbed my face and took a chunk out. And everyone was just like -- will smith was like riveted. And that's like the guy.

>> Rosie: Exactly.

>> You know. It was austsome.

>> Rosie: Well he scares me. He's been on this show before, steve. And he had, what did he have, a sloth? He had something and it just like ripped part of his skin off. And he was bloody.

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: I go you're bleeding. He goes, al right, mate. He doesn't even care.

>> He doesn't even care.

>> Rosie: He gets attacked. I would have been like oh, my god! Go to commercial! Oh my god.

>> Exactly.

>> Rosie: He's very brave.

>> He's awesome.

>> Rosie: Well, you also had fun there kids' cho

>> oh, i love it.

Rosie: I think it's most fun show to do.

>> It's awesome.

>> Rosie: Because kids love it and they're so excited to see you.

>> Except i don't want to get slimed.

>> Rosie: Pell pink got a lot of slime.

>> Did she get mad?

>> Rosie: I don't think she mad. But i will say, having been slimed it's experience that --

>> she was slimed.

>> Rosie: Until you have it done to you it's hard to know what it feels like. And she was going aaah! Right in her mouth.

>> That's pretty gross.

>> Rosie: She was a great sport. Got the whole party started.

>> Yeah, she did.

>> Rosie: Have you seen your new doll?

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: This is your dark angel prototype. Here you are. Look at what she does. Her whole body spins. I think i broke it.

>> It's a prototype so like the head falls off or the arm will fall off. But the real dolls won'T. They're coming out in september. It's kind of funny.

>> Rosie: It's weird to have a doll of you, isn't it?

>> It's kind of weird.

>> Rosie: Now 'dark angel' you're waiting to get renewed.

>> We're waiting.

>> Rosie: But it's a very popular show. I think it's going to get renewed. The kids love it.

>> They do.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> rosie: They do love it. It's on fox on friday nights. And how do you keep yourself fit? You do training for the show?

>> I do lots of training. Andtowards the end of the season, because jim cameron directed the last episode.

>> Rosie: Wow.

>> And this is the first drama he directed, i think, since 'titanic.' And it's airing may 3rd. His episode. But -- so i was locked up because I was doing so many stunts, and my trainer wanted me to do yoga.

>> Rosie: Yeah.

>> So i was like oh, yoga, it's so hard. Like i do all the running and all that stuff.

>> Rosie: But you can't do yoga?

>> Yoga is the hardest thing. You've got to hold the positions and do all this crazy stuff. So we're doing brought this girl, and so we're doing the class, and we're doing this one thing for your abs, and she farted in class. And it was a girl that we brought. And it was so -- you're trying to like do the yoga breathing and breathe through your stomach and the whole thing and she just like let it rip. And it was really embarrassing.

>> Rosie: Now, she probably wanted to die of embarrassment.

>> She started giggling. But everyone in the class, they're like that's what your body does. And it's just part of the thing. And you' whatever. It was toxic. I gotta say.

>> Rosie: It was toxic? I have a private yoga instructor. He just does me at my house. And it's just for that reason.

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: In case of flatulence. Because they move your body, and you know --

>> in positions it shouldn't be moved.

>> Rosie: And your intestines go what the pfft. And that's what happens.

>> That's what happens.

>> Rosie: The poor girl. She prbably wants to be -- kill herself. Who knows.

>> No.

>> Rosie: You did the got milk campaign. So cute.

>> I did. I did.

>> Rosie: There you are with the milk mustache standing on your knees. Why are you standing on your knees?

>> It was an accident. I was standing up for the pictures for so long and iaas really tired. So i kneeled down, and wardrobe lady freaked out and she was like, you can't kneel on those. Those are gucci pants. And i was like, oh, okay. So she -- i didn't say a bad word.

>> Rosie: Almost, though.

>> So she brought over these sandals for me to put my knees on so i wouldn't ruin the pants. And then rick was the photographer. And he was like oh, you look cute like that. And i was like, are you sure? That's what they used.

>> Rosie: They say that 15% of your height is added for milk. So it's a good try and explain to kids that they'll grow taller if they have milk.

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: You're 1 soon. What are you going to do?

>> I'm going to have a party.

>> Rosie: Where, at your house?

>> No, no in l.A. At a restaurant.

>> Rosie: Lots of celebs? The whole big thing?

>> I'm not really friends with celebrities. My family. Lots of family.

>> Rosie: That's all right.

>> And my friends. Like my close friends. So yeah, it will be good.

>> Rosie: Are you asking for anything in specific?

>> I'm mainly just asking for their attendance. Younonow. I just want them to be there.

>> Rosie: Isn't that sweet? I wish i had a huge gift to give you for saying that. You're not asking for a car or anything?

>> No. No.

>> Rosie: No?

>> I mean, i like burberry but that's for my fiance.

>> Roe:E: You're engaged?

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: At 21?

>> Yeah. At 21 I'll be engaged for a year on my birthday.

>> Rosie: And when are you getting married?

>> In a year.

>> Rosie: So you'll be 22.

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: You're young, still.

>> Very young.

>> Rosie: He's a nice guy?

>> He's a worn derful man.

>> Rosie: What's he do?

>> He's an actor.

>> Rosie: What's his name?

>> Michael. He was supposed to be on your show.

>> Rosie: What's hisast name?

>> Weatherly. He's on 'dark angel.'

>> Rosie: No kidding?

>> And he couldn't because jim cameron didn't finish filming in time.

>>>> Rosie: Well, that will just show you. You get a couple of oscars and it goes right to your head.

>> But the show's going to look amazing.

>> Rosie: I can't wait to see it. May 3rd the day 'spider-man' opens.

>> Hey! You can watch the show then go see 'spider-man.'

>> Rosie: All right, all right, I'll tivo the show, i promise. It's great to see you, jessica.

>> Thank you.

>> Rosie: Thanks for bei here all the times you have.

>> Thank you.

>> Rosie: You're an adorable young lady.

>> Oh, my gosh you're leaving.

>> Rosie: Oh, you don't have to kiss my hands.

>> I do. I love you. I think you're so nice.

>> Rosie: Thank you, honey. I'm sure I'll see you at kids' choice. Jessica Alba.

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