They Cancelled Dark Angel

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Postby krystel » Sat Jul 13, 2002 11:07 am

that is bogus cuz the last episode left me hanging I don't see what for she was awesome and her and logan didnt get the medicine drg what bullsh** is that ? OOOOH Im mad man they kissed like once or twice this season but they were supposed to be a couple !!!!!!!!!!!!!frustrate me!!!!!!!!!!

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Postby justins bubbles » Fri Aug 09, 2002 10:47 pm

Darn... <_<

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Anthony A
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Postby Anthony A » Mon Aug 12, 2002 2:39 am

Dark Angel was a good show. The thing is each episode cost alot of money to make. When a series has not the best ratings for being such an expensive show, it gets the plug !

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Postby PreCiouSbAbY » Sat Sep 28, 2002 3:27 pm

r u serious? i loved her on that show...*sigh*

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Postby skulking » Sun Sep 29, 2002 12:56 pm

the show Dark Angel was cool while it lasted, o well there's still Witchblade and Alias.

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Postby Jasoco » Mon Oct 13, 2003 12:29 am

This really made me mad. Now where do I get my Jessica fix?

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Postby Iced Earth » Tue Dec 30, 2003 6:51 pm

Anthony A wrote:When a series has not the best ratings for being such an expensive show, it gets the plug !

that is correct but just incase you didn`t know from what i heard the idiots at the studio (the suits) they moved the show to a different time slot and this is one if not the main reason for it`s slight fall in ratings because it was a bad time that they chose to show the show in it`s new time slot :(.

but like X5 sidekick said buy the dvd`s and watch them all day long :) the second series did end in a cliff hanger which annoys me, anyways happy viewing if you decide to buy the dvd`s.

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Postby Kick-a$$ » Fri Jan 09, 2004 6:21 pm

Dark Angel didnt have a good rating - but its a pitty it ended coz Ive barely seen it on TV as it is, like theyve put it at a time (over here) that you cant even notice its on no ads or nothing i dont think it is on anymore they didnt show it very often here :(

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