Jessica Alba On Trl (11/22)

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TRL: There goes christina aguilera at number seven, "the voice within," down two. Our next guest is famous for playing a sci-fi babe on "dark angel." Wand the new movie she is about to drop, you'll find out she can dance too. Give it up for jessica alba.

[ Cheers and applause ] Come on, come on. I want you to show some love to the people outside.

Jessica: All right.

TRL: Because you've got a lot of fans out there. So you look good today.

Jessica: Thank you.

TRL: Yeah. Good to have you on the show.

Jessica: Thank you. Nice to be here.

TRL: Yeah. So I'm curious because you have been acting since you're 12 and now you're a household name. When you were that young, was its weird to have a job when all your friends were chilling and playing skipping rope and --

Jessica: Yeah, yeah. I don't know, i didn't have that many friends in school, so it was actually kind of nice to -- I felt like i fit in when I was working.

TRL: Oh. Why is it that you didn't have friends back in the day?

Jessica: I don't know.

TRL: You seem like such a sweet girl.

Jessica: I don't know. I was kind of dorky.

TRL: How were you dorky?

Jessica: Very easily.

TRL: Did you have like glasses and braces and --

Jessica: I had braces and glasses.

TRL: Did you have like shoes to fix your feet and stuff like that?

Jessica: No no.

TRL: Not that bad.

Jessica: I was pigeon toed.

TRL: But you u're the star in movies and I'm sure everybody at home is wishing they could be your friend. And you actually you have a new movie filming in january right, with paul walker called "into the blue."

Jessica: Yeah.

TRL: Ladies, did you hear me, paul walker.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: So I know you have been friends with him. Do you get the whole heartthrob thing with him?

Jessica: He's cute. He's very cute. Yeah. Yeah.

TRL: Okay. That's all you're going to give him?

Jessica: He has really nice eye's the.

TRL: Okay. He's your friend.

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah. He's like a surfer boy. Like an L.A. Surfer guy.

TRL: I'm sure you had a good time.

Jessica: Yeah, he's cool.

TRL: We're going to talk some more about your movie that's out right now. "Honey." We'll take a break. And jess will show you some trl moves. And enrique iglesias is here. We've got the latest on michael jackson as well. Keep it here for more trl right after this.

TRL:[ Cheers and applause ] Welcome back to trl. Kicking off the week, as we checked out a scene from "honey with this sassy thing, ms. Jessica alba. Everybody got a copy of that soundtrack. Nice. So talking about this movie, it's good thing that you came here to mtv to promote it. Because it's like making a video watching it. It's like you're really in the video.

Jessica: Yeah.

TRL: Tell us about it.

Jessica: It's a about a girl who wants to be a dancer. She gets her big break by a video director. And he kind of thinks that, you know, since he gave her her big break that, you know, they should be together. She says no. She doesn't want it that way. She wants it her own way. And she decides to open a dance studio for her neighborhood in the bropgs. And get back to -- give back to the kids.

TRL: Nice. Got a little message in there amongst all the dancing.

Jessica: What?

TRL: Got a little message in there amongst all the dancing.

Jessica: Yeah. The dancing is really hot. There are a lot of artists in it.

TRL: And saying you were a geek when you were younger, you weren't big on dancing back in the day, but you had to be for this role.

Jessica: No, no. I never danced. You're right.

TRL: So you had to go through training and stuff?

Jessica: Yeah, i did 3 1/2 months of training to try to look like i know what I'm doing.

TRL: What did that entail?

Jessica: I did a crash course in ballet and jazz and then hip-hop.

TRL: What's your favorite kind of dancing?

Jessica: Probably hip-hop.

TRL: There's my kind of girl right there. All right. So we're going to see hoy well you know your move, plus news on the way about michael jackson right after this. Steady at number six, it's g-unit, "stunt 101."

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Number six right there, g-unit and "stunt 101." Still at number six. See jessica alba hanging with some fans and quddus over there. We're talk to her again in a minute.

TRL: Hey, P.O.D. Right there. Number five, "will you," down two spots right here. You're playing an as pyring choreographer, so we want to know if you know your stuff when its comes to dancing. Some have signature moves. So we mess around with some of the best dance videos on trl. We'll see if you can I.D. That dance, okay? We call that bust that move.

Jessica: Let's go.

TRL: Let's check it out. We kind of tweaked the visuals on it to make it hard for you. Dance moves, did they ring a bell? No?

Jessica: Can i just take a wild guess?

TRL: Yeah, a wild guess.

Jessica: Justin's? I'm sorry.

TRL: You know what? Let's see though. Let's see.

Jessica: I saw like some leg things. Oh britney, close enough.

TRL: Kind of coincidental that you mentioned just within that one right there.

Jessica: Didn't they have the same kor yol rafer for a minute?

TRL: Oh, wade robinson. See, she does know. Oh

Jessica: Oh, i know that booty.

TRL: Who do you think it is?

Jessica: Beyonce. She's so beautiful.

TRL: All right. Let's have a look at it. See if you're right.

TRL: There you go.

TRL: All right. 1-2 right now. Let's see the final video.

Jessica: All right.

Jessica: Is that missy's video?

TRL: Let's have a look. Hold up. Hold up. Oh.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: See, 2-3, that ain't bad at all. Y'all are feeling that.

Jessica: I heard someone say -- it's missy's video.

TRL: Oh, you cheated.

Jessica: I can't lie. I'm a really bad liar.

TRL: Thank you for coming by.

Jessica: Thank you.

TRL: "Honey" hits theaters soon. When we come back, a look at the ozzie his daughter collabo. And enrique iglesias when we return.

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Re: Jessica Alba On Trl (11/22)

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she's sooo pretty!

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