Jessica Alba Visits 'late Night' On 3/25

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Postby admin » Sat Mar 26, 2005 4:41 am

Conan: Please welcome the lovely jessica alba!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: You look beautiful.

Jessica: Thank you.

Conan: So I've looked at that clip several times.

[ Laughter ] We had to time it for the show, and that's my job.

[ Laughter ] That is an incredible outfit that you're wearing. Let's talk about that outfit in this movie. You're wearing chaps.

Jessica: Right.

Conan: And then that's kind of all you're wearing, sort of, right?

Jessica: Basically. There's underwear, and a little leather pushup bra.

Conan: Yeah.

[ Cheers ] Cheech & chong just came out of their stupor.

[ Laughter ] They're like, "huh?"

[ Laughter ] "Ohh." Now they're drifting back to sleep, yeah.

Jessica: In the graphic novel, originally nancy, my character, was topless and bottomless. So I added the two little bits.

Conan: Mistake.

[ Laughter ] When you interfere with the artist's conception, you ruin things, often.

Jessica: I just thought it would have been distracting.

Conan: Yeah, in a good way.

[ Laughter ] No, you're wearing these chaps, and you're wearing this outfit, and in the movie, you play a stripper.

Jessica: Mm-hmm.

Conan: And you're very convincing in this role, and I thought, where did you -- did you train for this?

Jessica: Very convincing.

Conan: No, this is good. You look like you've had some sort of -- did you go and work with anybody?

Jessica: Yeah, I wanted a choreographer, and robert told me that I should just feel it. And he didn't want it to, you know, be choreographed. And I was terrified because, I mean, how do you do a stripper dance? Like, I don't know. I don't know how to do that. So I went to strip clubs, and I did research, and I went to -- here in new york.

Conan: I love this. Strip clubs for research.

Jessica: Yeah. It was a tough job.

Conan: Where did you go, here in new york?

Jessica: Well, I went to a real nice one. I think scores.

Conan: Scores is very nice.

[ Laughter ] It depends on where you're sitting, you know.

[ Laughter ] One to the left, booth to the rear.

Jessica: I was booth to the rear on the right.

Conan: Yeah, that's a good seat.

[ Laughter ]

Jessica: And then I also went to the seediest of them all, because I went to L.A. And austin, and the seediest of all was definitely in new york in times square, where I walk in and -- you know, I walk in and I'm there with my manager because we're doing research.

Conan: By the way, that's what I say when I'm there, too.

[ Laughter ] "I'm researching a role." "As what?" "A pervert."

[ Laughter ]

Jessica: Well, this one had plenty. So I walk in and there's like five or six guys that are like sort of there like going in. And then all of a sudden, you know, five minutes later, we're chatting, and I look around and there's nobody. And then I just sort of hear sounds and see shadows. And so, this was one of those strip clubs where it's just about the dark corners. And then all of a sudden I'm looking --

Conan: What are you talking about? I'm -- oh, oh, yeah, yeah.

Jessica: One of those places.

Conan: Yeah. That's not a strip club you were in.

[ Laughter ] You were someplace else.

Jessica: Yeah, it was terrible.

Conan: Wow. That's not good. But I would think it could be very -- if someone was in a strip club, and jessica alba walks in, that would be very -- I mean, I wouldn't know where to look, you know. I wouldn't be looking up on stage. I'd be looking at you.

Jessica: Well, I was not the one that was doing the thing that they went to go see.

Conan: Were you disguised at all?

Jessica: No, no.

Conan: Wearing a beekeeper's outfit or something?

[ Laughter ]

Jessica: No. I was probably distracted -- if anybody did notice who I was, I think it was probably pretty distracting because they went there with a mission and then it's like --

[ Laughter ]

Conan: A mission, yeah. You make it sound so noble. I have a mission!

[ Laughter ] To see some nudes.

Jessica: Well, I was playing an innocent stripper. So she is the heart of the movie.

Conan: She is actually -- your character's the nicest -- I mean, I really liked this movie a lot, and we've talked about it some this week. We've had some of the cast on, and it's a great movie. But your character's actually sort of the sweetest character, innocent.

Jessica: She's lovely and optimistic and she believes in love and justice --

Conan: And a stripper.

Jessica: And a stripper.

Conan: All in one.

Jessica: And is madly in love with bruce willis's character.

Conan: Now, you went to -- I'm told you went to comicon, a comic book convention -- because "sin city" is based on a graphic novel, you know, another way of calling a comic book. You went to comicon, and I would think -- how did they respond to you? You go to comicon and there are all these comic book people there.

Jessica: Yeah, I'd never been to comicon. And I went for "sin city" and "fantastic four." And the are a lot of grown-ups in spandex there.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Those are -- you're talking about trekkies, right?

Jessica: They're not only trekkies, but I mean people in like full superman outfits. But you know, they're not in superman shape.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: There's nothing sadder than a 55-year-old guy that eats cookie dough ice cream 24/7 like, "time to put on my superman suit."

[ Laughter ]

[ Makes stretching sound ]

Jessica: Yeah. And they were wearing them, and wearing them proud. And klingon families, I saw. I saw some stormtrooper couples.

Conan: Their glasses must have fogged over when they saw you. Did you --

Jessica: They were really sweet. And I went there for "fantastic four" too. I thought they -- I wasn't sure how they were going to think of me as sue storm. And they were really nice to me.

Conan: Now, you play sue storm in "fantastic four," which hasn't come out yet, but you know, your character is invisible.

Jessica: Invisible, right.

Conan: And you had -- I'm told you had to get some sort of special molds done for your body for this role?

Jessica: They had to do these molds on all of us for the special effects. But the guys that are doing the molds are actually like from -- really close to the city where I grew up in. So it's a suburb of L.A. And my -- one of my second cousins actually worked there, which is weird. And they knew me from "dark angel." Basically, I'm wearing a very thin silk stocking from head to toe that you can see everything. And --

Conan: When is this movie coming out?

[ Laughter ] And where?

Jessica: But this is what they had to do with everybody. And then these guys who are like fans of "dark angel" are like molding in the areas and like really -- and if they didn't do it to, you know, my body completely, then sue was going to look a bit more voluptuous than me and that wouldn't be nice.

Conan: So it's these guys' job, and they're big fans of yours, to pretty much put their hands all over your body.

Jessica: And like, rub it so it's like really --

Conan: Why are they rubbing? It sounds like they made up that part themselves. "We need to do some rubbing, as well."

[ Laughter ] "Why?" "There just needs to be rubbing!"

[ Laughter ] "Why?" "Rubbing." What if, later on, these other guys came in and said, "who are those guys? They don't work here."

[ Laughter ] "Bye. Rub rub. Bye." Wow, that would be bad.

Jessica: It's plaster and it hardens. So they had to like --

[ Laughter ]

Conan: No, come on. This is an adult show. I'll clean this show up eventually, I promise. But when is this movie -- when is "fantastic four" coming out?

Jessica: July 8th.

Conan: A lot of people are excited about that, too.

Jessica: Yeah, july 8th.

Conan: Wow. But you just went to the nickelodeon kids' choice awards?

Jessica: I go to them every year.

Conan: You go to them every year?

Jessica: Yeah.

Conan: And what's it like? Isn't that the event where they pour green slime?

Jessica: Yeah, they pour green slime on you and the kids like to silly string you and do all that good stuff.

Conan: Is that fun? Is it fun to have --

Jessica: Not -- the slime is terrible.

Conan: The slime is -- I'm sure it's acid-based, too. It looks funny on nickelodeon, but people start screaming when it hits them.

Jessica: And you come out and all of a sudden, cameron diaz and drew barrymore are coming backstage, and they have this like green slime all over them, like they've been snotted. So people really -- we really do all that stuff. I don't like the green slime. I kind of go for the silly string.

Conan: And the silly string was all right?

Jessica: It's all right, but it gets stuck in your hair. It's kind of like --

Conan: We did a show here once -- I don't know how long ago this was, jeff -- but we did a show like seven years ago where we, just for fun, we packed the whole audience with 5-year-old and 6-year-old kids, and then we did a regular late night show. And at the end of the show, we gave them all silly string, and all the kids were shooting us with silly string. That stuff was in my hair for four years.

[ Laughter ] Silly string.

Jessica: It's really toxic.

Conan: It was invented by the government. It's a great weapon.

[ Laughter ] Yeah. It's --

Jessica: Donald rumsfeld put his mark on it.

Conan: Exactly. Rumsfeld was like --

[ Imitating rumsfeld ] "We must get more silly string!" But it's incredible. It just coats your body. How did you get it out?

Jessica: Well, it kind of like -- it reminded me of when I I was a little kid, my brother's friend used to put these white caterpillars in my hair.

Conan: Who is this freak? Who was this guy?

Jessica: He was this cruel little boy. And it would get stuck. All the caterpillar guts would sort of get stuck in my hair.

Conan: Oh, my god. Who is this guy? He's a serial killer now, isn't he?

Jessica: He might be. But silly string's very similar to that. It takes about four years to get out.

Conan: I bet that guy is really regretting he wasn't nicer to you now. I'm sure I would. If I teased you as a little kid, and you grew up and you were jessica alba, I'd be killing myself.

Jessica: Thank you.

Conan: Well.

[ Growls at jessica ]

[ Laughter ] And you're not interested.

[ Laughter ] That always kills me. They're like, "oh, he's weird."

[ Laughter ]

Jessica: No, I mean, this is usually -- you know. Pretty hot.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Yes, clearly. You just moved further away from the freaky man. "Sin city." Go check out "sin city." It really is --

Jessica: April 1st.

Conan: It really is really neat. It opens next friday, and we're going to take a break. Jessica alba, thank you so much for being here.

Jessica: Thank you for having me.

Conan: Always nice having you on the show.

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