Jessica Alba Visits 'the Tonight Show' 7/7

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Postby admin » Fri Jul 08, 2005 4:17 am

My first guest, terrific young actress. You know her from her tv series of course "dark angel." She's now starring as sue storm -- sounds like a a weather person but, sue storm in the new movie "fantastic four," which premieres tomorrow, july 8th. Please welcome the lovely jessica alba.

[ Cheers and applause ] Wow. Look at you.

>> Hi.

>> Jay: And you -- thanks for dressing like a movie star, too. You look beautiful.

>> Thank you. Of course. I absolutely would get dressed up for you.

>> Jay: Good to see you. Niceo see you too.

>> Jay: God, you're on the cover of everything. And I want to ask you about -- I was looking at this magazine "arena." I didn't know this. But some of these pictures are quite sexy. Like this one here.

>> Well, it's just my face.

>> Jay: Yeah, it's funny because that's the same outfit I wear when I ride my motorcycle.

[ Laughter ] And there's another one here. What's the next one here? Oh. I'm trying to -- is that --

[ Cheers ] Is that the lone ranger's mask worn lengthwise?

>> Yeah. It's a bathing suit with jeans. I'm covered up still.

>> Jay: There's one last one in here which -- I must have put it on my wall already.

[ Laughter ] Well, don't worry about it. Never mind. Let me ask you something. Years ago when you were younger -- your dad is like the strictest dad. He's hilarious.

>> He's very conservative.

>> Jay: I like your dad. He makes me laugh. What's he think when he sees these sexy pictures?

>> One time he called me and he was very serious. This is, you know, after "gq" came out and he didn't talk to me for two days when "gq" came out.

>> Jay: Oh, is that right?

>> Yeah. He was very nervous about it. Because he said, you know, my friends. I'm like, I know, I'm sorry, dad. I get a call, he's like call me back. So I called him back and I was like, dad, what's going on? He was like, you have to sue, you have to sue "playboy." I was like, "playboy"? He's like you're in "playboy," you have to sue. I'm in "playboy"? What? What is it? I was like wait, why are you reading "playboy"?

[ Ughter ] You're seeing me? I'm not even showing anything. So I looked. I got the "playboy." I looked. And it's a paparazzi picture.

>> Jay: Oh, it's just a a regular -- so you're not naked?

>> Yeah. You can't sue. But he has no business reading "playboy."

[ Laughter ] He says it's his friend who's a a security guard there. So somehow he has to look at the magazine. I mean, I don't know.

>> Jay: His friend probably just wanted to help. That's all it was. Now, you have a new boyfriend, I just met him. I love his name. What's his name?

>> Cash.

>> Jay: Cash warren. Now, is he a chippendale's dancer? I love that name. Cash warren. He looks like a nice guy.

>> He's wonderful. He's actually very smart. Yeah, he's ken story's producing partner.

>> Jay: That's his real name, cash --

>> His mom named him after this street in L.A. Called cashio. But she left off the "io."

>> Jay: So where did you meet?

>> We met during the movie. And it's not new. We've been going out for 11 months.

>> Jay: Well, I know. See, you're squirming. Why is that?

>> Because it makes me nervous to talk about --

>> Jay: Are you the jealous type?

>> Oh, I get so jealous.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah. I've actually never been as protective over anybody as I am over him.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: So like if you were like talking to me and suddenly you saw a woman talking to him, let's say, over in the corner --

>> Oh, no.

>> Jay: What would happen?

>> I would have to go talk to her and tell her what's up.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Really? How would you talk to her?

>> I would just be like, he's mine. Just back up.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Now, I notice -- what was this?

>> I don't know. Sometimes -- I mean, yeah. I mean, hopefully I won't ever have to use any physical force, because that would be bad. It would be in the papers. But I'm not scared to.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Wow.

[ Cheers and applause ] So let's say you caught some woman trying to make change with cash.

[ Laughter ]

>> Nobody's making change with cash but me.

>> Jay: Oh, okay. Have you ever been in a fight?

>> When I was younger, with boys. And then stuntmen when I was doing "dark angel."

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah. Because sometimes they wouldn't watch themselves and they'd accidentally kick me or punch me, and so I'd have to like give them a good smack.

>> Jay: Wow.

>> So I can hold my own. My grandmother, she's very protective. And she sort of taught me, you know, how to be protective of your man.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Now, how about the other way around? Do you like men that are jealous? Like if you're just talking to someone, hey, who's that guy? Is that a turn-on or --

>> I like it when he's protective. Yeah.

>> Jay: Now, was your grandma the jealous type as well?

>> Oh, yeah, she was. For sure. Whenever women would try to chat up my grandfather and try to be sexy around my grandfather, my grandmother would go, come out in her shortest little daisy duke shorts. And she has a fabulous body. She was a dancer. And she would dance around in front of my grandfather's friends and just sort of give it to him.

>> Jay: Wow.

>> When she was like 55, just still serving it up.

>> Jay: Wow. 55, that old.

[ Laughter ] Surprised anybody could get it up at 55. We'll be right back. More with jessica right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Next "inside edition" -- custody battle over a chihuahua.

[Dog barks] It went all the way to court. Now we're there on doggie decision day. Who winds up with the pup? Next "inside edition." ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñÑñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ

>> Jay: Welcome back.

[ Applause ] Talking with jessica alba. What was this mtv thing you hosted recently?

>> Oh, I hosted this -- it was mtv awards preshow. To show like the best moments of mtv. They're like, oh, it'll be no time, it'll be like an hour and a half, and you just go and you introduce the show. It was 6 1/2 hours at universal studios. It was insane. I went on rides. I had to do what you're doing. I had to read these teleprompters. People were writing stuff. I've never done anything like that before. So I was terrified. So all of a sudden they're like now we're going to do best romantic moments in mtv awards. I'm like, okay. So I'm like reading the dialogue that they're like frantically writing and going up and they're like, okay, and you're going to do a kiss with one of the animals. And I was like, really? What kind of animal would I be kissing? Because I love dogs. But other than that --

>> Yeah.

>> Stay in the jungle.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: In the jungle.

>> In the jungle. Because I knew it was going to be one of them jungle animals.

[ Laughter ] So of course they bring a a monkey. And I'm like, oh, no, I have a a bad experience with monkeys.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Where would you run into monkeys on a day-to-day basis?

>> I did a tv show called "flipper" when I was a kid, and we had a monkey and the monkey bit my brother on purpose, like ran across the yard and latched onto my brother's calf and took a chunk out. So ever since then -- and it was a little monkey, a little reese monkey. I don't like monkeys.

[ Laughter ] And then I did another movie, and a monkey would come -- like wild monkeys would come d just take your food.

>> Jay: Where were you that wild monkeys would come and take your food?

>> We were in saralok. Where is it? Borneo.

>> Jay: Oh, so you weren't just sitting in new york and monkeys would come take your food.

[ Laughter ]

>> No.

>> Jay: You were in the jungle. I thought you were just somewhere and monkeys came and took your food.

>> No. Yeah, we were just hanging out in manhattan, me and the monkeys.

>> Jay: So you're in borneo and monkeys take your food.

>> And they go to the bathroom and throw it at you. They're just terrible. So stay in the forest, fine. But I don't like to interact with monkeys.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> So they're like tia is so sweet and everybody loves her and she's going to sit on your shoulder and you're going to give her a kiss. And I was like, really? Do I have a say in this? They're like, you've got five minutes to shoot this, the sun's going down, you have to do it. So all of a sudden I have tia here and I'm like trying to concentrate on the dialogue and I'm trying not to look at her in the eye because I know you shouldn't look animals in the eye. I don't know where I heard that but I think I heard it somewhere.

[ Laughter ] So I'm trying not to look her in the eye. And I'm reading the thing. And then it says okay, now turn your face toward tia. It was a stage direction. And give her a kiss. So now this is my favorite kiss and I went like this and I pursed my lips, and somehow -- I didn't know monkeys had these really long tongues.

[ Laughter ] Somehow she frenched me. Her whole tongue scraped all my teeth and my gums and in like a a millisecond it was like -- and I was, oh, my goodness, and I looked toward the camera and I finished the rest of my dialogue and I looked over and made eye contact with tia. Then all of a sudden she grabbed me like this, and she went aaaaaaaggh!

[ Laughter ] And I was like oh no! And she was like this little monkey -- and I thought she was going to bite my nose off. Yeah.

>> Jay: Stay away from monkeys. Whatever you do. You do not have a good reaction to monkeys.

>> Yeah, monkeys are terrifying.

>> Jay: Now, tell us about "fantastic four." Tell us what it's about.

>> Yes. "Fantastic four" is --

>> Jay: True story.

[ Laughter ]

>> Is a true story about scientists. It's actually the most successful, most popular marvel comic.

>> Jay: Sure.

>> I didn't know that. I thought "spider man" or something, but no, it's "fantastic four."

>> Jay: And you become invisible.

>> Yes. I play sue storm, the invisible woman, and she goes invisible and she puts up force fields.

>> Jay: Now, do her clothes become invisible or do you have to be naked to be invisible?

>> She actually has to get naked to be invisible. But it's a pg-13 movie. Yeah, I didn't know thaeither until we were shooting. I was like --

>> Jay: Then the monkeys came and took your clothes.

[ Laughter ]

>> Aaaagh!

>> Jay: Would you want to be invisible? Is that a power you'd like to have. Well, you know -- if I thought somebody was trying to be shady and I had to eavesdrop on some girl trying to chat up cash.

>> Jay: And what's the other powers you have? Invisible and what else?

>> When she goes invisible it's based off her own emotions. All of our characters are. So there's a scientist and he stretches, mr. Fantastic, he's a scientist who reaches for the stars but he sort of spreads himself too thin. So he stretches. Johnny storm is her brother, and he catches on fire, and he's like this sexy guy, really smart smooth talker. When he's chatting up a girl, his temperature rises and he like goes -- catches on fire.

>> Jay: I've had that happen.

[ Laughter ]

>> Every day. True story. And then michael chiklis is the thing. And often he uses his brawn over his brain. So when he gets transformed he turns literally into this heman, this rock man.

>> Jay: And you have your own action figures.

>> We do have our own action figures.

>> Jay: Is that what that is? I saw it sitting here.

>> I brought it -- this is sue storm. And she has this -- I don't want to squirt you. But she squirts.

[ Laughter ] Kind of cool. I just got this. I'm playing with it a lot lately.

>> Jay: And you're 11 now? Is that right?

[ Laughter ]

>> Hey. I grew up fast.

>> Jay: And it's clear because this means she's invisible.

>> She's invisible, and that's her force field. And of course you know, guys right away you want to make the feet invisible. Very cool. Now, we have a clip.

>> Yes, we have a clip. And this is when -- in the beginning when they become the fantastic four, it's a a disability, not an inabity, and they have to sort of embrace their power. So they're testing their powers, and all of her invisibility is based upon her emotions.

>> Jay: Let's talk a look. Here we go. "Fantastic four."

>> Should be able to bend light around other objects, even people. If you could control your emotional state better.

>> Excuse me?

>> I'm saying if you had a a little more self-control you could locate the trigger. Can you remember your exact emotions on the bridge?

>> Anger. Rage. Frustration.

>> Okay. Is there any way to duplicate that feeling, some memory or --

>> I'm sure I can come up with something.

>> How's that coming?

>> Jay: Ooh. Yeah.

[ Applause ] Cash, you'd better watch out. All right. "Fantastic four." It opens tomorrow night. Jessica, always a pleasure. Say hi to dad for me.

>> I will.

>> Jay: We'll be right back with earvin "magic" johnson right after this.

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