Jessica Alba Visits 'the Tonight Show' 9/27

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Postby admin » Tue Sep 27, 2005 3:12 am

>> Jay: All right, as I said, my first guest, terrific young actress. She just starred in the summer hit, "fantastic four." Her new movie is called, "into the blue" and premieres this friday. Please welcome, the lovely, jessica alba.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Congratulations on "fantastic 4." It was a big hit, wasn't it?

>> Yes, thank you. It broke the box office slump.

>> Jay: Oh, that's very good. Very good.

>> Yeah, thank you everyone who saw "fantastic four."

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Now, I read something about you -- I read that you, as a kid, you had ocd. What is that? Compulsive or --

>> No. I did. When I was a kid, for some reason I washed my hands --

>> Jay: Yeah.

>> Constantly. I was never the kid with filty hands. And, I would lock the doors and unplug everything in the house every night. A weird thing. But I heard you had a little ocd thing.

>> Jay: Me?

>> Don't you do something before you come out here?

>> Jay: I don't pay attention. What'd you say?

[ Laughter ] I'm joking. Probably. I don't notice it. I probably, like, touch the wall or do something.

>> You know what you do.

>> Jay: What do I do?

>> You wear a lot of denim shirts.

>> Jay: No, all I have is denim shirts. Every year, I buy 20 pairs of denim pants.

>> That's a little ocd.

>> Jay: And I buy -- no, so I never shop. I just wear the same thing, you know. I mean --

[ Light laughter ]

>> And it goes with your eyes.

>> Jay: And it goes with my -- exactly. I do it because it goes with my eyes.

[ Laughter ] That's the important part. So, when did you get over it? Do you still do it? Are you still --

>> I'm not, like, you know --

>> Jay: Really?

>> No, I mean, yeah, I have --I make cash wash his hands a a lot, too.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah, it's a problem. I don't know.

>> Jay: Now, I saw your movie and enjoyed it very much. You're in the water in a lot in this movie. Are you a good swimmer?

>> I am. Yeah, I started to swim before I knew how to walk, actually. My mother was a life guard.

>> Jay: Oh, okay.

>> But, what's funny is I was on a swim team whei was 9 and I was going through that awkward stage and I was almost as tall as I am now. Like 5'2", 9, and I was overweigh and my parents thought it would be a great idea for me to be part of a a swim team.

>> Jay: Oh.

>> My brother and I have dark skin --

>> Jay: Right.

>> And everyone else was little and skinny and white and then, two giant mexican looking kids --

[ Laughter ] In the water. Mind you, we were the only ones that were mixed with anything. It was, like, a very caucasian environment. And I would bring, you know, 30 relatives and everyone would bring their mom or their dad.

[ Laughter ] And I'm, like, the biggest one so, I'm in last place. Like every meet, no joke, I'm suffering. I'm running into, like, the little wire in the middle and the side and I'm going slow and dying and crying and my dad's like, "you got to finish everything you start," so, I would hold up all the meets and be -- and be the slowest.

>> Jay: But your family would cheer you on?

>> My family was always there to cheer me on.

>> Jay: That's the great thing --

>> We were rolling 30 deep.

>> Jay: Yeah, like, you know, I'm italian -- my italian relatives, like when I got started in show business, I'd play a club, and other friends, like, their dad or their mom would come. My grandmother, my uncle --

[ Shouting ] "Hey jay on the stage, come on, buddy. Hey." They'd be in the audience screaming.

[ Shouting ] "Hey, pretty funny, jay." Uncle lou, calm down, will you?

[ Laughter ]

>> Especially when you're bombing.

>> Jay: Oh, yeah.

>> And you don't need to, like, draw attention. So, yeah, I was always, like, the slowest. But then, picture day comes and my mom did full, like, glamour shots, like hair, makeup, big hair, lots of makeup. I'm 9 and I'm huge --

[ Laughter ] And, you know, everyone else is, like, little and --

>> Jay: I would kill to get that picture. Can you bring that in?

>> I know. I didn't bring it.

>> Jay: $10,000 to anyone who has that picture.

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: Now, in this movie, you spend a lot of time in your bikini.

>> Yeah, I .

>> Jay: How was your grandma about this? I know your grandmotr was pretty -- isn't she pretty strict?

>> Yeah, my grandmother would never let us wear bathing suit indoors or really around her, unless we were at the pool, at the country club. House in a bathing suit and heard like a --

[ Knocking ] I would look around and I knew grdma was coming with a fly swatter, hitting it against the wall to warn me she was going to get me with the fly swatter.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Jay: Wow.

>> She didn't like my --

>> Jay: Your what?

>> It's your butt cheeks hanging out.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: Well, I have to just disagree with her on that one.

[ Laughter ] Well, that's the way -- my mom was fairly strict. I remember once, my dad and I were watching a fight. The kitchen was here and there was a long hall and the tv room. We're watching a fight and during the fight, I remember, I took the lord's name in vain.

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: You hear this --

[ Footsteps ] What's that noise? My mother comes in with a pot. Bong!

[ Laughter ] Just knocked me out. I mean --

>> No way.

>> Jay: I heard this.

[ Footsteps ] Like, what is that? Bong. Oww.

[ Laughter ] Just knocks me out of the chair. So, the fly swatter was not that bad.

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah, I know.

>> Jay: Let's take a break. More with jessica, right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Woman after woman, seduced and betrayed. He may have had as many as 12 wives. From his first wife to his last, only on "inside edition." The bigamist and the wives, next "inside edition."

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jay: Welcome back. Talking with jessica alba, "into the blue" is her new picture. We're talking about your grandmother. Now, was she hard on your brother, too? Was that a big --

>> Yeah. When my brother was a kid, especially the baggy pants were in style.

>> Jay: Right.

>> So his friends and he would come over with the big baggy pants and she would just pull them all the way down.

[ Light laughter ] He would just walk in and she'd be, like, "can't wear them half off. Either off or on, that's how they go."

>> Jay: Grandma would be in jail now, wow.

>> I mean, come on she was really not trying to mess with a 12-year-old kid.

>> Jay: Are you and grandma similar in any ways? Do you have any similar things?

>> Yeah. I mean, in protecting our men yeah.

>> Jay: Protecting your men?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: You have a guy? What are you saying? I know you're -- is your grandmother jealous, too?

>> I'm not very jealous to a a point where it's unhealthy. I'm healthy jealous.

>> Jay: Well, no, I shook your boyfriend's hand, and you were like, "hey, wait a minute.." well, you're the jealous type.

>> Well, you know, I protect him.

>> Jay: Really?

>> Yeah.

>> Jay: How is your grandmother jealous? Would you see her -- was she that way with your grandfather?

>> No, she absolutely was that way with my grandfather. Any girl that even tried to look his way, she would go right in front of them, but she wouldn't try to be cool about it. She would go right in front of the women and stop it right there.

>> Jay: A lot of girls hitting on your grandfather?

[ Light laughter ]

>> You know, he's like a smart, you know, good looking, tall, business guy.

>> Jay: I saw the movie, too. You and paul walker a really good set of chemistry. Did you know him before this movie?

>> I met him once before the movie.

>> Jay: Okay.

>> I mean, I can have chemistry with a cup. I'm an actress.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jay: That's nice to know. Thanks. I feel better now. Great.

[ Applause ] Wow. See, I feel so much better now. Now, I read something, and this sounds really dopey, but I try to do my research.

>> Okay.

>> Jay: One of the magazines had an artcle about you.

>> Oh, brother.

>> Jay: It said one of your fantasies -- do you know what I'm gonna say here?

>> I know.

>> Jay: -- Was to make love in the oval office.

>> No.

>> Jay: That's what it said.

>> That's not true at all.

>> Jay: What should it have said?

>> I think it was the "in style" article. And it was "what's hot to you?" And they kept saying, "is it you in a bathing suit," bla, bla. And I was like, "no, it's me in a suit and being surrounded by men in bathing suits. That's way hotter to me than a a woman constantly being, you know, the sexual object. Why can't it be reversed? And then, they were like --

[ Applause ]

>> Right? And then -- and then I said, you know, "we need a female president and maybe, like, a chick in a suit surrounded by a bunch of little servant men." I don't know.

[ Cheers ] I was just, like, bouncing ideas off this lady and then she put it in print that I wanted to have sex in the oval office. That's how things get interpreted, if anyone was wondering.

>> Jay: Wrong president, but yeah.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

>> Wow.

>> Jay: Born a little --

born too late

[ Light laughter ] The -- so, tell about the movie. I enjoyed the movie. Again, the fun thing about this job is I see movies before I have any idea -- all I know is it's "into the blue," and then it turned out tbe this, kinda this thriller with drug runners and treasure. I enjoyed it. It's pretty good.

>> It's starts off as this really beautiful movie, like a a day in the life of these island kids, and then it turns into a thriller because they find treasure and a plane filled with cocaine and dead bodies.And it's like, what do you do? And then all of a sudden people are after them and their lives are all in danger. So, it's a fun popcorn movie.

>> Jay: Now, what do we have? What's this scene here? Thiss where, uh --

>> This scene, I have a 6'6", 250 pound man handcuffed to me, and I'm running away from the bad guys.

>> Jay: Okay, anhe's dead.

>> He's dead.

>> Jay: Okay, and you're handcuffed to the dead guy.

>> And I'm handcuffed to him.

>> Jay: Okay, let's see what happens. Here we go. "Into the blue."

>> Oh! Oh!

>> Little low. No, no, no, no, no. Err!

>> Official patrol, over.

>> This is patrol boat five. Control room?

>> Oh! Come here! Come here!

[ Crowd groans ]

[ Applause ]

>> Jay: Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. Come on over and sign the bike. Jessica alba.

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