Jessica Alba Visits 'late Night' On 9/29

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Postby admin » Fri Sep 30, 2005 3:52 am

>> Conan: All right, everybody, we're back. My first guest has already starred in two hit movies this year -- "fantastic four" and "sin city." Starting tomorrow, she can be seen in the new movie, "into the blue." Please welcome jessica alba.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: You look good.

>> Thank you. So do you.

>> Conan: Thank you. I'm here all night.

[ Cheers ] All right. They can't get enough of me.

>> Your hair looks great, too.

>> Conan: Oh, this? It looks weird every night. It does look good tonight. There you go. It goes back. How are you? Everything good? Everything's wonderful.

>> Conan: You're having such an amazing year. You've had two hit films. Most people can go a whole career and not have one. You have two. And I was thinking about it today, both of these films were based on comic books.

>> Mm-hmm.

>> Conan: And I'm thinking, you must be really getting, like, a large nerd fan base at this point.

[ Laughter ]

>> Yeah. You know what's weird? I actually have a lot of middle-aged men coming up to me a lot more. 'Cause I thought I'd probably get more of, like, the nerd comic book base.

>> Conan: Yeah, comic book convention people. But no, it's middle-aged men? It's middle-aged men and their wives are going, "stop it, honey. Don't bother her. Stop it."

>> Conan: Wait. Middle-aged men go up to you with their wives?

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> Conan: That takes guts.

[ Laughter ] They're probably just in such a trance they forget their wife is with them.

>> No, they're very sweet. And a lot of them, you know, bring me magazines. Like, they're walking around with "gq" or something. I don't know.

>> Conan: So there are just a lot of middle-aged men that are obsessed with you?

>> Not obsessed, but they're fans.

>> Conan: Right. Well, that's very nice. And the wives, are they mad? Are they giving you a look or they don't blame you?

>> No, no. I think they're hitting their husbands.

>> Conan: Right.

>> "Don't bother her."

>> Conan: They're not saying, like, "back off."

>> No, no, no. No.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: Does anyone do that, or is that just me?

[ Laughter ] I've seen that on sitcoms, and i don't know how to do it.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: You know, there's something about your job that I think would be -- I don't quite understand it, but part of your job is that you have to be able to convince people who go to movies that you're in love with the guy. And I'm curious, is that something where it just depends on the chemistry you have with that actor? Or what happens if they cast an actor and you just don't have chemistry with that actor, but that's who they cast?

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: I mean, how does it work?

>> No, I meet a lot of people with this movie, particularly, because I was with paul walker. And they're like, "oh, you know, that must have been hard. Paul walker. Such a good-looking guy." And I was like, "well, actually, I have chemistry with my pug, cid."

>> Conan: Right.

>> I have chemistry with, you know, this cup. I can have chemistry with you.

>> Oh, thanks. After the cup.

[ Laughter ]

>> But you know, it's --

>> Conan: "A cup, or that dead flower, or you."

[ Laughter ]

>> No, no. My job is to act in love.

>> Conan: Oh, you can act in love. Oh, you're doing it now.

[ Light laughter ] Look it. I'm just being scared.

>> Conan: This is me when I try and act in love. Just looks like I'm off the medication. Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, just, like, stare longingly. Yeah, and I just think of, like, chocolate cake.

[ Laughter ]

>> Conan: Why can't you just think of me? What's the problem? I love how, "I look at you, but think of chocolate cake. It works."

>> The big thing is male actors think I am just thinking of them, and they should know no different.

>> Conan: Except when you go, "mm, chocolate cake."

[ Laughter ] And then they know. They know. Now, this movie, "into the blue," it looks amazing.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: A lot of the under water photography is just gorgeous.

>> Yeah, the guy who did the under water photography did "national geographic."

>> Conan: Oh, okay. And in this movie, I guess -- I didn't realize it would be a problem, but when you're underwater a lot of people might not like the way they look when they're underwater.

>> No. I mean, who wants a camera following them in a bikini under water? Bad angles, and -- and worse is like, okay, so then I get my close up. It's hard enough to act under water, but then they go in for the close up. And I saw the dailies, and my lips are huge.

>> Conan: Why are they huge? Is it because of the --?

>> No, my lips are huge anyway.

>> Conan: Right.

>> Just genetics. My dad, you know --

>> Conan: Right, right.

>> No. So, with the mask, everyone else has thin lips, and then they have these beautiful, luscious lips when they have the mask on. And me, I looked like a freaking parrotfish --

[ Laughter ] I have these, like, huge clown lips.

>> Conan: Well, don't make that impression and it won't --

[ Laughter ]

>> No, but that's what I look like. Every time I had the mask on, it --

>> Conan: Oh, it pushes it down a little bit.

>> Yeah, and it makes my lips look so big and cartoonish that they couldn't use any of my close ups really.

>> Conan: Well, you look amazing in this movie -- under water, out of the water, everything.

>> Thank you.

>> Conan: And also, a lot of --

[ Laughter ] You won't be acting next time. A lot of actresses would kill to have big lips. I mean, your lips are beautiful.

>> Yeah, yeah, I know. But in L.A., There's a lot of those plastic surgery ladies.

>> Conan: Oh, yeah. Well, they -- a lot of women out there have their lips inflated, and they all kind of look like, you know --

[ Light laughter ]

>> Conan: Like that. This is me with plastic surgery.

[ Laughter ] Welcome to "late night." We have a good show.

>> Yeah.

>> Conan: Now, one of the things that freaked me out, and I don't know how they do this because -- there, you're falling in love again.

[ Laughter ]

>> No, I was just listening.

>> Conan: That was just listening! Ah!

[ Laughter ] You shot this in the ocean with real sharks, and there are scenes where sharks are coming up to you and I'm thinking "is that a robot shark? It looks like a real shark."

>> No, no. There were no robot sharks. I wish there were robot sharks. But I had -- you know, they said "we're going to dive with real sharks, and they do it all the time." But usually they do it in a controlled environment where, you know, the tourists are holding hands with wet suits. They put us in bathing suits and they just threw blood -- fish blood and --

>> Conan: That makes it even worse. It's one thing just to have you in the water swimming with sharks, but then when they throw blood on you --

[ Laughter ]

>> They threw blood on us, no joke, and so the sharks are all excited because they're eating and they're going in circles all around us, and then they put us in there and then they turn on the cameras and say go.

>> Conan: There's one scene where it looked like you're actually pushing a shark away.

>> Yeah. Well, what happened was, I was wearing a half wet suit and it was silver, and when I was moving my head around, the reflection of the sun made me look like a fish. So this one shark kept coming after my head, thinking I was a fish. Because they're not the brightest animals in the world. And I didn't know this.

>> Conan: Neither is the guy who said let's put you in a silver suit --

[ Laughter ] -- Throw blood on you, and put you in a shark tank.

>> We've got problems with him, too. So I didn't know that this one shark was going after my double all day. So then I go down to do my thing, and all of a sudden in my peripheral I saw this shark. And it's a close-up, and I turned around, and I whacked the shark away when I saw it coming towards me. And then I looked up at the camera, and I was going "uh-uh." I mean, you can't speak underwater. So I was just going, "uh." And they have it in the movie. They had me in the movie, going "uh, uh."

>> Conan: You see it. The shark comes near you and you actually kind of shove it away. Like, "eh, leave me alone."

[ Laughter ]

>> Like, "get away from me."

>> Conan: I would have just gone into the fetal position in the water and start whimpering.

>> But if you go in the fetal position and start whimpering, they may actually take a little taste.

>> Conan: I didn't say there was any reasoning behind what I would do.

[ Laughter ] I'd be dictated by a naked fear.

>> Well, they told me that if you hit them in the nose that it deflects them, because that's their most sensitive area. So I was going for the nose kind of, but it was just kind of instinct.

>> Conan: That's one of the things I love, is the advice you get about if a grizzly attacks you. They say, "don't do anything, but if it really attacks you, hit it in the nose." And you say, "what does that do?" "It'll either make it run away or it will make it angrier and it will kill you."

[ Laughter ] Great. And you're like 50-50. But thanks for the piece of advice.

>> And the guy that gave me the piece of advice was a shark wrangler, and he had half of a calf.

[ Light laughter ] Because the shark bit the other half of his calf.

>> Conan: The shark in the corner eating, "mm, mm, mm."

[ Laughter ] I'm an idiot. We have a clip here. Anything we need to know for this clip?

>> Oh, yes. In the movie, originally at the end of the movie, I was the damsel in distress and paul walker's character comes and saves me, and I was like, "I'm the 'dark angel,' I can do stunts, I should be doing some stuff." So this is me after I'm so this is me after I'm dragging a 6'6", 250-pound man across the boat, and this is what I have to do. Because he's handcuffed to me.

>> Conan: Let's take a look at this clip. "Into the blue."

[ Grunts ]

>> The crane's out.

>> No. No, no, no, no, no!

[ Grunts ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Conan: Looks like a lot of fun.

>> Yes.

>> Conan: "Into the blue" opens tomorrow. Go see it. Jessica alba, thanks so much. You were great.

>> Thank you.

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