Jessica Alba Visits 'jimmy Kimmel Live' 2/3

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Postby admin » Sat Feb 04, 2006 4:38 am

You know our first guest from her tv show "dark angel" and movies like "honey," "sin city," "into the blue," and most wasteful of all, as the invisible girl in "the fantastic four." She's here because I think she has a crush on me. Please say hello to jessica alba.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Jimmy: Beautiful, as always

>> Thank you so much.

>> Jimmy: Thank you for coming. When did you get in?

>> I got in this morning at 5:30. I think with sarah actually.

>> Jimmy: Really?

>> I heard my brother saw her. I didn't see her.

>> Jimmy: Is she still telling people that she and i are dating? Because i left a key for you at the front desk and i didn't hear anyone come in.

>> For me?

>> Jimmy: Well, yeah, i figured both of you, in case you just needed a place to crash.

>> You know.

>> Jimmy: Do you get searched at the airport ever?

>> Yeah.

>> Jimmy: You do? Yeah, I would put you on the terrorist watch list if i was -- do you ever think like i shouldn't be getting -- because i tell you something, i never get searched at the airport. Never, ever.

>> Well, yeah, it's usually if you buzz when you're going through or --

>> Jimmy: Yeah, i don't buzz. For some reason, there's no buzzing that come out --

>> I try not to buzz.

>> Jim: Have you been in detroit fore?

>> I have. I actually did the "honey" press tour here. I went to a radio station and the very pale white guy --

>> Jimmy: Yuck.

>> No, there's nothing wrong with pale white guys. It's fine. My mom's pale and white.

>> Jimmy: Mine too.

>> Yeah. And so he was standing back like this. And then he come up and he -- he goes on the microphone. This is during a radio interview. He's like, man, are you even black? And i was like no. Because he was mad that "honey" my character, wasn't black. And he's like, well, it's not a black and white movie. She's a dancer and she loves kid. It's not about race. Why are you mad at me? You're the whitest guy I've ever seen in my life and you're mad at me for not being black. That was the only real experience I had in detroit.

>> Jimmy: Sounds like memories.

>> I went to dearborn so --

>> Jimmy: People all over town are like, when is jessica alba getting here? As if you're going to come to their homes and date them.

>> I won't date them but i might come to their homes.

>> Jimmy: You might?

>> Hey, why not?

>> Jimmy: That would be nice.

[ Cheers and applause ] What are the odds you're actually going to come to anyone's home?

>> I don't know. If they have good barbecue.

>> Jimmy: Here with your family?

>> I'm here with my dad, brother and boyfriend.

>> Jimmy: If you went to someone's home, you'd bring everyone?

>> Yeah, and they have big appetites.

>> Jimmy: They do? Really? What about you? Because -- I mean are you and i could not afford to gain weight and this is --

[ Laughter ] This is not the town to --

>> I like that it's the both of us here.

>> Jimmy: Well, we're both known for our beauty.

[ Laughter ] But, this town is, ke, chili dogs and deep-fried alligator --

>> Alligator?

>> Jimmy: Balls.

>> Here?

>> Jimmy: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] I don't mean -- it's not what i mean. I mean it's shaped like balls. Who knows?

>> You would know better than i would.

>> Jimmy: No, it didn't taste like them.

>> Okay.

[ Laughter ]

>> Jimmy: Wait a minute. I hope you would know better than i would.

[ Rim shot ]

[ Applause ]

>> That was rude. That was rude. Where's my dad? My dad's out there. There he is.

>> Jimmy: Of course, i meant because she was a nurse.

>> In my past life.

>> Jimmy: Well, now, they don't eat healthy here. And I'm juvenilep jumped right into the fray, I really have. Will you eat garbage like that?

>> I don't think it's gashggashgage. Tastes good. Makes you feel good. You sleep better when you e good, I think. I'm not against barbecue or hot wings.

>> Jimmy: Really, you'll eat chicken wings?

>> It's my favorite.

>> Jimmy: How many chicken wings would you eat in one sitting?

>> I can throw down some chicken wings.

>> Jimmy: You don't throw up afterwards?

>> That's just a waste.

>> Jimmy: I gotta stop doing that.

>> It's not good.

>> Jimmy: I don't do it on purpose, it keeps happening because I eat the bone and everything. I eat the whole -- it's so delicious. Are you going to the game?

>> That's why I'm here. I'm here becse I'm going to the game. Yeah.

>> Jimmy: Who are you rooting for?

>> Well, I'm not -- you know, I'm not really a huge fan of either.

>> Jimmy: Right.

>> But probablyhe steelers.

>> Jimmy: Probably the steelers?

[ Applause ] Seems the safe thing to do around here.

>> Well --

>> Jimmy: Everyone likes the steelers here.

>> It's busbus' last year so you want him to win. Hometown and everything.

>> Jimmy: Seahawks are the underdog and everything.

>> My dad said they had the mvp, right?

>> Jimmy: Yeah.

>> But that's not enough. Dad, where's the money? Has money on the game.

>> Jimmy: How many is your dad betting?

>> My brother --

>> Jimmy: Wow, look at that. I think I'd even make out with your brother, I'll be honest with you. Your brother's good looking, too. You're named -- there's this website that they did a poll of their readers o -- i don't know what it was. And said out of all the women -- all the famous women whorngs women who would you most like as your girlfriend, you were number one in the united states of america.

[ Applause ] You beat out agengelina joliejolie, charlize theron, natalie rtman. Could I name every woman in the whole world -- the whole country and you beat them. How does that make you feel?

>> Thank you so much. And, you know, people went and saw "sin city" and "fantastic four" --

>> Jimmy and "dark angel."

>> I like sports, maybe that has something to do withit.

>> Jimmy: And the chicken wings. Went to number 1-a, not just number one.

>> I'm happy people are supportive.

>> Jimmy: What does your boyfriend say about his girlfriend being the number o most wanted?

>> Cash what do you think, babe?

>> Jimmy: Let's have a look at this character. You son of --

[ Laughter ] Oh, yeah, he's handsome.

>> He is. Very lucky, sure.

>> Jimmy: Smart, too.

[ Applause ] Yeah, that's a good-looking -- yeah, all right. Well, if you're wondering what kind of guy jessica alba likes, you can say, oh, i like a regular guy. But you like a guy that looks like him.

[ Laughter ] And his name's cash, too.

>> His name's cash and he's really smart.

>> Jimmy: Well, of course, because if his name was cash and he wasn't great-looking and he wasn't smart, he would be a mess and his friends wouldn't --

[ Laughter ] All right. So you're going to the super bowl?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Jimmy: Are you going to be separated or will people be able to hand you chicken wings?

>> If you've got a good recipe, I'm down.

>> Jimmy: All right. You're not going to be cooking at the game, are you?

>> No, i don't think you can --

>> Jimmy: Bring an ahbachi, that will be nice. Secure your position as number one --

>> I heard you make good wings. Spicy or sweet?

>> Jimmy: I have a is we a very special recipe. I smoke them on the grill and cook them after.

>> How do you smoke 'em?

>> Jimmy: I smoke 'em with my smoker. I have three smokers.

>> You have three smokers?

>> Jimmy: You really should come by. We'll cook.

>> Yeah.

>> Jimmy: I swear, all we'll do is cook. Leave the boyfriend at home.

>> Sarah will be there.

>> Jimmy: Jessica albaalba. She's got a new movie. Tell me real quick about that. It's an interesting thing. It's called "awake." What about --

>> There's a movie called "awake." It's about -- hayden christiansen is "awake" essentially. He has anesthetic awareness. He doesn't get enough anesthesia when he goes under surgery. Basically has heart surgery, awake the entire time, but his body's paralyzed. I play his wife. And terrence howard plays his best friend and his doctor.

>> Jimmy: Oh, very nice. Wow, there you go. Terrence howard, nominated for an oscar.

>> And I'm presenting at the oscars this year.

>> Jimmy: Very good. Maybe you'll present somethi to terrence. That would be nice.

>> I hope so.

>> Jimmy: Jessica albaalba, look for her movie "awake" later this year and at the oscars as well.

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