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What else can I say about this girl She has Rythnm & she's a beautiful young lady ! She can act really really well ! I think she did a awesome job in Save The Last Dance ! I think there should be a site on her added to Abstracts.net ! I mean she is doing alot of films in the future ! Here's a short article :

'I Wasn't going to be the timid white girl who is afraid to talk about race. I just wasn't going to play it that way,' says Julia Stiles as she pondered the differences and similarities between she and Sara, the girl she plays in 'Save the Last Dance.'

She plays an aspiring ballerina from the white suburbs who falls in love with a black student in inner-city Chicago.

'The movie deals with a lot of social issues that are more serious than teen movies usually tackle,' said Stiles, 19, as she sat for an interview in Hollywood, her new home after spending most of her life in New York City.

Up until now, Stiles has rarely been cast as enthusiastic, innocent girls.

'It's because of my New York guard,' she said. 'I've been into acting since I was age 11 and I know the score. This girl, Sara, first starts at her new school in a predominantly black area and she feels insecure, not just because of race but because culturally she doesn't feel she fits. Then she meets Derek who first sees her as a nerd but eventually realizes that she has a tough, determined side. That's the side of me that is more evident.'

The hip-hop vs. ballet movie was initially perceived as little more than a rip-off of such dance-genre staples as 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Dirty Dancing.' It surprised (shocked would be more the word) the movie industry by taking in more than $23 million on its opening weekend and becoming the No. 1 box office attraction in the land - topping the Academy Award contenders that were released the same weekend. Stiles suddenly has become a star with leverage to bargain her next project and salary.

To top it off, she's also appearing at local theaters as the willful teen who seduces Alec Baldwin in the critically acclaimed David Mamet comedy 'State and Main.'

Stiles, in person, is tall and athletic-looking. She played forward on her high school field hockey team. She doesn't look at all like someone who would be accepted into the prestigious Juilliard dance program as she was in the movie.

'I've taken dance since I was a child,' she said, 'but I took more modern dance than I have classical. The very opposite of Sara, I'm better at hip-hop than I am at classical. I like the beat of hip- hop. But I took crash courses in classical dance to do the scenes in the movie. That's actually me you see. The only dubbed moments are the shots of the toe shoes. That's doubled - just the close-ups of the feet.'

Stiles admits that like Sara in the movie, she has sneaked into New York dance clubs by using phony ID cards. 'It's so dark that they can't see,' she said.

As for Sean Patrick Thomas, her co-star?

'He's a very generous actor, but I think the producer was really worried about us,' she said. 'Sean was the last to be cast and they were worried about how we would react to each other on film. If the chemistry didn't work between us, they'd have no movie. As far as I'm concerned, it worked.'

Stiles' uncle is playwright Jed Stiles. Her show business aspirations began at age 11 in Professional Children's School. 'I had no back yard to play in,' she explained. 'So I played by going to acting classes.'

After a decade in New York theater (usually small, avant-garde productions) she broke into movies as Harrison Ford's daughter in 'The Devil's Own' (1997). With a deep, mature, speaking voice that

belies her teen status, she's specialized in 'intelligent' film choices - particularly modern adaptations of Shakespeare plays.

She was Kat, a strong-willed high school student romanced by a hired beau in '10 Things I Hate About You' (1999) a modern version of 'The Taming of the Shrew.' She was the unhinged Ophelia opposite Ethan Hawke's 'Hamlet.' Next, she'll play Desi (a mod version of Desdemona) in 'O,' a retelling of 'Othello,' set in a prep school.

As for her paycheck, it's gone.

'No diamonds. No cars. Nothing like that - at least so far,' she said. 'I've spent all my money on Columbia University, where I'm getting a degree in literature. Everybody else I know is getting some degree that would help them in a career. I already have a career. I just want to be well read.'

Blonde and fair, she has wise eyes set in an otherwise childlike face, just the mixture of strength and vulnerability that made her believable as a girl who faces cultural, romantic, economic and racial challenges in 'Save the Last Dance.'

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Postby MaRgUeRiTe » Fri Jul 05, 2002 12:29 pm

Oh! so glad i finally found julia's name on the list... This lady's the bomb! :dance:
I so adore julia stiles!!!!! :yell:

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Postby MaRgUeRiTe » Fri Jul 05, 2002 12:37 pm

More infos on Julia Stiles please? What year is she in on Columbia and what course is she taking up? :motormouth:

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