Jolene Blalock On Late Late Show

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Postby admin » Tue Jul 01, 2003 3:37 am

Craig: Please welcome back the lovely jolene blaylock.

[Applause] Where do we go from here craig: Hi.

>> Hi. Craig: Look at her hair. The corn rows.

>> It's not actually corn rows. It's actually like lisa bonet or ericka badu. Craig: It looks great. Does it hurt? Is it painful at all?

>> Not at all. It took four hours to do. Painful. On my cheeks. Craig: Do you remember the last time you were here?

>> I do. Craig: She came up and was just jumpedN. -- They tell me it's your first talk show. How does it feel?

>> It feels good, but this doesn't ing for you?


>> Was that me? Craig: That was nice.

>> Yeah. That was nice. Craig: That was exciting.

>> Yeah. That was very exciting. Craig: So you were just down - you were in jamaica?

>> I was in negril. Craig: Beautiful.

>> It was amazing. Craig: And were you with who? Your boyfriend?

>> I was with me and my boyfriend and his entire family. Craig: That was nice of you.

>> Yeah. It was amazing. We spent five beautiful days down there. You know, on the tuesday night, we were sitting down to dinner, actually the monday night, and i got down on not actually one knee, but both knees, and asked my boyfriend to marry me.

[Applause] Craig: And -- and, was t premeditated?

>> It was. We were actually all in on it. Just he was the only one -- craig: He was the o one that didn't know? So you asked him?

>> Yes. Craig: And of course he said yes.

>> Yeah, but then I wasn't finished. At 6:15 tomorrow evening, so -- he still said yes. Craig: Congratulations. So the wedding went well?

>> It did. Just doves, flowers, cake. My god daughter was the flower girl. My nepw gave meY. Craig: He must have been a very happy man.

>> He was. He just had to show up. Craig: And he had no input on the wedding. How long have you guys been dating?

>> On and off for six years. Craig: So you have been married for a week?

>> Yes. Craig: Is it different?

>> It is. I'm not one of those that -- marriage or whatever. But it is different. The sex is better. Everything's better.

[Applause] I didn't see -- craig: You want me to move that for your mike. It's only the first week of the marriage so let's see how it goes.

>>Hat is this? You just like lay an egg on my little bubble here. Craig: No. I'm excited. There are not a lot of girls that jump up on the desk. I don't want to lose that.

>> You're not going to lose -- look.


>> You're not going to lose that. Craig: You can still do that?

>> I'm still like that. Marriage doesn't -- craig: How ie ow going?

>> Fantast. We've got two more weeks after that airs and we're starting intour third season bigger and better, you know? June 26th. Craig: Wa t hours?

>> Yeah. Craig: And have you been to one of the star trek conventions?

>> No. Craig: No?

>> There's 92-year-old women still going. Craig: Don't they say we're clamoring to see her?

>> Invitations come all the time. Craig: They can't force you to go?

>> No. It's an extra gig, you know? Craig: What else are you going to do, you're going to do movies?

>> Cross my fingers. See what happens. Craig: Do you go on auditions?

>> All the time. Craig: You jump on desks during the auditions? Because I'm sure it would work.

>> I have to try it. Craig: Is this a hobby of yours? The drawing?

>> Yes. Craig: Why sit giggly funny?

>> Because this was actually something. I started with my -- he was 7. He's 9 now. My nephew. And I'm -- I show up with this. And he's flipping through it and goes like where are the pictures? Craig: So if you draw, you're going to do it -- we can't see it. Right?

>> You got to create. Craig: This is thing about parents. I got one of these when I was a kid. And you go crazy when you get these, and they have the sharper in in the back. When I was a kid, I used to draw. Tell me if this is lame. I would always outline everything with a black crayon. I wanted everything neat and orderly. And the first day I used the black crayon so much that the crayon broke in half. I was so bummed out. This is how stupid some kids are, though, or maybe it was me. I was like well, they are all ruined, and I broke every one in half. I'm 7-year-old. Right? A couple years ago, I took my parents top dinner and said mom, I want to apologize and this was terrible. And thank god she didn't remember. Isn't that weird?

>> Great. Craig: That's why I think I probably don't like kids because I was such a knucklehead kid. You going to draw something for us?

>> Yeah. Craig: What are you going to draw? How looes it take?

>> I never know. Actually, guys, these are the best gifts for anyone. Craig: So w could give you that for a wedding gift?

>>A box of these and that dr. Seuse book, oh, the places we'll go? Craig: For kids, you're saying?

>> Well -- craig: For everybody?

>> Yeah. Craig: I think you look great with your hair like that.

>> Thank you. Craig: We're going to let you draw and then we're going to see it when we come back from break.

>> Ok. Big hand for jolene blaylock

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Postby Isied » Fri Jul 04, 2003 8:52 pm

thanx .

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:oops: thanks

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