Jolene Blalock Visits 'last Call With Carson Daly'

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Carson: [ Screams and applause ] Our next guest was one of the stars of "star trek: Enterprise." She also stars in the upcoming movie called "slow burn." Intergalactic nerds everywhere, rejoice. Here she is, jolene blalock, jolene.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jolene I'm about to go baby it's too late

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: See, my theory with you is -- like angelina, you have a -- do you noce this? Like girls just go nuts. I mean beautiful women walk out here a lot. So like we have hot girls walk out of here all the time. But you don't -- you always get the guys, you know, throwing their tighty whiteys up here.

[ Light laughter ] But, do you -- you must have a crazy, crazy female following.

Jolene: I think from the audience tonight, and I'm sure you've noticed, there are some crazy females in your audience tonight.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: I love them. Yeah, they like you. How long has it been since "star trek: Enterprise"? You've been off that show for over a year?

Jolene: It's been almost a year.

Carson: And how is that, how is post-trekkie life? Must be great.

Jolene: I love it. I love -- I love the sun.

Carson: Oh, you must be so happy to get --

Jolene: I love not practicing halloween every day.

Carson: Oh, every day you had to --

Jolene: I had to wear the ears --

Carson: You had to wear the ears, do you have the vulcan ears?

Jolene: Yes.

Carson: You still have them?

Jolene: Yes, I have saved all of them.

Carson: Did you only have one set?

Jolene: No, no, every -- ery -- 'cause there's like a latex. They actually ended up inventing a pair that would have worked every day. But you never used them. So I saved each pair.

Carson: Good for you. And you ruled out surgery probably a long time ago.

[ Light laughter ] Just to have them on all the time.

Jolene: I've seen that.

Carson: Yeah, oh, really?

Jolene: Yeah.

Carson: Wait a second, are the "star trek" -- I mean we all know about the trekkie fans at the conventions, and they're -- crazy, crazy.

[ Cheers and applause ] They're here, apparently. I'm speaking about the crazy fans. It's like I'll never run into one. And they're all here.

[ Cheers ] I'm like -- I'm like you know those crazy fans, those kids, those people that are all out there. Right here.

[ Light laughter ] But you must have seen some stuff. I mean, what was the sense from your fans? About the show -- they must be bummed, you know.

Jolene: Yeah, yeah, they are. It's a bittersweet thing, you know. For me, you know, to not be on the show and have a life and then at the same time I miss --

Carson: What did your fans -- what did they -- I mean, do they know where you live?

[ Light laughter ]

Jolene: Yeah.

Carson: Do they give you -- send you stuff? Give you gifts?

Jolene: No, but they get -- they do send me stuff. They send it to the agency, or they send it to the publicist. You know.

Carson: It's just weird, weird body parts.

Jolene: No, no, they send trophies, they send, you know, things they read that I like. Like one of my favorite books is "oh, the places you'll go" by dr. Seuss.

Carson: Oh, great book.

[ Scattered cheers ] Yeah, I have the hardback.

Jolene: Every troubled time in my life I read that book.

Carson: The dr. Seuss book?

Jolene: I do.

Carson: That's good.

Jolene: Yeah, I do. And someone sent it to me and had pasted my face on all the --

Carson: Oh, really? Wow, wow. What a sick, sick, nice person.

[ Laughter ] So you're in a movie with ll cool j and taye diggs.

Jolene: And mekhi phifer.

Carson: And mekhi phifer. And ray liotta? Is there another female in this film?

Jolene: No, no, there's chiwetel ejiofor, as well, from britain. And it's quite a good looking cast.

Carson: Right, the movie's called "slow burn."

Jolene: It's called "slow burn."

Carson: Is it about an american -- what are those spirit cigarettes? What are those cigarettes? Have you seen those cigarettes? My friend smokes those. I swear to god two days later he was halfway through it.

[ Light laughter ] I mean, I'm on the big league chew now, so I don't smoke, but --

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ] You don't smoke.

Jolene: A friend of mine --

Carson: You know the american spirits?

Jolene: Yes I do.

Carson: That is the quintessential slow burn. They take forever.

Jolene: On the box it says non-additives. No additives --

Carson: It's non-burning. Whatever --

Jolene: My friend that's a little dyslexic. And he's like, "they're non-addictive."

Carson: It's crazy. I love the guy that's like, "I'm smoking american spirits. I quit cigarettes a long time ago. I'm on to these bad boys now."

[ Light laughter ] Oh, yeah, you're doing a lot better, buddy. You're doing a lot better. Anyway, your movie, which is the reason you're here. Tell me about the film "slow burn."

Jolene: Well, being the only female with all these men, it was very much a bs' club.

Carson: Yeah, working on the set.

Jolene: Yeah, yeah, and they --

Carson: It's like fraternity, you'd be privy to their conversations, sophomoric humor --

Jolene: Yes, yes, although they weren't talking to me. At first, and then they hated me.

Carson: I'd like to hear more about that.

[ Laughter ] I would.

Jolene: Being hazed by ray liotta, yeah.

Carson: Why? What did they do?

Jolene: Well, they took me to a strip club in montreal.

Carson: Okay, now we're talking.

[ Cheers ] Sometimes it takes, like, 40 minutes for the show to start.

[ Light laughter ] So what do you mean they took you to a strip club?

Jolene: They took me to a strip club. And they -- a couple --

Carson: Like to try to embarrass you, like, you had never been to one?

Jolene: No, no.

Jolene: Jamie: You got a lap dance?

Carson: Wait, hold on. I ask the questions, jamie.

[ Laughter ] I'll ask the questions.

[ Cheers ] Stop that, please.

Jolene: Is he giving us --

Carson: I don't know. Listen, jolene, did you get a lap dance?

Jolene: But --

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers ]

Carson: A lap dance, they're like handshakes now.

Jolene: They're not lap dances -- there was some handshaking.

Carson: What city were you in, montreal?

Jolene: Yes.

Carson: See, that's the mother lode. That's where you go.

Jolene: Yes, yes.

Carson: That's the spot.

Jolene: And it was -- yeah.

Carson: Yes, full-blown, everything goes. So they brought the guys -- we're talking to jolene blalock here. She's in a new movie called "slow burn" and there's guys on the set taye diggs and all these guys took you to a strip club in montreal to sort of break you in and -- and then they found out that you, that you were fine with the girls.

Jolene: Well, I thought I was fine. But then when they -- because it's not a lap dance. They take you somewhere.

Carson: Right, to another room --

[ Cheers ] Can we lower the lights?

[ Laughter ]

Jolene: -- Candles?

Carson: Can you all leave, please?

[ Light laughter ] Can you get out? Well, that's interesting.

Jolene: Yeah, it was, it was.

Carson: Okay, so in montreal they have other rooms and you went there with a stripper. And we want to just say -- we'll tease that the next time you come on the show. We'll start with that.

[ Laughter ] Everybody good with that?

[ Cheers ] But you're all right. And the movie, you had a good time making the movie, it sounds like.

Jolene: Oh, fantastic.

Carson: Awesome. We'll it's great to see you. Thank you for being here. And come back and finish that story soon.

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