Jaime Pressly Appears On 'last Call' 4/15

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[ Applause ] Our next guest you've seen, of course, in movies like "can't hardly wait" and "not another teen movie." She's also been on both "punk'd" and "cribs," meaning it's just a matter of time before her ride gets pimped. Say hi to jaime pressly. Jaime.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Carson: Make yourself at home. I've called you "chicken."

>> Because I'm chicken.

Carson: People in your life, and we're friends -- you can call her chicken.

>> You can call me chicken.

>> Hi, chicken.

Carson: But a lot of people really do call you chicken. I refer to you, when we're talking on the phone, I'll say, "hey, chicken, how's it going?" Very serious.

>> Yeah, very serious.

Carson: But I figured, during this interview, it's not going to make any sense if I just keep calling you chicken.

>> No, I wouldn't know any other way. Like, if you called me jaime, I wouldn't really understand it. My dad has been calling me chicken since I was probably 4 years old, because I started dance and gymnastics when I was 3 and my mom's a dance teacher, so I was all athletic the whole -- whatever. And basically, I developed muscle at a really early age, and my calf muscles looked, literally, like a chicken leg sticking out. They were literally, like, developed at 4. And so my dad used to grab 'em and bite 'em and --

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Those were the good old days with dad.

>> Oh, the good old days with dad. That was last week.

Carson: I guess it could have been worse.

[ Laughter ] And so he would just refer to you as chicken?

>> So I'm chicken. I've been chicken ever since.

Carson: It could be a lot worse.

>> It's a good name.

Carson: How are things going? I haven't seen you in awhile. Everything good?

>> Everything's good. Everything's going quickly, yes. I started a new clothing company last summer. I know everybody thinks every celebrity starts a clothing company. But I actually started one on my own, and developed the line and designed the line, and am working in it, hands-on completely. When I got "punk'd," it was two days before the launch of the line in vegas. When you think you're losing everything that you own and everything that you have, and every bit of credibility that you've ever worked for --

Carson: But that's when you got "punk'd"?

>> That's when I got "punk'd," two days before the launch of the line.

Carson: And you make this sort of stuff that you're wearing now?

>> Yeah.

Carson: What's the name of your line?

>> It's jaime. My name's spelled the french ways for "I love" -- j-a-I-m-E.

Carson: It should be the french name for "chicken," by the way. But go ahead.

>> That would be "poulet."

>> Poulet.

[ Laughter ] That wouldn't be a very good name.

Carson: We'll cut that into some really nbc promos. Tonight during leno, they'll it. "And later with carson, matthew perry knows the french word for chicken." It's poulet.

>> Poulet.

Carson: They'll cut to you going, "poulet."

>> Poulet.

[ Light laughter ]

Carson: No one will be watching anyway.

>> Great promo for my line, thanks.

>> Yeah, sure.

Carson: I have some photos, by the way, of your line. Let me show these. They're from, I guess, the show in vegas?

>> Yeah, that was last august.

Carson: Tell me what we're seeing here. This doesn't look like lingerie. This looks like fun, but not lingerie.

>> Yeah, that actually is feathers taped to her boobies.

Carson: And this is something that you designed? Where did the inspiration for feathers on the boobs come from?

>> The feathers weren't really part of the outfit. We just had to put something up top. The idea was tool was coming back. The whole cyndi lauper 80s thing was coming back. So we had quite a bit of tool, which is that fabric that's on the skirt. Like tutu material they use in ballet.

Carson: And it stays on? Is that something that people would buy and sleep in?

>> The feathers? No, that was just for looks. It's not all lingerie. It's sleepwear, loungewear, ready-to-wear. It's everything. This is called loungewear, like sweats that we wear. But loungewear is now the new ready-to-wear. I mean I'm wearing sweats with heels, for god's sake. Everybody does it. It's better to be comfortable and look cute at the same time. Who cares about the old fashion fad where you have to be uncomfortable.

Carson: That's right. You tell 'em, chicken.

>> I could care less.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: It's your excitement for your own clothing line that I love. Go out and by my own line if you like, I don't really care, you know.

>> No, I do. It's just, it's something I've always wanted to do. I wanted to go to F.I.T. When I was a kid. And now that I have the means to actually start my own line --

Carson: Yeah, but you're enjoying it, right?

>> I don't have to listen to anybody and do what I want to do. I love every minute of it.

Carson: I bet this is comfortable to fly in.

>> This is the best thing in the world to fly in. I'll get you one.

Carson: What's this other --

[ Laughter ] This doesn't agree -- never mind. Let me show this other picture. What are you doing here?

>> Touching her boob, it looks like. Wow.

Carson: Being hands-on in the company's one thing, but this is great.

>> That's actually stacy flood, and she --

Carson: I don't care who she is. What are you doing?

>> Well, I basically was making sure that the pasties were covering her nipples, to be quite honest. The night before, there was a fashion show from another line, and one of the girls came out and her top fell off. And to be cute, she thought, "oh, screw it." And she went, "blah!" To everybody. Well, when she did that, the gaming commission and all this stuff went down, because this was in vegas, and they said -- and I can't understand this, 'cause being in vegas, where it's strip club haven, you would think it would be fine, nudity. No, they said --

Carson: You think they'd start to ticket people who wore clothes in vegas.

>> You would think.

[ Light laughter ] Basically, they said, "if any nipple shows or any nudity whatsoever on your runway, we'll shut it down in the middle of your show."

Carson: That's the whole janet thing probably.

>> And I'm like, "but what happened if lingerie -- it's vegas." So anyway, I was trying to make sure that she was covered.

Carson: Nipples are really just nothing more than an accessory when you're talking about lingerie.

>> Pretty much.

Carson: It's like a barrette.

>> Well, who cares, anyway.

[ Light laughter ] Quite frankly, guys -- I mean, look. All us women have boobies -- big, small, whatever. Who cares? So janet flashed her boob, okay. America has got the biggest hang up with nudity. I don't understand.

Carson: I agree, I agree.

[ Laughter ]

>> I just don't understand.

>> You're all talk. Prove your point, prove your point.

>> I'm all talk. I'm not walkin' the walk, that's for damn sure.

>> Oh, what?

>> You know, with "playboy" and the whole thing. I don't have a problem with it. I have a european mind, I guess, when it comes to nudity. Because over there you go and you can watch a movie, and it's there. And it doesn't take you out of the movie, but the nudity isn't about sex to get ratings.

Carson: It's never been about sex.

>> It's just naturally there in europe. Here, we put boobs in there to get ratings, unfortunately. Most of the time. That's why everybody has a problem with it. We're talking about "playboy." Man -- I'm from north carolina. Those people were not happy. Not happy at all.

Carson: You just did the "playboy" recently? Was that your first, no?

>> It was not the first time I've done it. The first time I've done the cover.

Carson: But "playboy" nowadays, with "fhm" and "maxim" and stuff and all that stuff -- this is like reading -- this is like nothing anymore.

>> For instance, I showed no lower, frontal nudity in it. There was no -- it was done in a totally tasteful, classy way, I thought.

Carson: Listen, I thought you had the european mind. What happened to that?

>> Well, my point is that, whether I show it or not -- I don't think I need to show -- that to me is like, whatever. I didn't care to show it. So if you want to, fine. Just not for me. Anyway, when you have a problem with someone showing their nipple -- I understand in america it's like a big deal.

Carson: Oh boy, you're still on the nipple thing.

>> But I can't stand it. It's like, "who cares?"

Carson: Right, I agree.

Carson: An on to this television show called "happy family." How are things going there?

>> Fine. I've had actually a really great time doing this show. John larroquette's pretty much a bad ass and christine baranski is amazing as well. It was actually nice to go to work where, as you know, where everybody's happy to be there and wants to be at work and enjoy each other's company. It's very rare to find, hence, why your show's stay on as long as it did, and hence, why everybody else liked it. You can tell that they all genuinely loved each other, and that's how it is on "happy family." It's a really great cast and crew.

Carson: Yeah, nice. Fantastic, chicken. Good to see you.

>> Good to see you, too. You're always a pleasure to have here. It's about time, by the way. Matthew perry, you're a king to sit around here and listen to chicken and I go at it.

>> Hey, my pleasure.

Carson: We appreciate that. Matthew perry everybody. Be sure to check out "the whole ten yards." It's in theaters now. Jaime pressly

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