Jaime Pressly visits 'Late Night' 10/5 transcript

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Jaime Pressly visits 'Late Night' 10/5 transcript

Postby admin » Fri Oct 06, 2006 4:14 am

Conan: All right, everybody. We're back. My first guest -- my first guest received an emmy nomination this year for her hilarious performance on the nbc show "my name is earl." And this weekend, she's hosting "saturday night live." Here's a look at her on "earl."

Jaime: I'm jealous? Sweetheart, I'm about ten times hotter than you. You're a man compared to me.

Jaime: Really? 'Cause the line on my stomach is from my muscles and not a c-section scar.

Jaime: That ain't not a c-section scar. That's from where my prom date stabbed me. I had both my babies naturally!

Jaime: Then I'm sure your gatito is as saggy as your breasts.

Jaime: Do these look saggy to you? I could float half your village across a muddy river on these puppies!

Jaime: I've heard enough.

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: Please welcome jaime pressly!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: You look great, as always.

Jaime: Thank you. You as well.

Conan: Congratulations on all your success.

Jaime: Oh, thank you. The show's been good to us.

Conan: It's a great part for you, too. I mean, you're beautiful, but you get to be really funny on the show.

Jaime: It's fun to play -- you know -- it's a dream role, for me because I get to play a million different levels and colors.

Conan: Yeah.

Jaime: You know, all in one character. And television can get so monotonous playing the same character over and over. And --

Conan: I've been playing conan o'brien for 13 years.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: I hear you.

Conan: I'm getting sick of it, yeah.

Jaime: He never gets boring, so --

Conan: Also, joy, the character -- she's not afraid to show her breasts occasionally, on the show. She's quite proud of them. That's part of her -- it's a big part of her character.

Jaime: Well, she's somebody who's really proud of herself in general, but last year, they had me in a lot of smaller tops.

Conan: Yeah.

Jaime: And this year, I put a stop to that because, you know, joy uses her bras as an accessory, her bra straps.

Conan: Right.

Jaime: And she likes to match them with her hair accessories.

Conan: Right, right.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Little -- erin brockovitch --

Conan: Yeah, yeah.

Jaime: Kind of action going on.

Conan: Yeah. I was gonna --

Jaime: But -- the bras had so much padding in 'em, and my boobs were up in my neck all the time and --

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: They choked you in several episodes, yes.

Jaime: They were choking me, and so we changed it a little bit.

Conan: You know, I also -- I gotta say. I love your accent. I mean, you have a terrific, terrific southern accent.

Jaime: Yeah, can you do a southern accent?

Conan: You know, when I do one, it's sort of a cartoon.

[ In a southern accent ] "Well, hey, there, bessie lou!"

[ Laughter ]

[ Braying like a donkey ] You know, it's --

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: We don't really speak that way.

Conan: You don't say, "ahooba-hooba"?

Jaime: Ahooba-hooba, no. A horn does, usually.

[ Light laughter ]

Conan: Oh, that's --

Jaime: So try -- an easy way, when i teach people how to do the southern dialect, is to do the vowel sounds.

[ In a southern accent ] "A," "e," "I," "o" and "U."

[ In a southern accent ]

Conan: "A," "e," "I," "o" and "U."

[ Together ]

Jaime: And sometimes "Y."

Conan: And sometimes "Y."

Jaime: Right, and if you -- if you can say, "a," "e," "I," "o," "u" and "y" --

Conan: Right.

Jaime: Then you can speak with -- it's easier to learn to speak with a southern dialect.

Conan: "A," "e," "I," "o," "ooh." Oh, I went, "ooh" at the end.

[ Light laughter ]

Jaime: It -- you went, "ooh" because the "u" --

Conan: I became swedish at the end.

[ Light laughter ]

Jaime: Yeah.

[ Conan speaking nonsense ]

Conan: You have -- you're -- as we've established -- you're a beautiful woman.

Jaime: Thanks.

Conan: You have fantastic eyes. They're -- and I've -- sometimes, on the show, they -- they make fun of your eyes.

Jaime: Well, we did last week.

Conan: Yeah.

Jaime: Because the character -- I mean, my eyes are big. So if I --

Conan: They're quite large, yeah.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Yeah, they're a little big.

Conan: Which I -- I think is beautiful. Beautiful and large, yeah.

Jaime: Yeah, maybe sometimes. But then if you look at pictures where, you know, your normal pictures with your friends -- you know when you go out.

Conan: Mm-hmm.

Jaime: They're all, like, I look like I'm on crack.

[ Laughter ] Because they're big, and the flash is going, and then all of a sudden I look --

Conan: You've always got that look, yeah.

Jaime: Yeah. So it was pretty fun, and that was you know, the writers playing a little joke on me.

Conan: Yeah.

Jaime: 'Cause then, at the end of the scene you guys just watched, she says, "and your eyes are too big for your head. You look like 'finding nemo.'"

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Isn't that nice. I -- I mean, I envy your -- I've got the -- I've got shifty, beady eyes.

Jaime: But you've got -- you've got blue eyes, though.

Conan: But I'm always -- I'm a rat with some cheese, you know?

[ Laughter ] I'm like the gopher we just showed, from you know --

Jaime: No, they're big enough. If they were any bigger, then they'd be "finding nemo," like mine.

Conan: Yeah, but I have a fat irish head. So my eyes need to be large to compensate for my fat pinata head. You know what I'm saying?

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: No, but see, this way it's still more of a caricature, which is great.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: It's gotten me this far. As the character, conan o'brien. Now, you're hosting "saturday night live."

Jaime: Yes. I'm having so much fun.

Conan: Is it your first time hosting?

Jaime: It is my first time, and you know, I was a little nervous 'cause you can hear all kinds of stories. Especially with a show that's been on for 30 years.

Conan: Right.

Jaime: And I have to say, I am having the time of my life. Everybody is, you know, genuinely very kind and helpful.

Conan: Right.

Jaime: And the skits are really great.

Conan: Right.

Jaime: We've got -- a lot of great writing going on this week. So I'm having a good time. It's gonna be a good show.

Conan: All right. And I know you also wanted to mention -- there's a fund-raiser you're involved with, which is a really good cause.

Jaime: Yes.

Conan: So let's mention that.

Jaime: It's breast cancer awareness month, and I have a clothing line, j'aime. And in los angeles, one of the major stores that we sell to is lisa kline.

Conan: Mm-hmm.

Jaime: And we designed a line specifically for breast cancer awareness month, for lisa kline where I think 30% -- 40% of the proceeds, something like that go to breast cancer.

Conan: Mm-hmm.

Jaime: So if you go to lisakline.Com, you can pick up a t-shirt or the pants, the shorts or whatever, you know, part of the line that we designed to help, you know --

Conan: That's nice.

Jaime: Raise money for breast cancer.

Conan: That's a lot of money, which is good.

Jaime: Yeah.

Conan: All right. Well --

[ Applause ] So that's a good thing. The website is lisa kline --

Jaime: It's lisakline.Com.

Conan: Lisakline.Com. "My name is early" airs thursday nights, at 8:00 on nbc.

Jaime: Yes.

Conan: And this weekend jaime's hosting "saturday night live" with musical guest, corrine bailey rae. So watch that. That's gonna be a great show.

Jaime: Yeah, it's gonna be a great show.

Conan: Hey, have fun, and thanks for making time for us.

Jaime: Thanks for having me.

Conan: Nice to have you on the show. Jaime pressly

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