Jaime Pressly visits 'The Tonight Show' transcript 11/15

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Jaime Pressly visits 'The Tonight Show' transcript 11/15

Postby admin » Thu Nov 16, 2006 6:27 am

Jay: My first guest co-stars the hit nbc sitcom my "name is earl." It airs tomorrow night at 8:00. Please welcome the lovely jaime pressly!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now, big doings since I've seen you last. You got engaged.

Jaime: Yes. He did a very good job.

Jay: We've talked about him.

[ Scattered cheers ] Now, tell us who he is. It's eric, right? Jaime: It's eric, yeah. He's eric cubiche, the disk jockey out here in L.A.

Jay: And your name will be jaime cubiche?

Jaime: Nope. That's actually -- his real name is eric calva. Cubiche -- he's cuban. And cubiche is homey in cuban. And when he started working out at the radio station ten years ago, one of the guys that worked there was cuban and nicknamed him cubiche.

Jay: So you're jaime homey.

Jaime: I'm jaime homey.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Now, but you've known him, right? You've known him for a long time.

Jaime: Nine, ten years. Yeah.

Jay: Wow. That's a long time.

Jaime: Yeah, one of my good friends.

Jay: Did you date all that time?

Jaime: We ted five years ago for a very short time, and then three years ago for a very short time. But I kept leaving for films.

Jay: Okay. So you'd come back and --

Jaime: And it would -- yeah, we'd be friends again.

Jay: Oh, be friends again? So nody screwed up?

Jaime: No, nobody screwed up. We were always very good friends.

Jay: All right. Well, let's show -- weave a a picture of the two of you. Okay. Oh, there you go.

[ Audience aws ]

[ Applause ] Lovely couple. Other than --

Jaime: We look very sweaty, don't we? Issues, he sms like a very nice young man.

Jaime: Yeah. Speaking of sture, I'm sitting like this right now, aren't I? Now, let me see the ring now. Did he -- oh, wow, that's very fancy.

Jaime: Yes, it's a good one..

Jay: Did he pick that out for you? I designed it with him at 14 karats.

Jay: You designed it with him. He said, "yeah, go ahead, honey."

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: They don't really have a us design it ourselves because they have to go pay for it. And I felt really bad.

[ Light laughter ]

Jay: Reall t kind of bad.

Jay: So when are you getting married? When's the big date?

Jaime: We are not planning a a wedding right now. No, it's just -- there's a lot that goes into planning a a wedding. And we're very happy with the way things are right now. And, you know, in due time w sabe, en tiempo debido will. But everybody, you know, you get engaged, and it used to -- you'd get engaged, and it would & take you a year towo years & before you get married. Now you get engaged, and if you're in hollywood, people assume, "okay, so the wedding's in five monthssix months? When is it?"

Jay: Well, there's usually a

Jaime: And they're very pushy about it. And I -- you know, we're fine with the way things are. Look, goldie hawn and kurt russell have been together 25, 26 years and never married.

Jay: Okay, all right. But they weren't engaged -- are they still engaged, by theay?

Jaime: Yeah.

[ Laughter ] They've had children and, you & know, good family.

Jay: Well, how about that?& Do you want to have children?

Jaime: Yes, actually, that's why I'm here.

Jay: You're here tonight t have children with me?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jaime: Jayyou're four months pregnant? Wow! I was going to say. Wow. Now, you're making that announcement official tonight?

Jaime: I'm making it official tonight for the first time. Everybody has been -- you know, two months before I actually got a ring on my finger, they were saying I was engaged. Eric and I were like, "look at that." I wasf1 o

[ Light laughter ] That's funny. Pregnant. And actually, they started saying I was pregnant when I was only a month and a half pregnant. And I lied and lied and lied. You know, you have to because as a woman and a first-time mother, it's very easy to miscarry in your first trimester.

Jay: Right.

Jaime: Especially when you'runder a lot of stress, and I work 12 to 14 hours a day on my show. It's my first pregnancy. I didn't want to say, "yes, I am" at a month and a half.

Jay: Right, I understand.

Jaime: Y know, that's a mother's right to not -- or a a woman-right -- to not have to say anything. So the press is all gonna call me a liar. And you go right ahead. But I'm telling you the truth I'm four months. And the baby's healthy and I'm healthy and we're good.

Jay: Yeah.

[ Cheers and applause ] You're showing a little bit. I didn't know what to say. You know, I though, wow. I just assumed you'd been downing a couple of six packs.

Jaime: It looks like I've been downing a couple six packs. But that's the other thing. Like, I'm at that point now where I'm showing enough to where I can't really fit in he same clothes anymore, but I kind of can. And so people are seeing a a little gut stick out. And I've always been, like, a a fitness freak. And so -- yeah, I'm pregnant, and I can I can let my gut hang out now. And I'm eating -- I just had a a big mac backstage.

Jay: You did have a big mac backstage.

Jaime: He walked back -- I was eating a big mac.

Jay: No she was --

[ Makes gluttonous noise ] It was like that.

[ Laughter ] I thought it was a live animal you were eating the way you

Jaime: I am all over the place with burgers.

Jay: Now, do you know what it is yet, a boy or girl?

Jaime: Well, okay, we find out on monday what exactly -- you know, that's when we gop to the 3-d and everything.

Jay: Right. Jaime: However, two weeks we went when I had to do one of the final tests to make sure the baby's healthy. And the baby -- the doctor said, "what do you think it is?" And it's a different doctor than my usual doctor who does this particular test. And I said, "I think it's a a boy." She said, "crazy, that mother's instinct." And I said, "do youee something?" She goes, "if that ain't a boy,

[ Laughter ] And she turned it around. And I went, "ooh, easy, that's a boy."& And then my doctor came in and " I said, "I'm having a boy, dr. Ben." And he goes, "oh, jaime, it's probably his finger." And another doctor showed him, and he went, "oh, okay.

[ Light laughter ] Of course, eric's saying, "oh, it's because he's cuban." And he's telling everybody.

Jay: I think you could call that a cuban cigar.

Jaime: Cuban cigar.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: We'll find out for sure on monday.

Jay: Well, I'm very happy for you. That's very exciting. We'll take a break. We'll find out more right after this. More with jaime.

[ Cheers and applause ] & Vfk k

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. Talking with jaime pressly. Four months pregnant, we just found out. Just announced it a few minutes ago.

Jaime: Yes.

Jay: Very exciting.

Jaime: Very exciting.

Jay: Now, how about your co-star, jason lee? He must have been in on this. He must have known.

Jaime: Yeah, I know. Jason messed itll up.

Jay: He messed it up?

Jaime: Yeah. We were all in new york doing press, and I had just found out. I mean, I literally found out. 'Cause we were trying, so I was looking every month for it. And I was only a month -- or six weeks pregnant.

Jay: Right.

Jaime: And I told ethan, who plays randy. And, you know, he's got three girls, pregnant with his fourth girl. He's, like, the sensitive one. And I tell him. He's all excited, talking to me about it. And then I'm like, "I want to tell jason, I want to tell jason." He goes, "that's on you." So I'm like, okay. So a week later, I told jason, "I'm pregnant, but listen. I'm only" -- at the time -- "I'm only two months pregnant. I'm not -- I'm gonna tell everybody on 'j leno' on the 15th, so don't say a word to anybody."& "Okay, no problem." Three days later, he comes he's so gullible he does not anything to get you to confirm stuff. And the press is like, "so, I did not have a ring y un anillo todavia. "Jaime's engaged and pregnant. What do you got to say to her?" He gets to the third one who says this, and he's like, "wow, she must have put out a a release. She's going to be a great mom."

[ Light laughter ] And starts going on and on and on about it. And then two days later I hear, and I'm like, "jason --" he goes, "well, you obviously sent a press release. They all knew about it." I'm like, "jason, that's what the press does. They say thinks like that to get you to confirm it." And you did. So I had to go back and lie to everybody. And I had some good lies, let me tell ya.

Jay: Yeah?

Jaime: They were pretty damn good. Yeah. I said that he was pulling their leg, that he was unaware and came to the set the next day and got mad at me and said, "why didn't you tell me you're pregnant?" I said, "jason, I'm not. Come on." You know, I had all kinds of things. Very elaborate stories. It comes in handy being an actress.

Jay: Yeah, I imagine it does.

[ Laughter ] Now, do you go through the mood swings? Has that started yet? I don't know how these things work.

Jaime: Poor eric. I wish -- I live off tylenol now. Like, you can't take advil, right? I have bottles of tylenol a a day. And I wish tylenol made, like, a pregnancy syndrome, you know? Because the swings you can't do anything about. You turn into a sailor. You want to stab people and don't know why.

[ Lahter ] You don't know why. Eric says one thing, and he's yelled at and sent to the other room. He's wrong about everything. Poor guy. Luckily, though, I'm past the first trimester because it's the first trimester that's so difficult. But I'm still tired. You wake up sleepy. And the nausea's loads of fun.

Jay: Wow. See, that's why I never had a a child. I couldn't go through with it.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Yeah. Yeah. It's difficult. He's very patient, though. I'm lucky in that way. The biggest problem is trying to fit these new -- these puppies into a dress, as you see.

[ Light laught ]

Jay: Yeah.

Jaime: I can fit everything else.

Jay: Not that big a problem, actually.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Yeah. Not for eric. I think those are my saving grace right now. Everything else is extremely witchy.

Jay: You know, if you love something, just set it free. Have you heard that?

[ Laughter ] Have you heard that expression?

Jaime: Yeah. Eric says the same.

Jay: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Now, are you going to be a a strict mom, or what do you think?

Jaime: Well, I'm southern. I'm very open-minded. And I, you know -- I encourage open-mindedness and individuality. But at the same time, my child will be -- call it different as they may be here in this town, but they'll be saying, "yes, sir" and "no, sir" and "yes, ma'am" and "no, ma'am."

Jay: Really?

Jaime: Absolutely.

Jay: And kids pick that up right away.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jaime: No, kids --

Jay: You don't do that. Do you do that?

Jaime: I absolutely do. I was on "martha stewart," and I said yes, ma'am, every time she said something to me. During a cut, she said, "please stop calling me that. You're aging me."

[ Light laughter ] But, see -- you know, and I had a director a couple of times tell me not to do that. One of them said, "if you ever say that to me again, I swear to god you're going to be off my set." And I'm like, "what is wrong with this one?"

Jay: Well, show business is the opposite of real life.

Jaime: You're aging them when you say ma'am and sir. But where I'm from, if you don't say that, then it's disrespectful. So I don't care. I'm going to teach my child that you don't need to be as good as anybody else or better than anybody else. You want to be different. Because that's what makes you stanout.

Jay: Right, right. Cool.

[ Applause ]

Jaime: Saying ma'am and sir is absolutely fine.

Jay: Believe me, a kid with three legs is gointo stand out, believe me.

[ Laughter ] Now, this is the second season of "earl." How's it going on the second season?

Jaime: Oh, it's amazing. We've had some of the best guest stars this year. I mean, we started out with burt reynolds. And --

Jay: And roseanne..

Jaime: Roseanne was amazing on the show. Christian slater is on tomorrow night.

Jay: Cool.

Jaime: Yeah. We got, you know, jenny mccarthy.& We've had some really great people.

Jaime: Jaynow, let me ask you. Now, your character, joy, is she going to be pregnant in the show?

Jaime: No, we're actually not gonna to use it. We're gonna --

Jay: What, are you gonna ind bushes?

Jaime: Yeah. We're -- we're gonna do the whole -- I mean, a lot of people do this. Because we'll do the whole -- you know, where you hide behind stuff? But that kind of makes it funny, too. So it's all right. You know, the whole thing is want to bring another baby into the place. A new baby is something you'd bring into the fourth or fifth season. Kind of spunk it up a bit.

Jay: Yeah, when you're dying.

Jaime: We're not gonna to die.&

Jay: No, when you're dying, you bring the baby. I know you getting married. You have that whole tng.

Jaime: Oh, when you're dying and your married1 o

Jay: Yeah, you bring the baby. Now, what is this clip? This is -- I saw this. It needs some explanation. Well, we --

Jay: Oh, I think I know what's happening.

Jaime: Oh, what am I doing?[ Laughter ]

Jay: I think this is where

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Evidently. No, this is -- randy is hallucinating, and you'll see why tomorrow night.I can't give it all away. But hen.

Jay: So he sees things differently.

Jaime: Yes.

Jay: Okay, let's take a a look.

Jaime: Why is your fridge open? You're wasting electricity.

Jaime: You're the one that took the damn ac.

Jaime: Look, joy, there's a thing called global warming, and we gotta stop it.

Jaime: What do you think we're doing in front of a cold refrigerator, dummy?& Move that thing. You're throwing turtle sweat all over me.

Jaime: And did you know you had a a can of used oil in the front yard?

Jaime: I know. Darnell keeps forgetting to dump it in the creek.

Jaime: You can't pour oil in the creek. If you do, the bar graph goes up, the pie chart gets bigger. The next thing you know, you got a big picture of the earth a sad face.

Jaime: The earth doesn't have a a fa, stupid. You're thinking of the moon.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Fine. I'll take care of the oil. I can't believe you guys aren't more worried. Even randy's freaked out. Darnell, you care about global warming, don't you?

Jaime: I do care. I'm just not sure if global warming is caused by man.

[ Light laughter ] I ink it's a bit anthropocentric to think humans could havehat much effect.

Jaime: Yeah, and why does it always got to be the people's fat? What about what nature is doing to us?

[ Laughter ] I saw a show the other day where these two caribous attacked a innocent hunter. I mean, he shot 'em, but still. Those animals are vicious.

[ Laughter ] Are you looking at my boobs, dummy?

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Jaime, congratulations.

Jaime: Thank you.

Jay: I'm very happy for you. Very exciting.

Jaime: Thank you.

Jay: Be right back with bear grylls, right after this. Jaime pressly.

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