Jaime Pressly visits 'The Tonight Show' 2/21

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Jaime Pressly visits 'The Tonight Show' 2/21

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Jay: All right,y first guest, name is earl." You can see the show every thursday night on nbc. Please welcome the lovely jaime pressly.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Look at you. Can I get you another beer?

Jaime: Yes, I've already had 18.

Jay: Wow.

[ Light laughter ] Now, you're due, like, by the next commercial, right?

Jaime: I am. Yeah, I'm due on, actually on mother's day, may 13th.

Jay: Oh, that'll be nice. That's cool. Oh, good, good, good. Now, I've been reading up on -- I don't know a whole lot about this baby stuff. But now -- are you in the last trimester? Is that what this is?

Jaime: I am in the last trimester. And they -- it's true what they say. The first is hell and the last is hell. They're pretty much the same.

Jay: Okay. Now, why? Is it hard -- is it hard to sleep?

Jaime: It'sard to sleep. I have every single -- they make all these different pillows for pregnant, you know, women. And I have them all, so I have, like, a pillow for it, and poor eric has no room. He's on the edge of the bed because I'm trying to be mfortable. You have hot flashes like you're going through menopause.

Jay: Right. I'm saying "right" like I know. Yeah, right.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: I'm thinking that, yeah.

Jay: I know where you're coming from.

Jaime: Yeah. Nothing fits you. You're just comfortable. And he doesn't stop moving.

Jay: Oh, is he --

Jaime: Constantly moving. Day in and day out.

Jay: Kicking and all that kind of stuff?

Jaime: Kicking, yeah.

Jay: Well, that's, I guess, good.

Jaime: Punching me. So, to calm him down, you know, before -- like, if he's really bad, I'll take -- you know, you play music for him. I made a little play list on my ipod called "desi's lullaby."

Jay: Right.

Jaime: And I put the earphones on there, and, you know, certain songs will come on and he'll start moving around really fast. And then other ones, like, I have andrea bocelli -- one of his spanish cds on. And the minute tt comes on, he calms down.

Jay: 'Cause the baby will be spanish.&

Jaime: Yeah, he's half spanish.

Jay: So, you play spanish music.

Jaime: Yeah. I want him to be bilingual.

Jay: Oh, so that will -- that will ensure that he is bilingual.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Oh, he's gonna come out speaking it. Yeah.

Jay: Well, I saw that on a a "maury povich" episode once. Where a guy, he said the baby could not be his 'cause the baby did not speak spanish.

[ Laughter ] This guy was spanish and claiming the baby wasn't his. It could be the same type of deal.

Jaime: No, they say it's really great for the baby. Just for the baby, in general, babies like you to play music for them, in general, especially classical.

Jay: Now, if you play, like, a song that the baby doesn't like, does it -- I mean, can you tell if it's like, "oh, wrong song"?& Does that work?

Jaime: Oh, you can -- wn you play it's not that the baby doesn't ke it. I mean, who knows? But, you know, if you play, music -- I love soul music, right? If I play atha franklin, he goes crazy. I know it's my child. He's goin' crazy to aretha franklin.

[ Laughter ] But, not so much sam & dave. But they like aretha.

Jaime: Not so much. Yeah. Love some aretha, though.

Jay: Wow. Well, that's interesting. Now, I heard that you had kept the pregnancy a secret for a a while.

Jaime: I did, at work. And, you know, it was really difficult, because you don't want to tell people, you know, when you're -- until you're, like, three months pregnant.

Jay: Yeahthey'll say, "we did it last night." You don't want to do that.

Jaime: Yeah. You're like, "you're fine." So, i and I waseally bitchy and I couldn't remember any of my lines. Standing up. I just wasn't myself. And everybody was like, "god, what in the hell is wrong with her? She is a witch."

Jay: "A witch," is that what they said?

Jaime: Yeah. Oh, my god.

Jay: See, I didn't hear "a witch," I heard something else. But, yeah, yeah.&

Jaime: I was trying to be nice, I'd already said bitch once.

[ Laughter ] And so, you know, finally marc buckland, the guy -- one of our exec. Producers, our main director came up and said -- "jaime, is everything okay? Just calm down, breathe, remember the character." And I was like, "remember the character? I think I know who the character is. I'm pregnant."

[ Laughter ] And he wt, "oh." And then, you know, I went up to tell -- he said, "you should tell greg," our creator. So, I went to tell greg, thinking, "oh, I hope he's not upset." And I went to tell him and he goes, "oh, cool. My wife's pregnant." She's due a month before me. Then I told ethan suplee, who plays randy. "Hey, brandy's pregnant." His wife is pregnant, too. So, we're all having babies.

Jay: So, this is something that's going around.

Jaime: It's going around.

[ Laughter ] Something in the water.

Jay: You know something? They should find that guy and get him off the set.

Jaime: I know!

[ Laughter ]

Jay: He's causing nothing b trouble for everybody.

Jaime: I know, there's something in the water on the set of "my name is earl."

Jay: Now, have you had any baby showers so far? Have you done that whole thing?

Jaime: Not yet. I'm having two. One is going to be back east with my familin north carolina. And then we have one that's at godiva is actually sponsoring and throwing for me. And in my name, I know godiva, I would want chocolate. They're in my --

[ Light laughter ] In my name there, I'm getting $25,000 donation tst. Jude's children's hospital.

Jay: Oh, that's nice. That's good.

[ Applause ] So, how many -- so, how many women show up at this baby shower?

Jaime: Right, well, normally you would have, like, you know, 20 or 30 people, or something like that. And I started thinking about it and I said, "eric, you know, it's not fair that only my friends should come and be the ones to buy all the presents. Your friends should buy presents, too. That's n fair."

Jay: You mean guys -- guys are invited to the by shower?

Jaime: Look, I registered. All you have to do is go figure out what I want.

[ Laughter ] Say, "it's jaime pressly" and show my little card. And they'll tell you what I need.

Jaime: J: Yeah. I mean, can guys just send a a gift? Do they have to go to the shower?

Jaime: No, they have to go.

Jay: No, you can't --

Jaime: No, here's the thing --

Jay: It's a guy nightmare. It's a guy nightmare.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: I'm not making them go shopping with my mother.

Jay: A guy's nightmare. I said, "I'll write a check. I'll buy the juice. Don't make me go."

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: No, but --

Jay: "Oh, look at that!" It's a nightmare.

Jaime: No, I'm not even gonna open the presents because --

Jaime: Well, the thing that turned out to happen is, you know, his friends and their wives are coming. And we're having cuban food, as & well as southern food. And, you know, we're kind of doing the best of both worlds. And because there's gonna -- it's 120 peopleit turned out to be.

Jay: Well, half of them are guys, so you can discount 60.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Well, yeah, but the guys all have wives or girlfriends. So, you know, that's where you get so many people, is there's a plus one for everybody.

Jay: W, will you have a a special area for the guys where they'll be?

Jaime: Yeah, they all have mojitos and beers and the whole thing. They don't -we're not playing any stupid games. I hate those games.

Jay: Oh, you hate --

[ Light laughter ]

Jaime: Gosh. The girls don't even want to play the games half the time. So I'm not making anybody do & that. We're just gonna eat and drink.

Jay: Well, loo when we come back --

Jaime: They're g& shower, I have gotten you some gifts. And we'll share those with you when I get back.

Jaime: Exciting.

[ Cheers and applause ] . Ñ? ?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Welcome back. We are talking baby showers with jaime pressly. It's the new daytime jay. It's baby shower day.

[ Light laughter ]

Jaime: Boring.

Jay: It's jay at 2:00! No, I've got -- these are kind of "my name is earl" themed gifts.

Jaime: Okay. So these would be for joy if joy was pregnant.

Jay: Exactly. These are -- now, this is trailer park dinnerware. It's two hubcaps.

Jaime: Oh, exciting!

[ Laughter ] I'll totally use this.

Jay: Okay, now, these are --

[ Laughter ] These, I got from nasa. These are huggies special astronaut fit.

[ Laughter and applause ] These are good for -- these will go 900 miles. The baby can wear these for the first 18 months, never have to take it off.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Well, that takes a weight off my soldiers.

Jay: And this is, like, a a real one, though. This is a real one that's kinda -- this is a -- it's a baby seat, but, you see -- it's a car seat.

Jaime: Uh-huh.

Jay: But I got it from britney spears. It's never been used.

[ Laughter ] So I'm gonna give it to you.

[ Applause ] You can put that right over there.

Jaime: Thank you so much.

Jay: It's a lovely item. Now, are you still -- are you still remodeling your house? You know, and women -- we always get mad, too, because the contractors never finish when they say they're going to. And nine times out of ten, it's because we do a change of order. But we don't realize that when we say, "okay, since you're in there, do you guys think you could maybe redo the shower, too? I mean, you're already redoing this and that. Just go on and redo the shower." They're like, "of course, we can." Well, of course, they can.

Jay: Now, we have a clip from "my name is earl." What is happening here? Do you know what this scene is here?

Jaime: Uh --

Jay: How can you tell from that?

Jaime: I think it's when I met one of the children. I don't know.

Jay: Is this a dream quence? Is that what this is?

Jaime: This is -- oh, this is aa flashback.

Jay: Flashback.

Jaime: Yes, of when I had earl jr.

Jay: All right. Let's take a look.

Jaime: Ahh

[ Baby crying ]

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Joy?

Jaime: Yeah, sweetie?

Jaime: Earl jr. -- Earl jr. Is a a little dark.

Jaime: Maybe the cord was wrapped around his neck. Sometimes they get a little blue.

Jaime: No, no. He's darker than blue. He's black.

Jaime: Oh, my god. I have read about this. This can happen when a man has a repressed black genie in his body.

[ Light laughter ] I bet your great-great-great-grandmother snuck out to the barn and let a a slave get in a few licks of his own, if you know what I'm saying.

[ Laughter ]

Jaime: Excuse me?

Jaime: Oh, it's all right. I can say that. I just had a black baby.

[ Applause ]

Jay: Well, check the "my name is earl" website for the big auction.

Jaime: Yes.

Jay: The big auction. We'll check that out.

Jaime: Yes. If you go to ebay and go to "my name is earl," we're auctioning off a bunch of stuff from the show from e first and second season to benefit the make-a-wish foundation.

Jay: Cool. Thank you very much.

Jaime: Thank you.

Jay: Jaime pressly.

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Re: Jaime Pressly visits 'The Tonight Show' 2/21

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i heard she is getting sued again...is this true?

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