Jim Courier Talks Anna Kournikova

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Postby admin » Wed Apr 03, 2002 5:00 am

>> carson: I wanna talk about anna kournikova for a minute. Here's a young lady who has --

[ applause ] -- you k

>> yeah.

>> Carson stolen, really, the media spotlight. I guess there's soth can be compared to what tiger has done, the difference being anna's actually never won a professional event.

>> Yeah, but look at that shot, thghgh.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Does it matter?

>> Carson: That's the question. This is, like, the first time in tennis, if I'm not mistaken, we're seeing this sort of ''maxim' magazine meets wimbledon' mentality.

>> Right.

>> Carson: Great for the awareness of the sport, bad for other players because of maybe the endorsement angle. What do you think?

>> Well, she's making a lot of dough, and she brings a lot of attention. I mean, people know her name. If you do that lycos search engine, I think she's number one --

>> carson: Right.

>> -- As far as name recognition goes and certainly in sports.

>> Carson: But is it fair to some of the other players who are qualified as far as winning events and maybe being more deserved of some of these endorsements, as opposed to 'she's just a hottie out there'?

>> No, she's clearly not as good a player as, you know, the williams sisters and hingis even. And I just think that it's good for the game in general, you know. And she's too good a player not to have won, which is what's really weird. I think that she gets caught up in some of the media hype, and -- but frankly, you know, to be dead honest --

>> carson: Yeah.

>> -- She's gonna make a lot more money doing that stuff than she's gonna --

>> carson: You can't almost blame her for that.

>> It's not really her fault.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Her agents and the people who make those decisions on who they're gonna sign f t those advertising deals -- you know, what are they gonna do?

>> Carson: Right.

>> You know, i mean, they're out there selling a product. That's what she does. In tennis primarily -- and you know, you can definitely add to this -- going pro so young. Good or bad? I mean, not just -- all sports. It's like bypassing college is one thing.

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