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Postby MerNion » Wed Jun 15, 2005 5:23 am

I am pleased to announce the opening of Kournikova Images website! ( kournikovaimages.comhttp://www.kournikovaimages.com )

A short description of the site:
I created this website in order all Anna fans to be able to look Anna's pictures and to be able to find the picture they want with a simple search.
How it works:
All images are uploaded into albums. Each album has images of anna of the same event/match/exhibition/etc. Each picture in the album has a title, a description and a lot of info (When it was taken, where, how and so on) and most important it has Keywords which describe the image. Using those keywords someone can search for Anna's images easier.
For example entering the keyword "smiling" would return all the images that Anna is smiling. Another example.. Entering "Front Awards HQ" would return all Hiqh Quality images which show Anna from the Front and where taken at some Award ceremony... and so on

Apart from that I know that every fan want to know the latest Anna's news so I will try and post the most up to date news of Anna.
Also there is a Calendar where all known info about Anna are entered and you can look and see what anna did on a specific date, or where was she, news related to that day, etc
Of cource there is a community where we can discuss anything we like, but there is a specifi forum there where anyone can request information about a specific image (or sets of images) and we will try and help him out by giving him the information needed.

The most important thing that i want to say though is that this is just a fan site. All the effort is done by me for the sole purpose to help us out with all those images of her that goes around. So that would take me time to finish it. As a result the images database will be slowly updated (as each image has to be descibed with keywords, sorted etc).

Anyone can upload images on the database and even help me by already adding the information he/she knows about the image uploaded. Specific details are on the site.

Finally i want to thank all the people that helped me (by giving ideas, opinions and reviews) on creating the site and I wish we all find it usefull!

Any help from anyone is welcomed and I would be glad to use any help offered (in any manner)!

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