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Postby Gisele » Sun Nov 17, 2002 9:18 pm

Leonardo DiCaprio's charitable foundation will receive the first annual Martin Litton Environmental Warrior Award from the Environment Now Foundation. Named after the legendary environmentalist, the award is given to an individual or organization who reflects Mr. Litton's spirit - passionate, courageous, and fighting for our environment at all costs.

An accomplished writer, journalist, photographer, pilot, and public speaker, Mr. Litton has been fighting for the environment since 1950 in some of the biggest conservation battles of the American West. Some of his greatest achievments include:

-saving the free flowing Colorado River in Dinosaur National Monument and the Grand Canyon

-helping to establish the Redwood National Park in 1968

-saving the giant Sequoia National Forest.

Mr. Litton is the Founder of the American Land Conservancy, a former national director for the Sierra Club, and celebrated his 80th birthday by rowing a dory down the 277 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, thereby becoming the oldest living person in the world to have done so.

Environment Now is a private foundation dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring the environment of California. The family of Frank and Luanne Wells created the foundation in 1989. Please learn more by visiting

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