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Postby dejay » Fri Nov 22, 2002 11:20 pm

Just finished watching Barbara interview Leo, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg; the interview was ok but it was about what I expected; I know they were promoting CMIYC and it was nice of Tom and Steven to be there to protect "their boy" Leo from the big bad interviewer Barbara LOL but will there ever come a day when Leo will actually reveal something about his personal self in an interview and actually project an assured confidence in himself? Leo said that he doesn't want to reveal too much of his real self because he wants to let his work/roles speak for who he is.

Well Barbara was right on when she told Steven and Tom to "quit directing her interview LOL" with Leo when they told her Leo didn't have to answer the question she asked re his romantic life.."was there anyone in his life now".....I thought I was roar when Tom asked "why do people want to know this stuff"..and barbara said "oh please Tom, come on" how can you ask such a stupid question ? LOL

and a highlight to me was that Barbara in the voice over specifically named Gisele Bundchen as the most recent and notable women Leo has been linked to; however she was very inaccurate when she said "gossip columnists say Leo and Gisele ended their relationship last year'.// the more accurate information is they ended their relationship this summer.

They showed several pics of Gisele and even a clip of her on the runway from last weeks Victorias Secret show (Gisele haters will be sad that it wasn't the clip that included the PETA protestors but a very lovely shot of her walking on the runway last Thursday night which aired this past Wed.

I know no more about Leo after tonights interview than I did from an interview he did for the Beach. I guess he wants it that way...he repeated the same lines that there is no guidebook for fame and its unsettling when you are thrust on the cover of People magazine and you never wanted to be. Leo, when are you going to stop crying that song?

he did say when Barbara quoted him in the beginning of the show re that complaint of his that he found doing titanic "empty".. he corrected her and said that was life after making Titanic re the fame.

The best line of his interview to me was when he said he hadn't learned anything about either success or failure.

I did like it that Leo did seem to recognize how talented Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are; they are both experienced in their craft and I do applaud Leo for realizing what an honor and opportunity he has been given to do a movie with both of them; I have always wanted him to work with both of them so CMIYC is a movie I really look forward to.

Leo never mentioned Gisele's name but at least one of hte pics they showed of Gisele and Leo together when Barbara was mentioning their recent relationship was the beach one of Leo and Gisele and little Vida and Leo riding with Gisele in her Mercedes to the grocery store and holding hands with Leo while visiting him in Rome during the filming of GONY.

those were some of my favorite pics of them together.

Leo to me looked like his eyes were watering or he had tears in his eyes during some of the interview; he may have had a cold or allergy but I really did notice it. He was pretty low key and I liked hearing about Frank Abagnale and getting to hear the real one tell about his life.

Wish Leo had said something nice about Gisele but I figured he wouldn't even mention her. At least Barbara Walters did.

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Postby Gisele » Sat Nov 23, 2002 10:36 am

Thank u so much dear Dejay :D .
I´m disapointed with leo in some part cuz even knowing that it was might be impossible I had some hope that he´d mention Gisele. :(
Well, never mind. Gisele is not with him anymore n for me that´s better.

I saw in a brazilian mag " Chiques e Famosos" an article about cannes where there were a short interview with Leo, n in the interview Leo mentioned Gisele, he said she was wondefull in his life n he even said their favorite restaurant, but nothing more. As everyone here says Leo never mentioned Gisele in all his life I wonder if the mag lied or what.

Did u see cannes interview Dejay???
Did u see Chiques e Famosos???

Give some light ppl...

Kisses B)

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Postby prettykitty » Sun Nov 24, 2002 10:02 pm

I liked the interview too, I liked how it wasn't just all about Leo, that Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg were there too. Leo didn't look all that nervous to me at all. If he really threw up then wouldn't it have been right before or right after the interview and not the next day? I found that strange. And though I thought Leo was great I was especially fascinated by the story of the real Frank Abignale. Wow, can you imagine?? Of course nobody could get away with what he did these days, but it was really interesting how he was such a great actor, fooling everyone like he did. I think the film will be a good one, very entertaining.

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Postby Claire » Mon Nov 25, 2002 7:17 pm

Too bad, I hadn't watched this....
And Spielberg and Tom Hanks were also there...

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