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20/20 Interview
Thanks a lot to CaMom for typing it down - November 22, 2002

VO =20/20 announcer
LD = Leo
FA = Frank
JON = Co-host of 20/20
BW = BaBaWaWa
TH = Tom
SS = Steven

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

VO: Intro: 3 Giants in Hollywood ~ Collaborators in what they hope will be a holiday blockbuster ~ Based on the true story of Frank Abagnale

LD: He's probably one of the greatest actors that must have walked the earth.

VO: You'll meet the real Frank Abagnale tonight and hear how he pulled off the most amazing deceptions. A savvy 16 year old posing as a lawyer, a doctor, and even n airline pilot.

FA: The Pan Am Uniform allowed me of course to meet women

JON: They love a man in a uniform

VO: The story and the stars of the movies millions will be catching

BW: Blah, blah, blah . . . . . CMIYC which is just a FUN Thriller

JON: Actually, it's based on a true story and you'll also meet the man behind that story tonight. He was one of the youngest most daring con artists ever pursued and and what he got away with is astounding. Eventually he had to pay for his crimes but when he got out, he was a hot commodity and in demand by talk show hosts like Johnny Carson.

BW: . . . . . . Pass the popcorn and get ready for some fun as we get face to face with the famous AND the infamous.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A quick clip from the old tv show "To Tell The Truth" where 1 by 1, 3 men announce "My name is Frank Abagnale". One is dressed as a doctor, one in a pilot's suit and one in stripped jail garb. (Frank had no problem stumping the panel)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BW: It was the early `60's when FA dropped out of the 10th grade and ran away from home. From then on he lived an amazingly colorful life of crime impersonating a doctor, a lawyer, even an airline pilot. The scams he pulled off were outrageous enough to get him on tv . . . . . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clip from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson . . . .

John: We're talking with Frank Abagnale - I BELIEVE (audience laughs). I find this absolutely mind-boggling.

FA: I came out to the airport . . . (goes into the `night-guard' story of wheeling a little cart up to the night deposit box, dressed as a guard. He puts up the neatly made sign reading "Night Deposit Box Out of Order. Please leave all deposits with guard on duty". He then goes on to say that many people do indeed make deposits to him. Then just as he is leaving - the cart is too heavy to move because of all the coins - and here come two Massachusett's State Troopers and he thinks he's caught. Instead, they end up helping him get the cart outside and load it into his car. (Johnny shaking his head the whole time)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BW: Frank Abagnale's swashbuckling tales struck a chord with the audience. Carson invited Abagnale back 7 times. And even encouraged him to write a book about his life on the run (CMIYC). The book CMIYC was a best seller in 1980 but it took 22 more years and 3 of the biggest names in movies to get the film made. (clip shown is same from trailer of he and stewardesses getting out of car. Followed by clip of candy-striper putting her foot on his chest as he's sitting in doctor's office, another of him in his t-shirt with long hair sitting at a mirror? - all these clips are very VERY brief) First Leo D., star of Titanic, the most profitable film ever, decided to play Abagnale. And Steven Spielberg, the most successful director in history signed. Then Tom Hanks, the only leading man alive who has won best actor two years in a row agreed to take a supporting role. If you're going to make a blockbuster, this is the Dream Team (followed by a background shot of the three posing for photos at the 20/20 shoot). These men are the two kings and the reigning prince of Hollywood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Beginning of actual interview:

BW: You guys can do anything you want to do - you can any kind of a role, you can direct it - soooo - why THIS film?

SS: I haven't made a movie with this of exuberance before, I really haven't, so this was a new thing for me.

BW: Tom, this was suppose to have been a supporting role - why would you take a supporting role?

TH: Well . .

BW: Tom Hanks taking a supporting role to the KID here?! (pointing to Leo, who sighs, looks up at the ceiling and shakes his head with a small chuckle)

TH: Well, I'm a selfish man - I thought it was a house on fire with this incredibly strong role, that the type of which I never played before - it was already Leo's movie

BW: Leo, you said it was a story about "human potential"

LD: Misdirected human potential. He was a huge criminal but inherently he's a good person. He wouldn't go into a mom and pop store and rob the guy who only made $15,000 a year - and that to me in a way is a kind of a hero, (Tom and Steven nodding approval :0) you know what I mean? If you're going to do that, you know, go after the big boys. (clip of "hello @#%$" mirror scene)

BW: But he does have something about him, it's a kind of confidence.

LD: It's all perception and it has to do with a different time where you know, you got by on a signature and a hand shake and a smile.

BW: Looking much older then his 16 years, Abagnale became a master of deception. He learned the importance of appearing credible when cashing phony checks. (clip shows him following a pilot and a group of stewardesses into a hotel and his observing the pilot being greeting by the hotel clerk with a warm handshake). He first posed as a Pan Am pilot. He was a natural charmer - a chamelion who could think fast on his feet (clip of him as pilot going up to ticket counter and asking about the jump seat).

LD: Frank Abagnale is one of the greatest actors who must have walked the earth.

BW: Incredibly, he even worked as a doctor and took the bar exam to become a lawyer. Using new identities, Abagnale embarked on a 5 year crime spree passing forged checks in all 50 states and 26 foreign countries bilking companies and banks out what would today amount to 15 million dollars. . . . . . . . . .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BW in the editing room with SS . . . . .

Talk about Tom Hanks playing a guy trying to figure out who this scam artist is - forging checks and how is he doing it . . . . . BW cannot believe her eyes because it does NOT look like TH.

BW: Show me more - Show me more!!

SS: You're a GOOD audience!

Next quick clip is of TH holding a gun on LD in hotel room (?) - Hanks is screaming "Hands on your head, hands on your head!" Leo is holding what looks like a check going "relax, RELAX" and putting on a big smile for the big charm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back to interview . . . .

BW: (to TH) He's an FBI agent . .

TH: Yes . he works for the FBI.

BW: he's trying to catch him if he can . . .

TH: That's a . . . (surprised look like `what a great title, Babs!)

BW: I'm sitting her with you 3 guys and I haven't talked about the beautiful woman who's in this film

BW: The beautiful woman who's in this film - Jennifer Garner, whom we know from television

SS: Alias (clip from that show) I was a big fan of Alias. I thought she was quite remarkable in that the role requires her every week to be a different character. I think she's very talented and very attractive and saw her and Leo together in that scene (clip of scene in hotel room - she says "make me an offer". He replies questionly "$300??" Her answer: "Go fish") The scene was inspired by a story Abagnale told on The Tonight Show about an incounter with a call girl.

FA: (in a clip from Tonight show, FA is telling the story of what he said to the call girl) And I said this is a cashier's certified check for $1,400. I said, just like gold, they'll cash it. She said `let me see that. This IS a cashier's check - why not just make it out to me?' And I said `Are you crazy? This check is for $1,400. We agreed on $1,000.' So she gave me $400 change and that's what it cost me. (Again, Johnny just shaking his head in disbelief while audience is roaring with laughter) And that's what you call hooking a hooker.

Johnny: Hooking a hooker

JG(Jennifer Garner): She was so good, so much better then I thought! I mean he really seems to be enjoying it while he's doing it. It was one of the best days of my entire life.

BW: You call that work?

LD: (huge grin on face) haha, it was a fun day, yeah (smile, lick the lips, :0)

BW: Anyone ever been conned?

TH: (Grunting like heck yeah)


TH: Oh lord . . .

LD: yeah

BW: Have any of you ever conned anybody?

TH: I can't say that I've conned anybody but I've certainly charmed people in order to get my own particular way.

BW: For instance . . ?

TH: Well that charmed beast can be unleashed every now and again and you'd be amazed at what people can let you get away with

SS: He's doing it now!

TH: . . . just by being charming.

BW: You're are being charming

TH: Well, I . . . . .

BW: That's a charming smile . . .

TH: well . . . . . lol

SS: Charming catches the light in his eyes really well.

BW: (to SS) So did you ever conned anybody?

SS: Yeah, I conned alot of people for a long time. When I first wanted to be a director, more then I wanted to breathe air, I snuck onto Universal studios lot wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase

BW: How old were you?

SS: I was about 16 so I pretty much dressed up appropriately and walked past Scotty at the guard gate and waved at him and he waved back and I walked back five days a week for 3 months during summer vacation.

BW: So you're a great con artist.

SS: I only simply wanted to get close to what I loved.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(clip of limo with stews and Leo as pilot at airport)

BW: The most outrageous scam abagnale concocted had to be this - He convinced 8 college coeds to spend the summer traveling through Europe posing as his flight crew. He says the young women had no idea they were part of an elaborate check cashing scheme. (clip of them walking through inside of airport)

LD: He loved women.

BW: Did you relate to that?

LD: (laughing) He has an insatiable appetite for women. (TH cracking up in background)

BW: Any clues there?

LD: Uh, yeah, I love women too. (clip continues at airport showing men stopping to adore the stews)

BW: The FBI was closing in on him. Agents were positioned at the airport to snag him. (clip continues and shows 2 FBI guys in suits turn and 3 airport police who collectively stop to smile at the 8 pretty stews who are walking by with Leo in the middle of them kind of ducking his head)

LD: What could more obvious then a pilot walking with 8 beautiful stewardesses right in the middle of the airport where the FBI is trying to track him down. All the FBI agents - what do they do? They don't focus on him, they focus on the stewardesses. (clip is now showing agents with walkie-talkies being totally distracted by the beautiful 8) He walks right by them and leaves the country. It was one of his biggest cons and it's amazing.

JON: After getting out of prison, the real Abagnale returned to alot of his own habits. Frank still flies around the world on someone else's dime and he still makes a living taking money from banks, but it's alot easier these days - now, they seem to just hand it to him. (clip of Abagnale today, going through an airport with a briefcase) Today, Frank Abagnale is one of the top anti-fraud experts in the country. He trains law enforcement and business in anti-fraud techniques and he's earned millions of dollars developing forgery-proof checks and ID's. The con man in CMIYC now has a distinquished service award from the FBI and has a book (The Art of the Steal), a guide on how to spot all kinds of con jobs.

JON: (speaking to FA himself) So, you're really after the Frank Abagnales of today.

FA: Exactly

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

JON: At home in Okalahoma (clip of them in FA's backyard with a beautiful swimming pool) Frank's kept a low profile. Neighbors think he's just your average successful business man. Most have no idea about his past. It all could change once they see the previews at the local multi-plex. Just imagine that nice gray haired guy you run into at the supermarket being up there on the screen in the form of Leonardo Dicaprio. (more clips from trailer) The movie's FBI agent played by Tom Hanks is a composite character. In real life, one of the men who pursued Frank was Joseph Shea, now long retired from the FBI. We asked him to rate Frank's ability as a con man on a scale of one to ten.

JOE: I'd say he's a twelve, lol.

JON: Frank's assumed identity as a pilot was part of the runaway teenager's phony check passing scheme. As depicted in the movie, his home-made checks were pretty crude, hammered out on an old typewriter and enhanced with decals from model airplanes.

FA: I mean the checks that I started out with were so horrible looking that I would just laugh if somebody handed me that. But it wasn't the check - It was me standing there in the pilot's uniform. In the old days, cashing bad checks was 90% presentation. (clip from trailer where he says he wants to cash the check & then take the girl out to dinner)

JON: Frank says his pilot scam was inspired by one of New York's landmarks at the time - a monolithic edipus at Park Avenue and 42nd street.

FA: There was the Pan Am building, the nation's flag carrier airline that flew around the world and that's what gave me the idea to try and pretend to be a pilot.

JON: Now, how do you turn yourself from a high school dropout runaway kid to a Pan Am pilot.

FA: The first I did is I called Pan Am's corporate office. I said `I'd like to speak to somebody in the purchasing department. (clip of Leo in phone booth "Um, I'm a co-pilot based out of San Francisco" - this is where the Oklahoma accent is heard)

JON: Frank claimed he had lost his uniform at the hotel dry cleaners and was directed to Pan Am's suppliers (clip of tailor working on measuring a uniform for Leo saying `You look too young to be a pilot" to which Frank replies " I'm a co-pilot") . The uniform and a phony Pan Am ID changed Frank's identity even for himself.

FA: And the pilot's uniform always made me feel good and it gave me respect (old photo shown of him with 3 stews). People looked at me differently and made believe I was somebody and it allowed me, of course, to meet women which was a big motivation. (Jon S. shaking his head at this)

JON: They love a man in uniform . . .

FA: Yeah (with a big grin - just like Leos!)

JON: Where did you go?

FA: Everywhere.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

JON: While others his age were studying Geography, Frank was covering it. He had a ticket to the world courtesy of an airline practice that gave free rides to each other's flight crews, often in the cockpit.

FA: I was on a flight to London when the captain got up and said he was going to the restroom and would I mind taking his seat.

JON: Well, did you have to do anything?

FA: Most of the plane was on autopilot. But I was very much prepared had the co-pilot said `well, I'm going to go back also and I'll be right back', I was going to say "Wait - Stop -I need to tell you this story about this kid who got this uniform and . . ." And confess everything but that didn't happen, fortunately.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

JON: What did happen is that Frank saw European capitals in a high style that seemed to suit him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jane Williamson: Calm, cool, and collected. Calm, cool, and collected. Yes - He was a man of the world.

JON: When Jane Williamson was a college student hitch hiking around Europe with a friend, Frank gave them a lift. Then he toured with them for awhile.

JW: You assume that pilots make alot of money and he was spending money, you know - He was buying nice meals - We were staying in beautiful beautiful hotels.

JON: Jane says there was no romance between them - Frank was way too old for her - or so she thought until she read his book.

JW: He was a year younger then I was, actually and I was astounded - I couldn't believe it!

JON: Frank is full of stories that are hard to believe and hard to resist.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

LEO: Just like when he came onto the set that day and he had the entire crew like listening to him for 30 minutes while we were waiting for a shot . . .

SS: I was trying to get a shot and the entire crew had dropped their cables and dropped their lights and he had 30 people around him as he was telling stories.

JON: No wonder he was so good at what he did.

TH: Frank took, uh . . he went to a bank in Nevada and took the deposit slips at every desk and changed the what are called the knicker #'s (?) numbers at the bottom of each one of those deposit slips to his own account number so that every person who made a deposit for that day with one of those deposit slips would be putting their money into his account.

JON: Frank moved from city to city and from scam to scam.

JON: In San Francisco, he perfected printing phony checks. As a result he says, he had bundles of cash stored in safe deposit boxes all over the bay area. And he had FBI agents all across America looking for him. Joe Shea was with the FBI in Georgia when he joined the hunt for Frank.

JOE: He had done an excellent job of avoiding the law in the style of life that he lived. You know, he got around pretty good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
JON: Did you ever become aware of Joe Shea? Did you ever feel his breath on your neck?

FA: Oh absolutely! I always knew I was being chased and that someone was after me.

JON: What was that side like - being on the run?

FA: Yes, people think that life was very glamorous and the truth is it was a very very lonely life and there were many nights that I cried myself to sleep - I mean I never even got to share a relationship with someone my own age. It was a very scary time - I knew I would get caught and I knew that I would end up going to prison if I got caught.

~ ~ ~ ~

JON: The end of the wild scam spree couldn't have been any simpler. He was just walking down the street he says when two New York city detectives recognized him and arrested him. It was right here, in front of the Waldorf Astoria, literally in the shadow of the old Pan Am building - the place where it all began.

FA: I have never ever been proud of what I did. I felt what I did was immoral, illegal, unethical, but I did it and I went to prison and I paid my debt for it. I met my wife 26 years ago. She married me knowing my past. She changed my life. She gave me 3 beautiful children. She gave me a family and I would never do anything that would jeopardize the respect of my children for me.

JON: That's really nice but I have to ask you this - Knowing what you do today, with all the work you've done, you probably could pull off the biggest scam of all time.

FA: Absolutely. I could steal millions of dollars in a matter of seconds from thousands of miles away and probably get away with it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BW: . . . . . . . Off camera, he is a very private person. In fact, this is the first in-depth television interview Dicaprio has done in ten years (me speaking - I don't think so, Babs!) and he would only do it with his two close friends standing by to run interference. . . . . . . . (quick clips from premieres of WEGG, R&J, & Titanic) more stuff about overnight huge stardom from Titanic, etc. . . . .It is a unique and overwhelming experience reserved for the very few - (At this point, they show Leo laughing and you get the impression that he's watching the footage as she speaks) Leo, you have to talk about Titanic - The time has come

LEO: Okay

BW: So here is . . .

TH: Boy, you are really on the cutting edge Barbara! You are right there! (Tom turns to Leo) How do you think it's going to do, this Titanic? Do you think it's going to be a success?

BW: You have said about Titanic, `It really was an intense experience but for the most part, it was an empty experience.

LEO: That was POST Titanic (Hanks heard laughing). No - It truly was!

TH: That's creative - Post Titanic

TH & SS together: Post Titantic Stress Syndrome, lol!!


LEO: Post Titanic Stress Syndrome - No, essentially, you know, (finger up to the side of the nose, his MO) it was afterwards that was really like a whirlwind of confusion for me. There's no handbook for fame. There's no handbook for being splashed on the cover of People magazine when you didn't want to be there or being on the cover of The Enquirer, you know all these magazines and being talked about here and there and speculated, you know, who'd he . . .what he's doing here, whatever, but I had nobody to talk to, nobody to guide me BUT on that same token, Iam not at all going to sit here and say that I am not completely grateful and I feel completely blessed for what has happened with my career. (pic of him on his mom and dad's shoulders)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BW: He's also blessed with parents . . . . . (describing how his parents support his career and are his managers now, etc.)

LEO: They're the people I trust most in the world so . . .

BW: Tell us about them

LEO: Well, they were bohemians in every sense of the word. My father, who looks nothing like me, is sort of like a Buddha figure to me. I mean, he's literally one of the most intelligent, sincere, wonderful people I ever met. (me speaking - his father, when Leo was a baby looks so much like David Blaine) And my mother who comes from Germany and is a German immigrant, but had a really horrible childhood and she is, you know, my moral high ground and the most loving mother in the world.

BW: Where does `Leonardo' come from?

LEO: Specifically, the story that I hear, although you never know . . . my father and my mother were in the Uffizi gallery in Italy and they were looking at a painting of Leonardo DiVinci and I started kicking like crazy and then my dad, being the man that picks up on cosmic messages, said that the name must be Leonardo! That's it (looking a little sheepish and embarrassed and pointing upwards as TH and SS just smile)

BW: Good thing he wasn't looking at the Mona Lisa.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BW: At 6 years old, Leonardo decided he wanted to be an actor. He auditioned for years without landing a job. And agent even suggested it might help if he changed his name to Lenny Williams. But that wasn't the problem. It was the hair.

LEO: I had a punk-like mohawk haircut and I was a break dancer and nobody thought I was good enough so I got rejected.

BW: Boy, are they regretting it today?

LEO: So I grew my hair out and then got a couple of commercials. (clips of younger days)

BW: More then a couple. By the time he was 16, Leonardo had appeared in over 30 commercials. But his first brush with fame came on the set of the tv sitcom Growing Pains. (clips of Growing Pains and then into WEGG). She continues to describe his first Oscar nomination for WEGG. Tells how Leo says he chooses scripts not for their box-office potential but for their challenging roles.

LEO: What I look for are those moments where you really feel like it's real life and you're in this character and you're in this moment and you're recreating life as it goes along. That to me, is, it's like a drug. It's like the ultimate high. You're relating to the other character on a somewhat spiritual level and you're connecting with them as a different person. It doesn't happen every month even, but when it does happen, it's the greatest feeling I can describe. To me it's amazing.

BW: So what's it like working with Tom Hanks? (lots of mumbling among TH and SS and BW at this point) I want someone to say something really terrible, soemething really awful, lol!

LEO: The truth is, not only is he one of the greatest actors around, but he's the consumate professional. I can't enough good things about the guy.

TH: Well, you're not allowed to because we're in the same room right now

BW: I'm so sick of hearing good things about you (more banter)

BW: And what did you think of Leo?

TH: Well, I was intimidated to tell you the truth (Leo gets this look like yeah - right!, lol) you know, I think the first relationship that actors have with each other comes from when we've seen each other's work. (clips from BBD, TQ&TD, R&J) I am essentially intimidated by great actors the first time I meet them and hope that there'll be some brand of common ground that we have and I think that Leo's an incredibly instinctive and intelligent actor. There are a number of other things that Leo has done, I've just . .

BW: Titanic

TH: Well, yeah the big boat movie, that was it

~ ~ ~ ~

BW: (brief clip from Titanic and comments about it) Now that was a hard act to follow.

~ ~ ~ ~

BW: Well, now everyone's focus was on the next big film and your next big film was The Beach (clip from The Beach) which didn't make it. (Leo kind of nodding while biting upper lip) Sooo - success - failure - how tough was that?

LEO: I never thought of it as failure, you know, to me it was trying, it was the thing, it was the role for me that I had a connection with

BW: So what have you learned about success and failure?

LEO: (elbow on chair and leaning face on hand) Not much, LOL.

BW: (To Tom and Steven) Can you help the little whippershnapper.

TH: Hey - I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

LEO: (Trying to put it in words) well, you know . . . .

TH: Success is good. Failure is not so good

BW: (pics from tabloids shown - mostly the drunk ones from the New Year's Eve in Florida) Success led to scrutiny and also a loss of privacy. (More about the tabloids - - stories about his night life - - etc.) What do they want to tag you as?

LEO: Oh you know, you name it . . .

TH: Wild man?

BW: Wild, party . .

LEO: Crazy boy, yeah.

BW: Are you?

LEO: (Leo shakes his head) No.

SS: And he's not. I can tell you he's not (as he's raising his hand like to tell the teacher, :0)

BW: Does it bother you that they think of you that way?

LEO: You know, I choose not to go out on a podium to define who I am. The more people don't know about you, the better you're able to fit into your roles. I want my work to speak for who I am ultimately. That's what I want.

SS: I just wish people would realize that 80% of what's written about all of us is untrue and fictionalized.

BW: (clips of Leo with Kristen at premiere and walking with Gisele) Let me just ask one thing and then I promise it will be the only question about your love life. Is there anyone in your life right now?

SS: No, no - he can't

BW: Be quiet! (to Steven)

SS: He can't answer that question

BW: Yes he is, yes he is

SS: My boy is not allowed

BW: You're not directing, you're not directing my interview and he was ready to answer.

LEO: I just said no.

SS: Cut

BW: You said no.

TH: What is your fascination with that? I don't understand.

BW: Because he is young - oh Tom! He is young, he is handsome, he is sexy, women love him. How can they not be interested in wether he is seeing someone. Be realistic.

TH: Do you accept his answer?

BW: As what - no? I assume that when we're sitting here, you have no reason not to tell me.

LEO: Right

BW: So if you say no

LEO: then there's no one

BW: Look me in the eye, don't be a con man (Leo has been looking her in the eye the whole time)

LEO: (look of shock) Don't be a con man? (turns to others) I'm a con man now?

BW: The answer is really no, right?

LEO: The answer is really no.

BW: I accept that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Goes on to describe how it's been 3 years since his last movie and now he has two big ones coming out.)

BW: Do you think of these in a way as come back films?


BW: They're such different roles.

LEO: I sort of do films when I feel it's time to do them and I have, I'm drawn to a certain role or a character or a film or working with a great director like Steven, I mean . . . . that's what I sort of, you know . . . .

BW: If you had to use one or two words to describe what it was like to do this film?

LEO: Exhilarating and exhausting.

TH: Ahhhh (nodding his head) he worked hard.

BW: It has been not exhausting BUT exhilarating jto talk to the three of you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

JON: Okay, now they seem like nice guys but I gotta ask, on the level - is Leo really that shy?

LEO: Yes, he is. He's 29 (wrong again, Babs, lol) and he has been acting since he was six but he really is shy and so they're very protective. He's a wonderful actor and I thought he could not have been more charming.

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Postby Claire » Thu Nov 28, 2002 7:43 pm

God, that's huge!!!
But extremely interesting.

I should read it offline and call back tomorrow!


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<span style='color:blue'>HELLO SWEETY!!!! We re together here... let´s chat??

How re u??

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I was here, but I've got to go now - we always fail to connect at the very same time!!!

But I lvoe that we just met, and the new stuff that you've got!

I'm out, but will be back - saturday....


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Bye C. B)

Kisses :)

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<span style='color:red'>HELOISE N NIVIA:
Where re my mail girls??? :D

Kisses... I miss u ! :(

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hey my love....devine qui c'est ????? :lol: et oui ta lise est de retour !!!!!

let me know what hapening in ur life since one week...i miss u too

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